QT:RSTC chapter 33

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs VIII


A simple blue-grey carriage with a skinny old horse.

Mo Xie was wearing rough clothes and sitting on the shaft of the car with a color-fading whip. Would he look like a good-natured cart driver?

Well, he shouldn’t look up and stare at people with his cold eyes.

Wen Rushi lifted the curtain and looked out. These were dark circles under her eyes and her face was pale just like a sick person. Even her hands and neck were of the same color.

The market was very busy. There were many street vendors loudly announced goods for sale along the street. The image was kind of peaceful and beautiful at the same time.

She didn’t know why she felt nervous. Maybe it was from seeing the gate in the distant. But the calmer the surroundings were, the more uneasy Wen Rushi was.

Wen Rushi didn’t know how to describe that feeling. She felt a chill run down her spine, but they were like an arrow on the bowstring. (TL: 箭在弦上 = no turning back) Wen Rushi could only give a gentle reminder, “Mo Xie, drive slowly.”

Mo Xie slowed down. They were currently around one hundred meters away from the gate. He suddenly stopped and murmured, “Miss, we may not be able to go out today.”

Needless to say, Wen Rushi saw it too.

There were three or four times more guards in the city, and they hadn’t even seen some of these guards who stood on both sides before.

One of the guards was using a dusty half-dry handkerchief to rub harshly on a youngster’s face who was carrying a pole and was about to go out of the town.

He held the two portraits side by side and attentively looked him up and down.

A moment later, the unsuspected teenager was kicked out of the city gate, and the guard called the next person and continued to repeat the previous action.

People who wished to go out were lined up in two rows. They were unaware of what had happened, so they dared not to be angry. They could only obey the soldiers.

“… Let’s go back.” Wen Rushi forced a smile and whispered.

Mo Xie didn’t move. This may be their last chance. More and more soldiers would come to hunt them in the city. Although the town was large, it was unlikely that there would be a suitable hiding place for them.

He slowly reached for the sword hidden in the bottom of the carriage. He may need to kill to bring his young lady out of this town. It was the only idea he had at this moment.

“Mo Xie, don’t act rashly.” Wen Rushi’s voice was soft, but there was a strength in it, “You don’t care about your safety, but I care. If you want to use your life to help me escape, I would rather not go anywhere.”

He had already touched the handle of the sword. Mo Xie gritted his teeth and finally turned his horse and drove slowly towards the road. The skinny old horse lifted its head and dragged the carriage along as slowly as it had come.

They could no longer stay at that inn they just came out from, so he had to drive the carriage to the residence in the Western part of the city.

The carriage, which had just become theirs for less than two hours, was deposited near a house. Mo Xie took Wen Rushi to an unused house several blocks away.

In addition to purchasing their goods today, he also scouted out the area around here.

The owner of the house returned home to visit his relatives. There were only a few servants and old housekeepers left in the house. The rooms in the backyard would be cleaned only once in several days, so no one would pass by.

The guards who pursued them must first search places such as inns and restaurants. Even if they found this house, the steward didn’t know that there are two more people in the house, and there would never make a slip while they were here.

Mo Xie took Wen Rushi and jumped down from the backyard wall. He hid behind the tree and strained his ear to listen to any change in the surrounding. After that, he turned towards the row of guest rooms with Wen Rushi.

“Miss will stay here for the time being, and wait a few days for their security to go down. I will certainly take you out of town.” As soon as he arrived in the room, Mo Xie let go of Wen Rushi and took a step backward.

Wen Rushi smiled. She didn’t worry at all. Now that she had reached this point, it was useless to worry.

She looked around. The room was furnished with all kinds of appliances. Although it looked too simple, it was better than sleeping outdoors.

Wen Rushi didn’t ask about what would they do if servants were coming. Would they have to kill other people if they were found out? Would they be willing to do that? She ignored all of that, but it wasn’t because she was afraid of dirtying her hands, or the guilt would be too much.

It’s because she saw a woman at the gate. In other words, she saw his concubine.

Although it was only a glimpse, Wen Rushi clearly saw that concubine’s face through the veil when it was blown by the wind. The concubines of the Wen household couldn’t step out of the back house without the permission or accompany by the head of the household.

Wen Rushi was sure that Marquis Wen was here.

Since Marquis Wen came down the hill to catch her personally, he would not only take a few people but at least a group of hidden guards with him.

If Mo Xie acted recklessly and crashed through the gate just now, she could imagine the outcome.

Wen Rushi stood quietly in the middle of the room watching Mo Xie untied his bundle and took out his completely new bedding and spread it on the floor.

“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you.” Mo Xie turned around and stared at her.

Wen Rushi nodded with a smile: “I know.”

Most of the people in the city were destined to spend a sleepless night in turmoil tonight.

