Villain heal chapter 10

I feel like a prisoner with a serious crime right now.

Even though I didn’t do anything wrong but I can’t face my father right now. Father, I didn’t force him but he begged for it himself!

“F-father, this is an accident…” I walk away from the evidence besides me even if it’s too late after then I walk to my father grabbing his shirt tightly.

“I understand, Shiwa. It’s normal for children to lose control because of hungry like this. I must give my apology due to Shiwa’s improper manner, your Highness”
It’s not like that!!

I’m not wrong here!

“It’s not like that…” Luler tries to say something to diffuse the situation but…
Wait for a minute!!

If I go with the flow maybe this engagement can be broken and this is an important bargain to use against my father. I quickly use my hand to cover his mouth preventing him to speak any further!

“Father, I didn’t mean to do it but I can’t control myself”


“Doesn’t this mean Prince Luler isn’t obligated to engage with me anymore because we’re even now? This engagement can be broken off, right?”


Why do you have to squirm so much!? Don’t you see that I’m helping you out right here! A kid your age will not understand the feeling of having to engage because of a politic!

“Shiwa, you don’t want to engage with the prince to this extent?” My father looks at me with distressed eyes. “It’s not good to cover gentleman’s mouth like that”

Even if his face is smiling, I know that he’s teaching me right now.

Normally, he wouldn’t mind what I do but when he wants to admonish me, he can get intimidating.

“I apologize, father” I put my hand back at my side and trying to be quiet.

How could I forget that I’m still a child in his eyes?

And that action earlier is very childish. It’s not like me at all.

“If both of you don’t want to engage, I can speak to the king about it”

“but I don’t want this engagement to be broken off. Why do we have to break off this engagement, Shiwa?”

If you ask me about the reason…

I can make a list of one hundred reasons and shoved it at your face!!!

“Father, Can I talk to him in private? It will not be long”

“if that’s what you want but you shouldn’t bite him again”

“I will not bite him!!!”

“Haha, I’m joking. It’s not that often to see you act like a child. You can give your answer to me when both of you are ready. Ah…I will go back to my darling now”

My father closes the door quietly. Although he likes to act leisurely all the times, I am no match for him at all. Does he know that I’m not like a child because I’m not really a child from the start?

But that can wait…

“Luler, we have to talk”

I instantly turn to the source of my problem but he doesn’t answer back at all and made a pouty face at me.

What’s he pouting about!?

“Listen here Luler, we are too young to be engaged”

“…” This time he’s using both of his hands to cover his ears. W-what? You don’t want to listen to me!?

“Luler! You have to listen to me. This heavily affects our lives in the future”
“Then what is my status when I come to see you? If we aren’t engaged to each other”


“If we aren’t engaged to each other…what reason can I use to see you?”
If the person in front of me isn’t 5 years old kid then I pretty sure he’s flirted with me.

“You can come to see me every day even if we aren’t engaged. Do you like it?”


“Why don’t you understand that…”

“Then…It wouldn’t be special anymore”


“I want…to be special”

Don’t speak using your voice like that…

If not, you will…

“If we aren’t engaged, No”

“Sigh…Okay. I will not break off this engagement”

make me soft-hearted.

Do you think that my 20 years old heart will be hard as a rock or something!? You have to think it again! The older we got the less resistance we have to the children.

Oh well, I’m confident that nothing will happen to me as long as we are close to each other. Luler likely wouldn’t harm those who are close to him.

But they say love makes a person blind.

Even if he falls in love with another girl, I’m ready to call off this engagement right away.

Because of that…

If I leave it like this, It’s going to be okay, right?

our engagement is still going on.

A few weeks after that, Our engagement is officially announcing at the tea party.

I’m still Shiwa Garnet, Prince Luler Fay Miden’s fiancee.

This isn’t a game but we live a real life here. Those officers didn’t read a script from the game to speak their thought and there isn’t any animosity between prince Luler and me.

This innocent-peculiar relationship between us that can’t be called a love yet.

To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can love anyone again.

but Who knows?…


The crystalline blue curtain is drifting apart as a gust of wind flows past. Groups of Lotus are gracefully blooming making a white aura in this ray of moonlight. We can see a group of fish swim elegantly in this translucent water.

In that place, exist a man with long black hair. The color no different from this night sky. His black eyes appear to be as peaceful just like his heart. He’s wearing a comfortable black outfit with a cloth drafted gracelessly over his shoulder.

But It doesn’t matter to him at all for what’s he wearing because his gaze focuses intensely on the mirror in front of him. In the mirror, There’s a picture of a girl with wavy pink hair matched with a red attire.

In the party, her gaze seems to absorb the surrounding in a strange way. Even though she’s only a child but her gaze contains a wisdom that’s only an adult should have.

‘Hades’ sits on a white chair while he takes a look at the mirror. In the afterworld, nobody would disrespect him as he’s the ruler of the this world.

‘click click click’

The owner of this sound is walking toward him. He bears a close resemblance to Hades especially with his black hair and black eyes.

“Why aren’t you sleeping yet, Methyst?”

“Father, I want you to reconsider your decision about the soul again…”

“Methyst, everything is in the hand of fate and nothing can resist that. Do you disagree with me?”


“Why are you silent? Do you disagree with me?”

Methyst stands still, even if his eyes can’t reflect anything but it clearly shows the concern deep in his heart.

“I wouldn’t dare to think like that, father”

“Good, I hope I don’t have to hear about this again. You should go to bed.”


His determination fades away even before he opens his mouth. Sensing there’s nothing he can do about it. He walks away and disappearing into the darkness leaving Hades to sit alone in the ray of moonlight.

“The moon looks beautiful tonight. It would be good if we can see it together, isn’t it?”

He lightly touches the surface of the mirror.

Sometimes, Fate is a wonderful thing

But It’s also a scary thing beyond one’s imagination.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! So… I get the feeling that there is lot more happening here than meets the eye… oh, and one small grammar issue: “a wavy pink hair” is basically saying she is bald except for one wavy pink strand of hair. Hair is an uncountable noun, so no “a” unless there is only one strand, as in “Oops, there’s a hair on your sleeve.” Thanks!

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