Villain heal chapter 86(End)

Summer, Autumn, Winter… All passed by through time. Opening semester and closing semester… All passed by through a growth. Memories and laughing… No matter how much time had passed, it would always become beautiful memories. Sunny or Filne was punished by living at the border alone eventually. Her family couldn’t do anything to help her. […]

Villain heal chapter 85

“Don’t lie to me!!” Filne used her finger to point at my face. She must have mixed feeling in her mind and she didn’t know which one to explode first. Even though she was the one who spoke that name first, she acted as if she didn’t believe in what she said now. Even if […]

Villain heal chapter 84

I really was in trouble, wasn’t I? I woke up around 4 AM. in Luler’s room in a state where I was naked with the source of my problem lied on top of me. It was relieved to see that he still wore his trousers. How annoying!! I flipped him to another side of the […]

Villain heal chapter 83

Pang… A gust of wind pushed the door shut and that was a good thing. If not, others would surely notice it. The prince of this kingdom was slowly crawling towards me. I didn’t tell him to crawl from that door to here, though. At that moment, I was irritated so I spoke something weird […]

Villain Heal chapter 82

“Even if you condemn me as a demon, I won’t feel a thing, you know. I’m a demon anyway and this school was found especially for demons.” I said before standing up from Luler’s laps. Ah…This was easier than I thought. I had been hoping that she would be smarter than this, but it seemed […]

Villain Heal chapter 81

I just got out of the infirmary room. Earlier a girl came running to me for help because her snow-demon friend had tripped at the stair. That snow demon couldn’t heal herself with a temperature so high like this. I could only find ice to ease her pain and gave her a first-aid. Hadn’t Noir […]

QT:RTSC Phoenix men’s Big Battle II

A childhood sweetheart, innocent children, this is truly a beautiful feeling between two people. Unfortunately, Qin Xiao Ling, who had been secretly in love with her husband for a long time, was cut off by the Wen’s household halfway before she could find the opportunity to confess to him. Although Qin Xiao Ling eventually ended […]

Villain Heal: chapter 80

It was dark. Why was it so dark like this? It was just like there’s nothing at all. Everything in my head was blank, and my earliest memory was about when I was stabbed. How dare you!?… To think that you would do such a thing like this to me, Filne!!? Even if I had […]

QTSC chapter 1: Phoenix men’s Big Battle I

As soon as she entered the company, Wen Ru Shi’s personal assistant came up and handed her a blue folder. “Rujie, this is a special case. Two executives have already failed this task.” The assistant followed at her trail, and Wen Ru Shi raised her eyebrows slightly. She stepped on the ground with her eight […]