Villain heal chapter 12

***Luler’s POV***

‘He can’t live long…’

I’ve been hearing this sentence all over again since I was a child. I know that both of my parents are trying to hide this from me. Every week, a doctor runs a health check on me.

Other kids don’t need a health check that often though.

My illness is uncurable because the doctor said my heart is abnormal.

Inside me is just like a hollow place making me unable to feel my emotion.

I can’t even feel my own heartbeat.

“Luler, we have a tea party today. You have to welcome the guest too”

“Yes, mother”

She comes to check on me in the morning. I don’t really like to attend a party because all these people are making me suffocatedfor most of the time. When I’m out of their sight, I instantly hide in the garden.

I will wait for the party to end here.

I use this method every time when I have to attend a party. I will get back there looking innocently when the party ends. I inhale some fresh air and unconsciously close my eye.

Until I felt something press around my chest. I think you are disturbing my alone time here.

I unhurriedly open my eyes to see this person. Vibrant wavy pink hair, red eye with a pinkish tint and her rosy cheeks look really good on her white skin. She’s breathing very hard right now. Her face and ears are flushed.

Is she a doll?

No, she can move so it must be some demon but why is she straddling me like this?

What is she going to do to me?

“You are awake, I’m really glad!!!”


I immediately heard my own heartbeat. Why is she happy that I wake up? Her face seems like she wants to cry but when I see her flushed face…

The hungriness suddenly boiling inside me as my heart is heavily beating. Who is she?

I quickly get her name.

Her name is Shiwa. She is also a guest for this party.

The feeling of wanting to bite her overwhelm me. I know that I would overstep her boundaries but when I realize it, I already bite at her neck. Her blood tastes delicious like a bitter-sweet chocolate that I ate yesterday.

Her body feels good too. I really like it.

It’s the first time for me to have a feeling like this. This feeling is very strange. Shiwa doesn’t like it and she gets angry at me. When she wants to go back, I stop her because I want her to stay a little longer than this.

The moment after that, both my parent and Shiwa’s father come to see us together. We are to be engaged to each other but what is ‘engagement’? when I ask my mother, she answers that…

“If you’re engaged to Shiwa then you can see each other all the time”

If it’s like that, I’m okay with it. I talk to my mother that I want to engage with her but a sad smile crosses her face.

Maybe the reason is my short-life.

Three days pass by, it wouldn’t be weird if I want to see her, right? we are engaged after all.

“Good morning, your Highness”

Today she isn’t like that girl that wants to grope at all. I know that a manner is important but I don’t like it. I feel more at ease when she yells at me.

Duke Olevia, who is heavily pregnant, bid me a goodbye and go back to her rest. That leaves two of us together in this room. My bite mark already fades away. I feel hungry again after I looked at her white neck so…I bite her. I really can’t control myself when we are alone together.

She gets angrier than the last time but how can I apologize to her?

If she gets angrier more than this, can we stay together like this again? so I tell her about my illness. It’s an extremely effective thing to do because she gets quiet all of a sudden, then with her sparkling eyes, she tells me…

“I will help you!!! Please believe me, you will surely have a normal life”


When I see her eyes, burning with determination, I believe that it’s going to be alright.

Shiwa tries to ask many questions after that. I’m happy that she cares about me but I feel bad for not having any answers to her question. I don’t have anything that I like other than Shiwa’s blood and I also don’t fear anything too.

Suddenly Shiwa says she wants to teach me about a basic fear. What is that? Do fear have a degree too?

I was blindfold and sit down on the floor. I don’t feel any fear at all because I can smell her fragrance from this blinding cloth.



What is that noise?
“How is that? Do you feel fear right now?”

“I feel…”

It’s scary but…

‘thump thump thump’

My heart is beating so fast. Her voice makes my body warmed up. Does she intent on beating me? If it’s Shiwa then I will gladly let her do anything that she wants.

Does she want to be violent at me?

‘thump thump’

“I begin…to feel excited”


I know I must be weird right now

but It’s feel good for it to be that way.

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Author: The beginning of an ‘M’!!! Right now he’s still a child, he will be innocent and adorable but I’m not too sure about that in the future lol maybe he will get a premium upgrade (at least upgrading his ‘M’ trait) my viewer rate rising up so much. I really thank you every reader out there.

TL: I think I’ve to brace myself for those ‘M’ scene in the future *shudder*. Thank you for reading.

PS: My exam coming right up so I think I can’t release much in the coming weeks. It should take at least one month (I can feel the joy right here… (´;ω;`) ).


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