Villain heal chapter 3

Today, I’m feeling extremely enthusiastic. I’m waking up early to take a bath and get dressed by myself. Children at the age of two will need help at a thing like this but my mind isn’t that of two years old so it seems strange to have other people help me.

I happily skip to my father room. Normally, my father isn’t a morning person. He wakes up late in the morning.

“Father…” I open the door to his room.

“Oh, Shiwa. What are you doing here early in this morning?” he yawns.

He sits up half-awake. This is my parent room but my mother works early then come back when it’s time for dining then got back to work again. Why does it feel like they’re waiting for the time to divorce?”

My father has red-pink eyes, light brown hair, white skin the same as woman skin, well-built body and he has a kind-hearted. Where did my mother find a man like this? She is so lucky.

My mother is opposite of my father. She has pink hair just like me, light blue eyes. She is a woman of few words and had an aura like that of an ice sculptor.

“I have a surprise for you” I give him a big grin.

“My sweety, wait for me to take a bath then we will play together”

“N-no! father. Don’t take a bath just yet. Shiwa will help father get dressed!”

I jump up on the bed. What? I’m just a kid so surely my father will not scold me.

Do you want to tell me that I’m not a kid? I’m only two-years-old. I’m at the age to be mischief!

“Shiwa, you gave me a scared. What do you want to play with father?”

“You should close your eyes first. Don’t open them until I tell you”


“Lie down, too!”


My father looks uncomfortable but he still doing what I told him. I give a signal to the maids stood behind the door. She threw a white cloth with red stain to me. Oh! I put the red stain on it myself.

I cover my father with this cloth treating it as a blanket then placed a knife near my father. I look up and saw that my maid give me a signal.

Flick her hands (madam)

Gives me two fingers (at door number two)

Clap her hands (near here)

Fortunately, Sera remember all the signal that I taught her. I give her a thump up to give them a time to prepare themselves and to slowly walk out of this area.

It’s time to raise the curtain of this show.

“Mother!” I close my eye then running straight to my mother as she is walking into the dining room.

“Shiwa, what are you…?” She bends down to me.

‘“sniff…father…he…I don’t believe it…that he will do anything like this.”

“T-Tiare what’s happening!”

“Sob…” I lower my head as I bawling my eyes out.

Mother looks up and saw other maids crying as they walking out. Her face darkens as she running straight to my father room. I follow her closely as my mother see the scene in the room she quickly closes her mouth as to not let any sound come out.

“Tiare…What’s happening?”

Brimming with tears, she’s slowly walking to my father and sitting at the side of the bed.

“Why does it’s to be like this?” She embraces him tightly.

“…” my father lies there motionlessly.

“Tiare, you can’t die like this. I still haven’t told you that I love you yet. You are the one who told me that you wouldn’t die!”

“then how much do you love me?”

“I love you very much…huh”

My mother seems to notice something strange. She lowers her head to look at my father as he’s blinking at her. Her face suddenly changes to red then darken. I guess It’s time to retreat.


“I have locked the door. Everyone runs! ”

I order the maids, who’re helping me with this plan as I also run to safety. I already pave the path for you two please feel free to do anything.

“Shiwa..This brat”

Her scream is loud enough to reach even the dining room. I hide in my room with Sera. When I planed this with Sera last night, other maids who were hearing me also want to help my father make up with my mother. The outcome is this operation.

“Ojou-sama…will madam be mad at us?”

“She should be…but it’s worth it, right?”

“Yes…I hope that they will successfully make up with each other”

“That’s up to my father but did you prepare the food that I told you before?”

“Yes ojou-sama, I have already prepared bread, jam and milk”

Sera take the food out. It’s a good thing that I told Sera to prepare this beforehand because I would be starving in here. I should wait for at least an hour or so before coming out or intervening when something is out of hand.

But I hope that It wouldn’t be that bad.

After hearing the locking sound, Olevia sitting there pointing at the door with red face How can she let her daughter trick her like that and her daughter is only two years old!

“love…Don’t be mad at her. Shiwa is only playing around” Tiare embraces his wife with a smiling face.

“What! Are you also in this plan? I know it. Don’t teach something weird to our daughter!”

“No! I don’t teach her and I also got trick by her to lie down like this. I really don’t know that she would plan something like this but she is really our children”

“No way! She is a carbon copy of you!”


“This…cunning” Olevia hit him in the chest hard but her strength still isn’t enough to make him fazed.

“We haven’t spoken like this for a long time”

“I’m busy”

“I know that you are trying to keep a distance from me”

Olevia keeps her mouth shut. It’s the truth that she is trying to distance herself from him.  She has spent her time mostly at school only coming home at breakfast or dinner to take care of her daughter. She doesn’t really mad at him just that when she sees his face, She would remember that accident.

She knows that he didn’t want to do anything like that. It’s just his instinct.

She should be understanding him.

“love…Are you mad at me? I’m so sorry. You are the only woman that I ever love. You can make me say it how many times it takes.”

“I am not mad at you. I know it’s only an accident”

“then look at my eye when you are speaking to me”


He lifts her chin making her look at his eyes.

“If you aren’t mad at me then can I kiss you?”

“it’s up to you…”

“you are averting your eyes again”

Every action is in his eyes. She can’t deny him.

“I don’t mad at you. It’s just I can’t forget it”

“love…You don’t have to forget it. Everything that I do wrong it’s my fault. I only want one thing”


“Don’t stop loving me and that’s enough. I will not divorce you ever”

“Divorce…but I haven’t even thought of that!”

“But it seems like that to me”


“Will you be cruel enough to abandon your small and lovely daughter and me?”

Tiare gives her a puppy eyes breaking every wall in her heart.

“What are you saying? I will not abandon you, you idiot”

“I didn’t eat anything for months. I’m hungry.”

“Then you should go and get your food! There’re so many outside.”

“If I want to find it outside then I wouldn’t marry you. I only want to eat you”

“but…that time”

“I only blacked out and didn’t absorb her energy. The truth is when I smell that it isn’t your smell…I vomit at her”


“Who will dare to say to others that I vomit at that woman like that?”

“Why don’t you tell me before this?”

“You wouldn’t talk to me…”


She can hardly swallow down the truth. It’s been three years since that accident she can vividly remember that she only saw him with that woman on their bed then hurriedly walk away

And didn’t speak with him again.

“I’m sorry…”

“it’s me who should be sorry not you. Will you forgive me?”


“Love, Don’t you know that I only love you?”

“Stop speaking like that. We are already old.”

“We aren’t that old, love”

His hands tightening around her waist then he uses his strength to push her down to their bed.

“What are you doing? It’s still early!”

“I’m hungry.”

“Wouldn’t you wait a bit!”

“No…We finally understand each other.”

“That’s not a problem! Shiwa is waiting for us. You have to release me.”

“Shiwa has a maid to take care of her. Love, right now you have to please me”


She looks up at the headboard and saw that her hands are being tied to it. The problem is she doesn’t even see him tying her hand at all and why did she forget about his personal taste!

“I haven’t tied you like this for a long time. it still feels exciting as our first.”


He’s extremely into bondage.

“I think we should have a sister for Shiwa”

She can only stare at the man in front of her who seems to be out of his mind at the moment and found herself unable of speaking.

This operation to repair the relationship within this family seems to be overly successful.

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In this chapter we have a father who’s very into bondage so I guess that you can predict what we will have in the future chapter lol

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