Villain heal chapter 38

Lookz’s story To be stronger and more graceful than anyone else. That’s the pride of an angel. My wing isn’t just some decoration on my back but It’s a duty and a dignity for me to shoulder it. Someone who’s a son of the God of war like me couldn’t dare to act foolishly. When…

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Villain heal chapter 37

Bella’s story What did the real heaven look like? Was it only a name for a land? What different between a god and a human? or was it only the name for a higher being. I didn’t take an interest in a matter about them that much. Even if you had pure white wings, It…

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Villain Heal chapter 36

This must be the first time that Lookz has come to eat with us. He still doesn’t like to talk but at least, his relationship with Bella is good now. What caught my attention the most is… “Ah…Where are your wings, Lookz?” I have been wanting to ask this question since I saw him a…

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Villain Heal chapter 35

I don’t remember what I’d done during my childhood in the past life. I also don’t know why but I’m tired of being a child. You already know that there are many problems around me right now. Well, both my problems and other’s problems. My shampoo and conditioner are really popular but I can’t supply…

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Villain Heal chapter 34

Umm… It’s more uncomfortable than I expected… We, including Bella and Lookz, are eating lunch at the cafeteria. We have to join two tables together so all of us can fit in. We also split up for three-person per one table. I also arrange for Bella to sit across from Lookz but I have a…

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Villain heal chapter 33

“You want me to choose it…Anything will do for me.” His cheeks are slowly burning up. Hmm…? What is he thinking? I didn’t think to use this to punish him. “I bought a training stick and a whip for you as a present. Don’t all boys have to learn horse riding? I don’t know which…

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Villain heal chapter 32

“A spy?” “That’s right, we have to go right now.” “Wait for a minute, don’t you have to eat with prince Luler?” As if hearing someone calls his name, Luler and Teo appear. They are really close to each other lately but I don’t want anyone else to know the problem about Bella. “Luler, Akane…

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Villain heal chapter 31

I bring this little angel to the cafeteria. I don’t know if she’s vegetarian or not but her eyes get sparkling every time when she’s looking at meat dishes so I think It’s okay. “You can come here anytime and order anything that you like.” “I can come here anytime?” “That’s right. Because you are…

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Villain heal chapter 30

At 05.45 PM ‘tap tap tap’ Umm… ‘tap tap tap’ Ummmmm… “Shiwa, why are you pacing around the room like that?” Luler came into my workshop without me knowing. His voice jolts me out of my thought. I jump backward two steps due to my shock then composed myself again before turning to face him….

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Villain heal chapter 29

Tomorrow is the start of the term for middle school students. I have to rearrange things in my room to make more space for my alchemy stuffs. I can’t request one more room so this will do for now. Umm…My room will have a smell from my ingredients lingering around. How can I deal with…

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