QT: RTSC chapter 20

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XX   “Rushi.” Shen Wenhan leaned over and held his sleeping wife in his arms. He shook her gently. “Wen Rushi, wake up!” He could feel an uncomfortable pressure gripping in his heart. Shen Wenhan whispered to her in a panic. He didn’t even notice that his voice was trembling. Just […]

QT: RSTC chapter 19

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIX   “Don’t move.” Wen Rushi was pressing against Shen Wenhan as she held a shining razor in her hand. She had wanted to do this for a long time, but he would never let her enjoy it. Faced with Wenru’s enthusiastic expression, his brows knitted together. He tried to control […]

QT: RSTC chapter 18

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XVIII   Wen Rushi was dreaming. In her dream, She was only a little girl who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. (TL: an exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities) As soon as she stepped into the company, she was burned with ambition to have a hand in the […]

QT: RSTC chapter 17

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XVII   Shen Wenhan was expressionless when he was sitting among the group of board members who were already past fifty in the conference room at Wen enterprise. Their gaze bore into him. Almost every seat in this spacious conference room was occupied, except for the seat of the General Manager. […]

QT:RTSC chapter 16

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XVI   “Send the dress made last week to Wenhan’s company.” Wen Rushi rubbed her eye and hid her tiredness behind her delicate makeup. “take the invitation card to attend the banquet too.” Linda took the invitation card and looked at Wen Rushi with concern. It was no secret that Shen […]

QT:RTSC chapter 15

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XV   “I have a little donkey. I never ride it. One day I go to the market with all my heart and soul. I’m proud of my little whip in my hand…” (TL: This is a Chinese children’s song.) Opening the door of the General Manager’s office, she heard Miss […]

QT:RTSC chapter 14

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIV   In the end, Shen Wenhan still failed to eat a meal cooked by Wen Rushi. It’s because they met Qin Xiaoling, whom they hadn’t seen for a long time, on their way to shopping. It’s no big deal if she’s the only one. The problem was that she’s accompanied […]

QT:RTSC chapter 13 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIII part 2   It was as if a flash of lightning had struck him in the heart. Even his arm on the armrest went stiff. Shen Wenhan was speechless for a long time before he found his voice again. “Good, the noodles are readied now.” Wen Rushi woke up and […]

QT:RTSC chapter 13 part 1

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XIII part 1   Going back to Wen mansion, this place was unfamiliar to him yet it was the place that he knew all too well. Shen Wenhan was somewhat disappointing. From today on, he would really be under the same roof with the Wen family. He stood at the garage […]

QT:RTSC chapter 12

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XII Bear: Sorry guys, about the repost of chapter 11. I accidentally deleted it when I was editing the content in my phone (╯︵╰,). Seemed like NU’s bot thought it was a new chapter, so it got update again. Here’s chapter 12, enjoy reading~   Half a year was neither short […]