QT: RTSC chapter 30

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs V Two years passed in a flash. Mo Xie went to visit Wen at night every three or five nights. The only thing he refused to change was that he still followed the rules and refused to step into her chamber every time. According to his words, […]

QT: RSTC chapter 29

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs IV Wen Rushi was under house arrest. Or you could say that she was confined to her courtyard and wasn’t allowed to leave, as well as Wen Baoyi, who took her out to play in the back of the hill secretly. When she thought of that night […]

QT: RSTC chapter 28

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs III “I am Marquis Wen’s daughter, why can’t I come!?” Wen Rushi was so angry that she forgot to pretend to be weak. She thought that with him being faithful, most people like him would be extremely afraid and quickly apologize to her. Not to mention kneeling […]

QT: RTSC chapter 27

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs II Wen Rushi wasn’t frightened to learn etiquette. She believed that her manner could be regarded as the role model from a textbook, whether she was sitting, speaking, or standing. But when the next day’s class began, Wen Rushi knew she was wrong. These damn teachers weren’t […]

QT: RTSC chapter 26

A Record of the Development of Loyal Dogs I The company’s cheapness wasn’t something one could easily swallow down. When eight-year-old Wen Rushi was carried away by two strong mothers, got stripped, put into a tub, and then they began to rub her body vigorously. Her intestines almost went green with regret. Ah! How well […]

QT: RSTC chapter 25

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXV How long were three years? It’s neither long nor short. It’s probably enough for Wen Rushi to send her son to kindergarten, and follow Shen Wenhan from North to South. Strictly speaking, she didn’t follow Shen Wenhan at all. It could be said that Shen Wenhan carried her around the […]

QT: RTSC chapter 24

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXIV   Wen Rushi was a little anxious. Had that body become so weak that it began to reject her existence? She circled around Shen Wenhan and the operating table in an attempt to find a way back. How could she just leave before she gave birth? she watched in despair […]

QT: RTSC chapter 23

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXIII   The bright moonlight was pouring into the room and the night wind stirred the shredded paper on the ground. In the middle of the room was Shen Wenhan’s sitting figure. It made the scene look even more lonely. The ear-piercing ringtone from his phone started to ring once again […]

QR: RTSC chapter 22

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXII   “Whatever illness your wife is suffering from, you must understand that she is totally incapable of giving birth to a new life. That kid can’t be born, unless you want her to die early! ” The stern words of the highly esteemted doctor were still in his ears. Shen […]

QT: RTSC chapter 21

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XXI   When Shen Wenhan rushed back to the villa by the sea, the first thing he saw when he pushed open the door was the warm orange lighting and Wen Rushi. She was currently bustling around while wearing a cartoon-pattern apron. “You’re back. Go take a bath and have a […]