QT:RSTC chapter 37

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs XII


The wheels rolled and the long convoy traveled along the stony path between the mountains. It went further and further away from Wen mansion that she had been living for seven years.

Wen Rushi wore a red cheongsam. She was currently kneeling in the carriage at the middle of this convoy. There wasn’t anything wrapping around her other than a light red cloth that kept fluttering in the wind.

Her long hair was pulled into a high bun by a flower hairpin laced with a golden thread and pearls. The ruby earrings on her ears were sparkling when they swayed.

The heavy makeup hid the bluish-red five-finger mark on her face. With her long thick curly eyelashes and red lips like blood, she looked so delicate that one was unable to perceive her true features.

She was sitting on her knees looking down at her long skirt calmly as though she was only an outsider who calmly observed this situation.

She had long anticipated something like this to happen. Eventually, Marquis Wen would send her out like merchandise.

Before she left, he kindly said that he would marry her off. From then on, the Wen family would become in-laws with General Pei’s residence. Wen Rushi thought with a scowl on her face.

Although she lost, Marquis Wen didn’t win either. She would open her eyes to see how he had buried his ancestors’ home step by step.

Mo Xie was just behind her car and was dragged along like a cattle by a chain.

Wen Rushi straightened up her back, but she didn’t turn back to look behind her.

This was a warning. Marquis Wen wanted her to obediently follow his order to monitor Pei Renqing or even to kill him after she entered Pei Fu. Marquis Wen was telling her that he dared to send them away, which meant that he could take their lives again at any time.

She clenched her hand tightly. In her palm was a pearl bracelet that Marquis Wen gave her

It was completely mistaken for him to believe this would bring her down.

The scenery on both sides of the road became more and more desolate. The guards riding on a big horse at both sides of the carriage acted as though they were here to guard a prisoner rather than a bride.

“Come on, boy!” A sword sheath hit Mo Xie’s back. The wound that had yet to heal began to open again, and blood seeped out to stain his clothes in an instant.

The guard clapped his heels hard on his horse’s belly and rode past him with an expressionless face. The horse’s hooves clattered away. Mo Xie’s eyes gloomily shot a glance at the guard’s back.

Miss said he couldn’t be impulsive. When he lifted his head to look at Wen Rushi who was dressed in splendid clothes in the carriage, he wasn’t going to be as reckless as he used to be. They would have plenty of opportunities to clear things up in the future, so there’s no need to rush it.

Peifu was a day and night away from Wen mansion. They would stop at an inn outside the city to rest.

When her wet nurse, Liu Shi, and two maids got out of another carriage and came to Wen Rushi’s carriage to help her get up, she found that her legs had been paralyzed because she had been kneeling for a long time.

She turned down Liu shi’s suggestion to bring her inside to get some rest. Wen Rushi took the water bag in her hand, but she didn’t drink it. Instead, she got away from them and stumbled her way toward Mo Xie, who was tied behind the car.

Mo Xie’s new green clothes were full of dust and blood, but he didn’t care that he was in a sorry state. He watched Wen Rushi, who wore a wedding dress, slowly approaching him.

If the bride has to walk on the ground before entering her husband’s house, it’s considered a very unlucky thing. However, Wen Rushi didn’t care about the so-called rules. Pei Renqing wasn’t her husband, and he would never be.

The gorgeous skirt went through the flagstone road and then waded through the mud. She unscrewed the lid and lifted the water bag to his lips.

Her dark red sleeves drooped revealing a white jade bracelet that gave a warm glow. The glow seemed to contrast with her snow-white skin. She smiled lightly and said in a soft voice, “You have to drink.”

Mo Xie looked down at her smiling eyes. There was no trace of resentment, and he could only see his face reflected in her eyes. Her attentive expression really made people feel tenderness and tired.

Mo Xie’s lips moved slightly. He bowed his head and drank a mouthful of water from the water bag obediently.

Eighteen-year-old Mo Xie was a head taller than Wen Rushi. She was somewhat struggling to lift the water bag to his lips, but Wen Rushi didn’t mind at all. She was happy instead.

At least, Mo Xie learned to be patient. Those who were able to survive this hardship could get whatever they wanted.

There were ups and downs in the world, and fate was always fair like that. Every time they suffered a little more today, they would reap a little more good thing in the future. Wen Rushi believed that the final victory would belong to them.

There were many spies around her now, so she didn’t dare to stay angry at Marquis Wen any longer. She could only command her servants to leave food and drink for Mo Xie and went into the room which was prepared for her.

Before leaving early the next morning, Peifu’s servant came to inform them not to enter the town, but to turn directly to the courtyard located at the outskirts of the town, where General Pei would wait for their arrival.

Most of the guards and subordinates of Wen’s family were indignant. Only Wen Rushi calmly stepped into her carriage again.

This was much better. Pei household was so unwilling to even let her come in through the front door. They wouldn’t give her any chance to do anything about it. Now, she had a reason to openly disobey Marquis Wen’s order. It was good to live in another courtyard, she could avoid being struck between them.

