QT:RSTC chapter 38

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs XIII


Pei Renqing didn’t appear in the courtyard for more than ten days. According to the housekeeper, the general had been very busy lately.

Wen Rushi didn’t ask what he was busy with because It’s good when things became this way. She didn’t have to worry about how to deal with him nor did she need to avoid the maid that Marquis Wen had ordered to stay with her.

Pei Renqing hadn’t shown up anyway, so it’s no use urging her.

As for Mo Xie, she didn’t know what he had been busy with all day. He would show up only the time before dinner. Other than that, she wouldn’t see him at all.

Don’t ask her why she knew he’s not here. What Wen Rushi did most often now was to call his name from time to time when she’s bored.

If Mo Xie didn’t appear in the next second, it proved that he wasn’t in the yard at all.

Wen Rushi’s life like now was the same every day. She would get up every morning to have breakfast, take a walk in the garden accompanied by Liu Shi and her servants, and then go back to her room to do some light reading.

She would learn how to make a long gown for men in the afternoon. (TL: you can search ‘chang pao‘ for a picture). She has already wasted a whole piece of good brocade and managed to finish one piece of cloth with difficulty. 

“The general would be very glad to know that his wife is thinking of him all the time.” Liu Shi touched the first finished gown made by Wen Rushi. She was in a good mood to help speaking up for him.

Wen Rushi glanced at her, but she didn’t say anything back. She continued, “Put this away and let someone carry the dark silk cloth in the warehouse to me.”

Liu Shi stared blankly at her and asked back, “You have already made many of these clothes. Don’t you think this’s enough? The general can’t wear anymore than this.”

The corner of Wen Rushi’s mouth quirked up. She lowered her head and concentrated on choosing the pattern without answering.

Who said that she wanted to make clothes for Pei Renqing? She wanted to give him the clothes from her first few tried, even when she knew he already had enough clothes. Those were just hands-on exercises, so they looked a little bit rough. She was just starting to get serious now. She wanted to make him clothes that could complement her elegant clothes but she still didn’t know how she was going to do that.

Wen Rushi carefully used her finger to trace a Hibiscus flower. This pattern was concise. It is most appropriate to be used in the front part of a robe. She can use some silver silk thread to make the flower. With Black as the background, he would like it.

Liu Shi, who hadn’t gotten an answer from Wen Rushi, accepted her order and went out. It wasn’t long before someone came back with the cloth. Liu Shi was with the housekeeper who hadn’t been here for a long time.

“Marquis Wen wishes for Miss to attend the upcoming feast with the general.”

Wen Rushi glanced at the gold-drawing invitation on the table and asked lightly, “What does the general say?”

“The general hopes that his wife will dress up nicely. He will come to pick you up the day after tomorrow.” The housekeeper was very satisfied with her husband-first attitude, and her words were respectful.

“I know, I’ll be ready on time,” Wen Rushi continued with a light smile, “I specially sewed a robe for the general, and I hope to see General Pei present in my hand-made clothes.”

She glanced at Liu Shi and signaled that she needed to take out the clothes she had just sewed.

Liu Shi laid five to six robes with rough workmanship on the table. Wen Rushi rose and picked out the earliest one. She ordered the maid to wrap it up and give it to the housekeeper. She smiled and said to the housekeeper, “I believe the general will not let me down, will he?”

The housekeeper held the bundle with a strange expression on his face. How many women wanted to sew things for General? As for whether the general would appreciate this action or not, he could not guarantee it.

Mo Xie appeared at the door soon after the housekeeper left in a hurry.

“I’ll go for a walk in the garden. Mo Xie will accompany me, so you all don’t have to follow us.” It was hard to see him now, so Wen Rushi naturally chased her servants away, then quickly took the lead to the small garden.

After walking for a while without hearing his voice, Wen Rushi couldn’t help but ask, “What have you been busy with lately? Why can’t I see your shadow?”

“I have been thinking of a way to unlock these.” Mo Xie muffled back.

Wen Rushi stared at him and reached her hand out to lift his sleeve. She looked at his handcuffs and sighed. She didn’t know whether she should comfort him or herself instead, “It will be alright, we will find a way to unlock this.”

Mo Xie glanced at her and said nothing. He quickly unlocked the handcuffs from his hands.

Wen Rushi stared blankly at him. She reached out to touch the heavy handcuffs and looked at them for half a while. They were not damaged at all. How on earth did he do it?

“I still wear it when there are people around. You just need to know that it can’t trap me now. If you want to leave, we can leave at any time.” Mo Xie looked down at the top of her hair and explained softly.

Although the preparation wasn’t quite ready yet, he wouldn’t hesitate to take her out of Peifu if she wanted to.

Wen Rushi looked up and smiled at him, “The situation is better than I expected. We don’t have to leave for the time being.”

