QT:RSTC chapter 34

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs VIV


Excellent martial arts were the most basic condition for a qualified guard. More importantly, they should have a determination to die for their master at any time.

Loyalty was the only criterion to judge whether a hidden guard was good enough or not.

Mo Xie was pushed back by his former comrades again and again. He tried to fight his way back to his master. 

There was only a stream of thick red blood flying through the air as his sword moved. One was unable to see the original dim light from the sword anymore. His clothes were dyed red by the blood strain for a long time now. It was Wen Rushi who chose the ice-blue long robe for him this morning. 

Mo Xie hadn’t felt the sword in his shaking right hand, nor did he hear her inner voice ordering him to run away.

He said he would protect her.

He would never leave her unless he was dead.

Mo Xie didn’t know any strategy, nor did he slept on firewood and tasted the gall as his principle. (TL: 卧薪尝胆 = suffering patiently, but firmly resolved on revenge) He only knew that without his protection, Wen Rushi would be sent to the Peifu three days later as Pei Renqing’s plaything. There would never be another day when they could see each other again.

He couldn’t imagine how she would be treated if she fell into the hands of that sinister man.

From the moment he saw her when he was eleven years old, she said she would choose him as her bodyguard in the future. After that meeting, Mo Xie determined that she would be his master.

Every time he swung his sword, every time he fought hard to the end, every time he beat his opponent during these past seven years was for the sake of standing behind her and protecting Wen Rushi.

She was blocked by Marquis Wen at this moment, and she was only ten steps away from him.

Mo Xie couldn’t retreat, nor did he want to retreat.

Compared with her happiness, his life was worthless.

Mo Xie hissed. His eyes were bloodshot. He gave up defensive tactics and fought for his life. Every time there was a deep wound on his body, an opponent would fall in front of him.

Although this kind of life-for-life fighting made people hesitate to take action for a short while, he was only a mortal. A human was bound to become exhausted.

Marquis Wen stood behind the guards dressed in a lavender robe with a gorgeous green silk embroidery pattern. He looked coldly at Mo Xie who was fighting in a bloody battle. It was like he was watching a clown who had been defeated time and time again.

His attack became slower, and his breathing became unstable as the fight dragged on. Marquis Wen believed that it wouldn’t be long before he cut this disobeying guard’s head off.

“It’s such a pity that you have chosen a good guard.” Seven or eight corpses have been laid on the ground now. Marquis Wen stood beside Wen Rushi. He began to feel anxious in his heart. 

Mo Xie had far exceeded his expectation. He never spared words of praise for real warriors. If this young man had worked hard under his leadership, Marquis Wen would certainly give him the honor matching his strength.

Unfortunately, he was now a tamed lone wolf. There would only be one master in this hidden guard’s heart.

The best way to deal with things you couldn’t get was to destroy them. Marquis Wen raised his hand and was about to bring it down.

Wen Rushi, who had been obediently listening to him, suddenly stood up and knelt in front of him. A long butterfly hairpin touched her smooth cheek.

A drop of bright red blood dripped down from the tip of it. A decorated exquisite feather was swaying in midair, “Daddy said that all my things are mine, and my people can only be handled by me.”

Wen Rushi glared at him. She wasn’t afraid of his pressure at all, “Mo Xie is my guard. He is mine and only mine. I want him to live.”

His gaze flared at her words. This girl even dared to bargain with him using her appearance. It’s like a retarded person who had only provoked cats and dogs before!

Marquis Wen raised his eyebrows, “Do you know what you are doing now?”

“I don’t know!” Wen Rushi rejected him and said, “I only know that I will get what I want, and nobody can stop me!”

“Oh?” Marquis Wen narrowed his eyes at her slightly. For a short while, he wasn’t sure whether she was a normal person or a retard. He mumbled to himself and then opened his mouth with a grim smile, “He was given to you by me. I can give it to you or I can just take it back.”

Her mouth curved into a smile as though she had just found something interesting. She smiled brightly, “Doesn’t Daddy like my face? Mo Xie likes it too. If Daddy kills Mo Xie, I’ll pull off this face and accompany him.”  

Marquis Wen was furious and his heart was filled with uncertainty. He tried to restrain his anger and coax her, “Then you will be ugly. No one will like you.”

Wen Rushi smiled charmingly, “It’s alright. I can scrape the skin of Little tenth to make up for it. If it isn’t enough, there are other sisters in our household. I will use the one that Daddy likes, okay?” She slowly stressed each of her malicious words.

“You evil spawn!” Marquis Wen was furious. He slapped her hard in the face.

Wen Rushi lied on the ground and licked the blood spilling from the corner of her mouth. She used her hand to lift her head and looked at him innocently. She said in a soft and gentle voice, “Is Daddy not happy? But that’s not the case, right? Mo Xie also likes it too.”

“Grab them both and tie them back to the dungeon!” Marquis Wen was furious. He kicked Wen Rushi away without turning his head back. If Pei Renqing hadn’t demanded her, he would have killed this scourge who dressed up as God and played the devil. He would kill her whether she was really a retard or not! (TL: 装神弄鬼(zhuāng shén nòng guǐ) = to deceive people/ to scam)

That kick was too much. Marquis Wen really hadn’t held back at all. Wen Rushi covered her abdomen and collapsed to the ground. She fainted without even hearing Mo Xie’s roaring voice. He was calling out to her.

The dungeon of Wen household was deep into the mountainside with high humidity.

