Villain heal chapter 12

***Luler’s POV*** ‘He can’t live long…’ I’ve been hearing this sentence all over again since I was a child. I know that both of my parents are trying to hide this from me. Every week, a doctor runs a health check on me. Other kids don’t need a health check that often though. My illness […]

Villain heal chapter 11

Time flies very fast. I’ve got nothing to tell you about what happened in these past 5 years except my mother deliver my little brother. He has brown hair like my father but blue eyes like my mother. Almost everyone says that we don’t bear a resemblance to each other very much but I love […]

Villain heal chapter 10

I feel like a prisoner with a serious crime right now. Even though I didn’t do anything wrong but I can’t face my father right now. Father, I didn’t force him but he begged for it himself! “F-father, this is an accident…” I walk away from the evidence besides me even if it’s too late […]

Villain heal chapter 9

Am I doing it wrong? I only want him to learn many new emotions to stimulate his heart. I didn’t push any weird button in him, right!? Just to be safe, should I pull a brake here? “Shiwa…Do you really want to whip me?” Luler, you don’t have to sound so hopeful like that!!! “Are […]

Villain heal chapter 8

“Why…Don’t vampire have a lifespan of 500 years!?” “Yes, but my doctor told me that I’m different than other vampires” I hope this kid didn’t lie to me. His stare seems serious enough. My instinct as a doctor is tingling right now and I can’t ignore those who need my help. Love or hate isn’t […]

Villain heal chapter 7

Three days later. They still haven’t announced my engagement with prince Luler yet. Thinking back, That event really leave me no choice to choose. Prince Luler also didn’t speak anything at all. I wonder Is he actually understand the word ‘engagement’? After my mother heard this news, she instantly showed an expression of joy on […]