As Wen Rushi lay awake, it was as if she could hear the sound of weapon searching from house to house and a baby crying. There was a garden between the courtyard wall and the house. She wasn’t a martial arts practitioner, so it was impossible for her to hear those imaginary voices.

Wen Rushi was just anxious. It had nothing to do with her courage.

Being trapped in a city wasn’t a long-term solution. However, her hope of getting out of this town was too slim.

Mo Xie would be worth a hundred, but that’s three years from now. (TL: 以一当百(Yi Yi Dang Bai) = one person resists one hundred people) She believed that the current Mo Xie, who hadn’t yet to reach his full potential, would probably be killed by his senior if he dared to rush at them.

“Mo Xie, have you slept yet?” Wen Rushi softly asked. Her soft voice was barely audible.

“No.” A low voice came from the collar beam roofs.

“What would you like to do if we escaped?” Wen Rushi opened her eyes and looked above her.

The room went quiet.

Mo Xie answered after a good while, “If Miss wants to do something, Mo Xie will help you do it.”

Wen Rushi smiled lightly. It was indeed a Mo Xie-like answer. Leaning on her arm, she smiled and said, “I want to go with you to find a quiet village, preferably where there are mountains and rivers. The grasses are tall and the nightingales are in the air, and we would listen to the fisherman singing at night. (TL: 草长莺飞 (cǎo cháng yīng fēi) = it’s a Chinese idiom which describes the scenery of Jiangnan Hanchun. Its meaning is ‘the beautiful scenery of spring.)

Our yard will have a big Sweet olive tree and you can build a treehouse on it.

There was also a plum tree in front of the door. When someone walked past the tree, bright red petals would occasionally fall on their shoulder. The plum would proudly stand against the cold from winter. It must be as beautiful as a painting.

You can hunt in the mountains, and you will be the best hunter in the village. When the villagers in the village mentioned your name, they will raise their thumbs and praise you as the most powerful warrior.

Recalling Mo Xie’s frustration when he was harassed by those ladies in the rough shop, Wen Rushi couldn’t help but frown, “I will learn how to cook local food, and then wait for you to come back at home. We will talk about the lord in the east, the shortcomings in the west, and all the miscellaneous things that have happened in the village.

If you get bored, we will move to another place. We will wander all around the country. If you don’t want to leave, we will settle down at the place you like.” 

Mo Xie, who was laying on his back on the beam, listened to her soft voice. It was as if there was a warm current flowing through his heart. Filling his heart with its softness.

She drew a perfect and unreal future for him. It was a life he never dared to think about. He was fated to be a hidden guard. His life was linked with his master. If his master lived, he would live. If his master died, then he would die.

If he couldn’t protect his master’s safety, there wouldn’t be any value in his existence. Mo Xie answered, “Miss don’t need to learn those dishes. Mo Xie can do it.”

She could feel a tingly sensation in her nose right now, but she smiled faintly all the same, “Okay.”

If this was a beautiful dream, she wished Mo Xie could dream it to the end.

He was loyal to her, and she was sure that his will to accompany her would never change until death.

Even if Marquis Wen caught her tomorrow, she wouldn’t regret revealing her secret in advance.

The punishment for a master who ordered their hidden guard to assist in the escape would be much lighter than the guard who abducted his retarded master.

“Mo Xie.” Wen Rushi blinked the tears in her eyes away, “If I’m caught, you don’t have to fight to the end. You can run away alone.”

If she was the only one who was being caught, she could still pretend to be foolish. But once Mo Xie was caught, she had to admit that she had been pretending for so many years.

But in that case, her situation would be much more difficult. Marquis Wen wouldn’t tolerate a daughter who deliberately thought of a plan to make her life easier.

Mo Xie frowned, rolled over and jumped from the beam. He stood a foot away from the bed, “Where you are that’s where I am. I won’t go alone.”

“Fool. Where there is life, there is hope.” Wen Rushi sat up and looked at him calmly, “I’m still useful to my Daddy, so he won’t do anything to me. But if you are caught too, he’ll use you to force me to do what I don’t want to do.”

Mo Xie gritted his teeth. He didn’t want to leave her, but he also didn’t want to become a burden to his master.

He was the most gifted hidden guard in the past. Even the commander kept praising him for his progress. He didn’t believe that he couldn’t protect the young lady.

“I won’t let them catch you.” Mo Xie stubbornly emphasized that he wouldn’t promise to escape alone.

She smiled, “It doesn’t matter anyway. I believe you will come to rescue me, right? I will be waiting for you, so you can’t act recklessly. That’s not what a wise man does.”

Mo Xie stared at her cheeks. After removing her makeup, she looked as gentle as a harmless rabbit.

He didn’t nod his head until the end.

Mo Xie didn’t dare to agree. It was as if once he had this evil idea, the punishment that should have fallen on him would lash on her delicate back.

When he thought about it, Mo Xie couldn’t help but fear.

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