Villain heal chapter 9

Am I doing it wrong?

I only want him to learn many new emotions to stimulate his heart. I didn’t push any weird button in him, right!?

Just to be safe, should I pull a brake here?

“Shiwa…Do you really want to whip me?” Luler, you don’t have to sound so hopeful like that!!!

“Are you really thinking that I want to whip you? Nobody would have the heart to do that. I just want to test something”

I remove my headband from his eyes to tie my hair. Sigh…Let’s hope that he didn’t have any strange habit because of me.

“you really don’t want to whip me?”

“That’s right! Who dare to whip the only prince of this kingdom!?”


What I am doing isn’t that different from threatening him but I have a good intention for him. Hmm…Why does he look a bit happy?

“What about your heart?”

“Umm…It keeps warming up”

If his condition improves then I have nothing to complain even if the process is weird in itself. I noted mentally that what caused him feared is an excitement.

Then…can he be called a ‘masochist’?

No…I hope not!

“Y-your Highness, Do you want to eat sweet?”

I quickly put my formality back in place after throwing it out of the window just a moment ago. He looks sad because of the fact that I talk formally to him again.
What…Does he want me to talk like that again? I can’t do that. I only do that because I lost my temper. If others were to hear me saying something like that to the prince then surely my family will be charged for not respecting royalty!!!

“Shiwa, you don’t have to be so formally with me”

“I can’t do that”

“Then…only when we are alone”




This kid…

They say that Grown-up can’t win again kid really proving to be true. His puppy eyes peer at me like that.

“Ok…but only if we are alone”


“We should go find something to eat maybe you will find some sweets that you like”

“but I only like your blood the most”

“I will let you drink it every other day”

If it isn’t, my body can’t keep up producing blood platelets and it will be all used up!!! Now…he only wants a small amount but when he grows up, I don’t want to imagine how much he’s going to need it.

Ah…but I think I don’t have to worry about that. He will have many girls lined up offering blood to him.

“Can I come here often to see you?”

“That’s up to you. More importantly, you don’t have to sit like that. If someone were to see it, we will be misunderstood”

I glance at his sitting form. He still kneeling down to his knee like that. It’s true that I told him to sit but he doesn’t need to continue sitting like that.
“I can stand up now, right?”

“Yes! You don’t have to do what I ordered you! You are the prince and your future is to be a king. Don’t let anyone else ordered you around like this!”
“but I like it when you order me”

“Then remember it…The only one who can order you is me. People except for your parent can’t order you. Do you understand it?”

“I understand”

“Good! We should stop and get something to eat. I’m starting to feel hungry”
Because I think too much today, my brain seems to want some energy and I feel dizzy too. Oh! I forgot to drink blood today.

“Are you hungry?”

“Umm…I hadn’t drink blood today yet”

“Why not drinking from me?” [TL: implied biting his neck]

“NO! Don’t just offer your blood to anyone, do you understand?”

Even if I’m famished right now, I’m not into drinking from another person. Well, we have a glass, a good one at that. Why would I have to bite other to drink it?



He suddenly walks to stand in front of me. His eyes turn serious. Why did he say “No!” to me earlier? ‘No’ about what? Ahh…why do I have to face something like this!? And to top it off, I’m starving.

“Because I don’t like your order earlier, I will not do as you said”


I want to pull my hair out!

He gets my words back at me! This little evil!!!

“You give me your blood so at least let me do something to repay you”

Luler unbuttons his shirt and that’s making me saw his nape and shoulder. No! you can’t let your hungry consume you and why am I seeing him overlapping with a steak!?

“No…you shouldn’t do something like this”

“You look like you’re suffering. You don’t have to endure it. It’s okay”

“Luler, You look happy. You should look at yourself in the mirror”

“It’s not like that”

Don’t make that face, that embarrassing face! Are you hoping that I’m going to bite you, you idiot!?



I quickly swallow my saliva. A vampire blood tastes like a bitter medicine but…

“O-only this once but I’m going to teach you that it’s not fun”

I push him to make him sit on the floor after and straddling him. I use my fangs to lightly bite at his neck. His blood slowly flows past my tongue.

It doesn’t taste bitter like a medicine.

It tastes like…an alcohol.

It makes me intoxicated.


“It’s hurt, right?” I slowly pull my fangs out and looked down at him due to differences in height.

“It’s not hurt at all and…It feels good”


“Can you bite me again? I want more”

“No way!”

“Didn’t you say that you want to help me?”

“Not like this! There’re other methods, you know”

The instant that I drop my guard, he uses his arm to hug me tightly like a tentacle.

I try to wriggle my way out but Luler doesn’t want to let me out of his grasp and begging for me to bit him again. NO WAY! If someone were to see us like this…


“Why are you so loud, Shiwa?”

And my instinct is right again.

My father opens the door without knocking. Well, nobody would knock at the door to a living room but the timing couldn’t be worse than this…

Why am I always the one with a bad-luck like this!!!?

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Author: It’s like he (Shiwa’s father) puts a radar on his daughter. When there’s trouble, he will always show up at the right time lol

TL: Hi, Thank you for reading.


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