Wen Rushi hadn’t noticed that the light in his eyes had dimmed a little. She took his hands and said in high spirits, “Without the handcuffs, you can try on the clothes I made for you tomorrow evening.”

Mo Xie was stunned for a moment. He forgot to take back his hand and said foolishly, “… Isn’t that for General Pei?” He heard her tell the housekeeper that she hoped the general would wear the gown she had made herself.

Every night before going to bed, he would go to see her once. He always found her sitting in front of the lamp with a needle in her hand. She looked so graceful sitting there with a smile on her face. He couldn’t help envying the man in her heart.

He did think that maybe she did it for him, but Mo Xie rejected that delusion at once. He was just a humble guard. How could he expect her to sew him his cloth? Such an idea like this was simply too disrespectful to the young lady.

Today, he finally realized that the man was Pei Renqing.

Yes, he was going to be his young lady’s husband and he also came from a good and proper household. Although they hadn’t had a ceremony yet, it wouldn’t change the fact that she would become the daughter-in-law of Pei’s family.

She didn’t want to run away with him now. But when he was inexplicably depressed, she said she wanted him to try on her clothes.

Mo Xie was a little confused. He hadn’t even figured out why he was sad the moment before and then he began to rejoice now.

“The one that I have just given to him is from my first attempt to sew clothes.” Wen Rushi told him. She seemed to enjoy the look on his face as he was staring blankly at her now. She looked up at him and smile, “Of course it’s not the same for you. I’m looking forward to seeing my family wear the clothes I made personally, and I’m sure it’ll fascinate people.”

Mo Xie frowned. Sure, he didn’t have to kill anybody, but a hidden guard should always keep a low profile. Her clothes would make it hard got him to do his job.

No, what he should think about now wasn’t what to wear, but why did the young lady specially make clothes for him. Mo Xie frowned and thought carefully. He was totally unaware that his right hand was still in her soft hands.

“Mo Xie,” Wen Rushi asked in a low voice, “Is there anyone else near here?”

Mo Xie looked at her puzzled. But he still answered her honestly even when he didn’t know the reason why she had asked him about it, “No one.”

Wen Rushi smiled warmly. She believed in Mo Xie’s martial arts. Since he said that there’s no one around here, she was sure that nobody would see them doing anything in the garden.

She boldly threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly. Then she softly stroked his chest two times before softening her voice. “I missed you all day long.” 

He could smell her fragrance, and feel her body’s heat. A flush instantly crept up his face. He raised his hand to push her away, but somehow, he held it up in the air for a while and did not dare to say anything in protest.

It was really difficult for him to squeeze out this word, “…Miss.”

“Em.” Her mouth curved into a smile. She deliberately ignored his dilemma.

Mo Xie’s whole body went stiff. After a long while, she gently broke the embrace and stepped away. She looked up and appreciated his bright red face and nodded, “I’m yours now, and you are responsible for me. Don’t you know this?”

He was so confused now and didn’t understand what she had just said a moment ago. The young lady suddenly said that she became his.

took responsibility for? How to be responsible? He had been faithfully protecting her for a long time. Ah, if this wasn’t responsible, what else could it be?

Wen Rushi quickly gave him the answer to his question, “ํYou must marry me within these three years. Otherwise, I’ll beat the drum at the court crying and complain that you’re going to abandon this young lady after I have no use to you.”

This was like a bolt out of the blue and Mo Xie was terrified.

Let him marry the young lady, this was something he never dared to think of. She should be the master whom he was willing to put his heart and soul to protect. He could live for her and die for her. But, for her to be his wife?

He never thought he would marry or start a family. He was destined to be a hidden guard for the young lady and he didn’t want to forge a relationship.

However, the young lady said just now that she wanted to be his wife.

Surely it didn’t mean that she wanted to have a child with him. No, it’s just blasphemy to the young lady! Mo Xie really wanted to cry now, but he couldn’t explain the joy hidden underneath his resistance. 

“Mo Xie.” Wen Rushi stood on tiptoe, put her arms around his neck, and gazed into his eyes. Her eyes looked as if they were overflowing with clear water in autumn. (秋水 (qiū shuǐ) = limpid autumn waters, or description of girl’s beautiful eyes). There was a small smile on her red lips, “I like you, how about you?”

Mo Xie, who heard what she had just said, took a step back in an embarrassment, but he forgot that Wen Rushi’s hands were still wound around his neck. This action made them even closer instead of widening their gap.

Looking at the little beads of sweat on his forehead from the tension, Wen Rushi smiled lightly, “You don’t have to answer me now. You can tell me when you have the time to think about it.”

“However, you aren’t allowed to avoid me.” Wen Rushi looked at his lips that were an inch away from her face. She did want to touch them, but she dared not do it too much at once.

She looked up at his confused black eyes and said, “I like you and I want to marry you. I’m serious about it and this isn’t a joke.”

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