Villain heal chapter 11

Time flies very fast.

I’ve got nothing to tell you about what happened in these past 5 years except my mother deliver my little brother. He has brown hair like my father but blue eyes like my mother. Almost everyone says that we don’t bear a resemblance to each other very much but I love him since I was an only child in the past. Having sibling is a new concept to me.

Right now, I’m very busy studying to become a doctor. I begged my mother to send a professor to teach me at home. She also sent me to study at the medical school too. The school considers me as someone with high potential so they sent me a gown, a symbol for an intern, they say It’s an honor for them.

Well, I also have a lot to do in these past few days. Finally, It’s time to enter the elementary school. Tomorrow is the first day of my term.

This world has a different system, unlike my old world. We will enter elementary school at the age of 10 and study for 3 years to enter middle school. The rest is the same.

More importantly, this boarding school is an only school in this demon world. Due to demon’s population is one-quarter of human and god’s population is only half of demon so both demon and god study at this school.

When will we see the heroine?

If I remember correctly, we should see her in the first year of high school when she’s 16 years old. Only that grade opens a spot for 3-5 humans to make demon more familiar with human.

This world is in the post-war period, the war between the demon, human, and god. These three races can’t win against each other hence they try to live in harmony instead. Although, this path towards peace isn’t perfect. Wherever we are, the peace never comes along without any bloodshed.

No one wants to be on a disadvantageous side.

The hatred left behind because of the war will never go away but rather hid it for the sake of the people. Well, they don’t have any power left to wage a war anyway.

The war lasts far more than generations and their antagonism carried on even after the war ends. That’s why the older from each race passed a law between the races to prevent any inequality.

Even in my old world, full of humans, we still have racism let alone this fantasy world that has many species like this. Many demons still seeing a human as a prey to be hunted. Even now, I can see news about demon attacking human but there’s not a lot of them.

Anyway, I don’t have a problem with that law because I’m a vegetarian.

Can a vampire be a vegetarian? We can. But unlike human, we called those who wouldn’t drink human’s blood a vegetarian.

Normally, I only drink pig’s blood or goat’s blood or…

Vampire’s blood.

I don’t have to tell you whose blood is that, right?

“Shiwa, don’t you want to drink more? You only drink a little today”

Luler lies on his side beside me. Lately, he comes up with an idea that my house is also his house. He becomes a touchy person too, he likes to touch me more than necessary. If we are alone then I wouldn’t mind that much because we are a childhood friend.

“I’m not that hungry. The school wants us to move into their dome tomorrow, right?”

“I’ve already finished preparing so I’ve come to see you”

“but I’m not finished yet”

“I will help”

“No! This’s only for girl, boy can’t touch it”

You are really insensitive as if I will let a boy touched my necessity.

That instant that I finish talking, he gets up immediately and glares at me.

What is he thinking this time?


“Do you have something in the bag that I can’t see?”

“Yes, I have” It’s the truth, I absolutely can’t let you see it.

“but I want to see it”

“I can’t let you see it. Why do want to know what inside this bag so much?”
I understand that it’s normal for a child to be curious about opposite sex but It’s a big fat ‘NO’ this time. I wonder if I spoil him too much in the past.

“Aren’t we engaged? That’s why we shouldn’t hide anything from each other”

“Where did that idea come from!? If you want to see it that much, HERE! There’s nothing in there” because I hadn’t packed my clothes yet. It’s only an empty bag.

I drop my bag on the bed for him to see. He opens it with interest. It’s only a black leather bag. My maid prepared other things except for clothes that I will pack it myself.

“Why is it empty?”

“because I hadn’t packed yet Oh! Do you want to eat some fruit? My father brings it from god realm yesterday. They’re very delicious Do you want it?”


“Wait for me here, I will bring it. Don’t touch my thing!”

I recall that my father bringing some fruit yesterday. There’s still a lot of them in the kitchen even when everyone already eats it. If I leave it, It will rot. I know that you eat a lot, Luler. Use your black-hole stomach to suck all of them in!

When I reach a kitchen, I order some maid to prepare the fruit for the prince. She seems to panic a little and told me that when she finishes preparing, she will bring it up to my room but I volunteer to bring it up myself.

This fruit is called ‘Blue drop’. It’s blue-skinned with white flesh, as the name implies. This time of the year is their season. They are peeled to look just like a perfectly shaped bunny. When I hold the plate, It seems too heavy for me.

Due to my pride, I reject everyone’s offer to help me and slowly walk back to my room.


“The fruit is here and we also have a tea…”

I open the door with one hand and hold the plate in other. I almost have a heart attack when I saw the scene in front of me. The boy who should quietly lie on my bed, he should be doing that but I see that boy sits up and neatly folding my clothes. Even my underwear are there in the heap of folding clothes.

In his hand, that’s a….my red flower pattern panty.

“W-what are you doing!?”

My blood rushes to my face due to embarrassment. Even if he’s only 10 years old but he’s still a boy!! Who teaches you to pick up girl’s underwear with that expressionless face like that!!!

“I want to help you packed”

“but I told you that I will do it myself”


“There’s no ‘but’. Put that thing in your hand down!!! And get down from my bed!”

Luler startles and drops my panty down on the bed. He instantly jumps out of my bed.

“During the time that I went to the kitchen, do you rummage my wardrobe as you pleased? Do you already know or pretend to not know that…you mustn’t touch this thing! Do you understand!!?”

“Your thing is also my thing too…”

“It’s not!! And not this one. Take this and eat it outside until you repent!”

I shove the plate at him and slams the door right before his face. I told him right from the start that he mustn’t touch anything. I don’t know that he’s really serious about packing my bag.

Why am I angry like this? I have to be angry!!! Because he’s at the age where he should already know what is and what’s not appropriate. Boy and girl have different body physical. If he’s naive about this gender difference, it will be dangerous in the future.

I inhale a big gulp of air to cool my anger down. I should pack the clothes that he’s finished folding then called him back inside.

Outside of the room, Luler grimly sits down and eats the fruit in the plate.

Is she still angry at me?

He knows that if he’d done something like that Shiwa will get angry but…

Shiwa’s face, when she is angry, is…very cute.

He feels happy when Shiwa angry with him instead.

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Author: Is he a ‘Maso’? Yep, he’s a masochist. I really want to write Luler’s POV in the next chapter.

TL: Hi, thank you for reading.


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