QT:RTSC chapter 4 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IV part 2   “Er gege[1], we haven’t been together for a long time since you went to the army. Xiaojun and Xiaowei miss you very much.” Her eyes brimmed with unshed tears as she lightly pulled Shen Wenhan’s sleeve. She quietly complained, “You will leave again in a few days […]

QT:RTSC chapter 4 part 1

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle IV part 1   “All right, dinner will be ready in a minute!” Qin Xiaoling came over with a dish of meat with plums in high spirits. As soon as she entered the door, she saw an unfamiliar woman sitting next to Shen Wenhan. She stood there, put the plate on […]

QT:RTSC chapter 3 part 2

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle III part 2   What Wen Rushi has to do now was to make it clear to him about what can he do? What he can’t do? To take care of one’s family was a good thing, but it’s not all about your own family anymore. Acting like that to your […]

QT:RTSC chapter 3 part 1

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle III part 1 He didn’t like this kind of feeling. It looked as if Wen Rushi had become another person as she was no longer getting easily irritated by him. Shen Wenhan looked down at the bags. All the things she brought here were very expensive. Various kinds of high-grade supplements […]

VH: side story (TeoxAkane V)

I didn’t know why, but just as I ran deep into the forest, it was dark all around me even though it was only in the morning. To my right was the forest. To my left was also the forest. W-what do I do!!? Looked like I was lost in this place. Why didn’t I […]

VH: side story (TeoxAkane IV)

I didn’t know what’s happened in Shiwa’s room last night, but one thing for sure was that I would never think of this memory again. Shiwa brought me out of her room at dawn when there’s no one around, and groggily went back to her room. Even if I wanted to ask for her well-being, […]

VH: side story (TeoxAkane III)

My mother worried that I will go outside while I was naked. Even if I was a fox right now, but as the princess of this kingdom, I still have a good image to maintain. That’s why my mother rushed her servants to bring tailors for me. They told us that the dresses will be […]

VH: side story (TeoxAkane II)

Damn it!! Ah!! I really wanted to shout at that fox statue. There were many kinds of payment to choose from so why had it chose to curse me into this body!! I don’t want it!! I was in Teo’s arms as he slowly walked out of this forest at this moment. I knew you […]

VH: Side story (TeoxAkane I)

The relationship that was more than a friend, but wasn’t a lover. I always asked myself what was exactly the relationship between us. A political betrothal? A friend? or a lover? Even if it became a little bit clear right now. When I graduated, I had to move back to my castle. There’re many things […]

VH: Side story (RenxShelyn)

I once dreamt of the day when my family was killed. Dreaming of the time when they were screaming… It was like this every night… I didn’t know when had I stopped dreaming, but I felt very happy right now. To the point where I scared how long it was going to last… At the […]