QT:RTSC chapter 11

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XI When Shen Wenhan came to Wen household Mansion with his bag, he saw many luxury cars parked by the roadside. He could faintly see brightly lit lights and a crowd of people wearing colorful clothes from far away. He hesitated and went to the back door. Walking through the garden, […]

QT:RTSC chapter 10

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle X Sleeping in a different room from Shen Wenhan was only the first step. The lavender fragrance pervading through her bathroom. Wen Rushi closed her eyes while her face was flushed by the steam in her bathroom. She pushed Shen Wenhan too hard. Now was the time to step back. Besides, […]

QT:RTSC chapter 9

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IX Wen Rushi sat on the bed and covered her legs with a quilt. She rested both of her elbows on Shen Wenhan’s pillow while holding an English textbook as she flipped through the book. There were many handwritten notes in the book in the blank space between the lines. He […]

QT:RTSC chapter 8

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle VIII “If you dare to hit me, I will tell your parents that we won’t pay Shen Wenrui’s medical expenses any more from today onward!” Wen Rushi narrowed her eyes and raised her chin slightly. She was obviously a good head shorter than him, but she held her ground. “You dare!” […]

VH: side story (TeoxAkane VI)

“Akane, I had just found out that you suddenly turned into a fox, so I quickly came back to see you.” “Kuro onii-sama…” The man in front of me was a black fox whose name was Kuromitsu. I considered him as my big brother, and I also respected him very much. He wasn’t only a […]

QT:RTSC chapter 7

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle VII A gust of cool breeze mixed with a fragrant from wildflowers and weeds gently blew pass her. Wen Rushi didn’t think that Shen Wenhan wanted to take her out to fish in this small pool. She even felt ashamed to hear him called it a lake. “People in the mountains […]

QT:RTSC chapter 6

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle VI The next day, Wen Rushi woke up at dawn. There was still Shen Wenhan’s smell lingering on the pillow. She stretched out satisfactorily, only to find out that she was alone in the room. Wen Rushi turned over and sat up. Good employees should always remember their mission all the […]

QT:RTSC chapter 5

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle V   Wen Rushi always knew that Shen Wenhan had a pretty good build. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be on par with Number six. She just didn’t know when they decided to fight each other. If it wasn’t a special case then the executors have the right to protect their privacy, they […]

QT:RTSC chapter 4 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IV part 2   “Er gege[1], we haven’t been together for a long time since you went to the army. Xiaojun and Xiaowei miss you very much.” Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears as she lightly pulled Shen Wenhan’s sleeve. She quietly complained, “You will leave again in a few days […]

QT:RTSC chapter 4 part 1

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IV part 1   “All right, dinner will be ready in a minute!” Qin Xiaoling came over with a dish of meat with plums in high spirits. As soon as she entered the door, she saw an unfamiliar woman sitting next to Shen Wenhan. She stood there, put the plate on […]