When Wen Rushi came to her sense, she found herself lying on a ragged cotton quilt. The smell was both a mixture of sweat and blood odor, which made people felt nauseated.

She retched a few times before she quickly covered her mouth and nose. She waited until the smell went away, then she whispered, “Mo Xie, are you there?” However, no one answered back.

The prison was pitch-black with only a thin ray of moonlight shining through a vent on the top of her head. However, the light wasn’t enough to illuminate the space in the middle of the prison.

Wen Rushi closed her eyes and waited until she got used to the darkness before she slowly rose up against the wall. She felt a sharp pain in his lower abdomen when she moved. It was as if her breathing was in sync with her wound.

“Mo Xie?” She walked slowly along the damp wall in pain. The shackles around her feet made a ‘clang’ sound as she walked.

She wasn’t afraid of what Marquis Wen would do to her. As long as she had a little use to him, he wouldn’t let her stay in prison for too long.

Confinement may be the most horrible nightmare for a retard, but Wen Rushi wasn’t the original Ninth Miss. A punishment like this didn’t hurt, or tickle her at all. (TL: 不痛不痒(bú tòng bù yǎng) = caused no pain) 

She was only afraid that her malicious words would also affect Mo Xie and she was unable to save him.

She stumbled a dark shadow curled up in the corner not long after that. Wen Rushi gritted her teeth while stretching her hand out hoping to touch something in the dark. She felt only a stickiness on her hand.

She quickly bent over and called to him: “… Mo Xie, is that you?

The man remained motionless as if he had died. Although there was no light in the prison to illuminate his face, she would never forget this familiar breathing.

She felt relieved. After that, she hurriedly staggered to the other side to drag the ragged quilt and tried to move him on top of the quilt to block the moisture. 

She didn’t know how many cuts he had with so much blood like this. Her trembling hand went to his clothes. If those people hadn’t searched his body, Mo Xie must have prepared ‘Jin Chuangyao‘ with him everywhere. (TL: 金创药 = Golden medicine, this is a commercial name for a medicine. In ancient time, many medicines are called gold medicine. Gold refers to metal objects such as knives in this case. Therefore, gold medicine is a medicine that specializes in the treatment such as stab wounds.)

She searched for it for quite some time. Wen Rushi finally found a broken porcelain bottle in his inner bag. The powder in the bottle had long been scattered and soaked in his bloodstained coat.’

She was very anxious so much that her eyes turned red. She fumbled her way to the door and began to bang it loudly, “Jailer! Jailer!”

It took a long time for a jailer to come over impatiently. The jailer held a torch and shouted through the small window on the door, “Be quiet! What’s the matter? Wait in there until Hou Ye brings you to trial. It’s useless to cry here now. (TL: 侯爷 (Hou Ye) = Marquis)

The jailer turned and left after that. Even when Wen Rushi shouted, the jailer didn’t turn back.

Wen Rushi disappointedly walked back to where Mo Xie was and helplessly lifted his upper-body. She tried to warm his body with her own body not caring about how his blood would become a strain on her clothes.

Mo Xie’s clothes were full of holes and tears. Wen Rushi dared not move for fear that her action would aggravate his wounds. She could only hold him and whispered lowly near his ear.

She didn’t know how much time had passed. It wasn’t until her arms became numb that she felt him moving.

“Don’t be afraid… I can’t die yet.”

Upon hearing his voice that was as quiet as a mosquito, Wen Rushi almost cried with joy. She held his weak body tightly and nodded repeatedly, “I knew you wouldn’t leave me alone so easily.”

Mo Xie tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t see anything. He only felt her soft touch. 

He was a little embarrassed and wanted to tell his young lady that if a man and a woman weren’t in love with each other, they would not be able to sit together or eat together at the age of seven. Let alone embrace each other so closely. Even if he was seriously injured, they shouldn’t sit so close like they were now.

But when he felt her trembling arms, Mo Xie didn’t say anything.

If he knew that he would pick up a small life because of his momentary softness of heart, he wouldn’t be strangled in this dark dungeon by Wen Rushi like this. He didn’t know what to think.

Although there wasn’t any medicine for him, it was fortunate that the foundation of his body had long been good. Wen Rushi also took good care of him. By the time the jailer delivered their meal at noon the next day, he could barely eat a little.

Wen Rushi also wrapped his body with the ragged cotton quilt on top of his outer clothing. This quilt was the only thing in the prison to keep out the cold. Looking at the loyalty of her hidden guard, it was unlikely that he would occupy the master’s only bedding.

Mo Xie certainly wouldn’t do it, so the outcome should be that his injury would aggravate until he died in the end.

Marquis Wen really came up with a good scheme. Unfortunately, he didn’t expect Wen Rushi to push the boat along with the current and acted pitifully. Moreover, he absolutely wouldn’t think that she would sleep with her guard in his arms. (TL: 顺水推舟 = make use of an opportunity to achieve one’s end)

This pure Mo Xie was indeed her match. If he didn’t want to do it, this pampered young Miss would eventually freeze to death.

As long as Wen Rushi shivered and said she was cold, Mo Xie wouldn’t hesitate to let her get into his arms to warm herself up. Even if he was so badly hurt that he couldn’t stand up, his heart was filled with a sense of honor.

Wen Rushi was happy to do this kind of cold and morality-destroying behavior. It was because she didn’t feel a sense of violation when she did it and it wasn’t like she had forced him to do it, right?

If it wasn’t for fear that she would frighten Mo Xie, she would even like to kiss him on his face and pushed her luck to declare her territorial right then and there!

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