Peifu’s other courtyard was more beautiful than she had imagined. There were many beautiful bright Camellias in the courtyard. 

It was noon when they arrived at their destination. Pei Renqing only had a cup of tea when they first arrived and then disappeared. Thinking that she saw him sneering at her from the look in his eyes when he saw the makeup. She knew it right away that he loathed her being.

It didn’t matter anyway when the worst had already come to the worst. Wen Rushi was just happy to have the chance to become relaxed.

The only complaint was that he only agreed to let Mo Xie continue to follow her, but he refused to let people take off the handcuffs on his hands.

The sound of chains in Mo Xie’s hands could be heard wherever he went. What kind of hidden guard was that? Seemed like this idea delighted Pei Renqing. How did she know? She knew from the sound of joyful laughter from him when he left.

“Don’t care about those bastards. The more they lock you up, the more afraid they are of you.” Wen Rushi lowered her head and carefully wrapped Mo Xie’s red and swollen wrist with a soft cloth. She didn’t want him to get hurt by the handcuffs again.

“Yes.” Moxie was more silent than usual. He said nothing and only stretched his hand out for Wen Rushi to let her fiddle with it.

“What’s wrong?” She seemed to feel it and looked up at him.

Mo Xie shook his head gently. “Nothing.” He didn’t know what had happened to him. From the moment he entered Peifu and saw Pei Renqing, he couldn’t restrain his murder intent.

He knew it was wrong, but Mo Xie couldn’t control it. He wanted to take her away, not because of orders, but simply because he wanted to take her away from here.

“You’re waiting for me here.” she wouldn’t ask since he didn’t want to say it. Wen Rushi pressed her lips together and pulled his cuffs down to cover the handcuffs. She stood up and went outside, “I will get some medicine and dress your wound later.”

Mo Xie watched her figure disappear at the door and stood there waiting for her to come back.

As Wen Rushi stepped past the door, she was stunned by his deep and focused black eyes. His expression was sad. It was as though something was going to be taken away, and he could only stand there and look at it helplessly.

She saw the pain in Mo Xie’s eyes.

Wen Rushi slowly approached him. She put down the bottle in her hand and took his clothes off. Mo Xie unexpectedly didn’t resist. He only looked at her silently.

The sun shines through the window on his upper body. Many scars and bruises were spreading all over his tan skin. The newly opened wounds that had just turned into a scab were too horrible to see. He looked at her every movement calmly as if he couldn’t feel any pain.

Wen Rushi finally couldn’t help it. Although she liked this kind of obedient moxie, this was more painful.

She moistened his wound with water and whispered, “Pei Renqing won’t do anything to me. His aim is Wen household. I’m nothing but decoration at most.”

Mo Xie’s long eyelashes trembled. She picked up the porcelain bottle and evenly sprinkled the powder on his wound. She continued, “So don’t think about it anymore. Can you tell me about it? I won’t laugh at you.”

Mo Xie frowned, “It’s nothing. Pei Renqing isn’t a good person. If you marry him, he has the right to dispose of his concubines at will.”

Wen Rushi gave him a charming look, “I haven’t married him. There’s no ceremony or a bridal chamber. I’m only a hostage, so how can this be a marriage?”

Mo Xie looked down dejectedly and said in a low voice, “Sooner or later you will have to bow to Heaven and Earth and enter a bridal chamber, or else Houye will…”

 (拜天地  [bài tiān dì] This is one of the old Chinese marriage ceremony procedures where the bride and groom have to kowtow at the altar.) (Houye = Marquis Wen)

Wen Rushi sneered and answered mockingly, “What kind of a chamber is it? With Pei Renqing’s impotence like that.”

Mo Xie was stunned and his jaw dropped for a long time. He didn’t know how she knew Pei Renqing was like that. More importantly, he should remind her first that ladies shouldn’t utter such filthy words.

Wen Rushi ignored what he thought and continued to wrap his wrists.

They were so close that they could feel their body’s heat on each other. Mo Xie could smell the familiar fragrance from her hair.

A strand of hair began to slide down around the side of her face. Her hair was scratching his neck as she moved. He felt an impulse to raise his hand to tuck it behind her ears.

Mo Xie’s heart began to beat faster and this made him feel uncomfortable. He took a step back, but he was dragged back again by Wen Rushi who pulled the cloth strip, “Don’t move. Stand still and don’t hinder my work.”

Mo Xie held out both of his hand to block her, “Miss, I can do it by myself.” He stammered.

Wen Rushi was so angry. This, she knew it well even before he told her. This man was really…As soon as his spirit lifted, he began to care about the rules again. She really wanted to pry his head open and see what was inside!

“Put your hands down.” Wen Rushi stared at him with her almond eyes and pointed at his nose angrily. “I will beat you if you dare to push me again!”

The corners of his mouth gradually turned up. He slowly put down his hand and closed his mouth.

He didn’t push her. He only raised his hand and blocked her. Mo Xie didn’t know why he was suddenly in a good mood, so good that even if the young lady really hit him now, he would feel very happy.

Why was that? He couldn’t understand.

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