Villain heal chapter 14

“What are you doing, Shiwa” Luler ask between his panting.

We came back from the cafeteria to my room. Even though there’s no one there, It would be good to do it in a place that’s out of everyone’s sight.

I don’t know how to make of it between feeling dangerous or safe from the binding skill my father taught me. Well, the reason is that when I’m tying Luler to the chair, he looked pleased with what I’m doing. How did I forget how he is like that? Oh! He looks normal in this past days.

“Don’t you know that I want to bite you when you are sitting still?”

“Um…I will not move”

How can you move when you are tying to the chair?

“You should be more scared when someone does this to you because It is very dangerous. Do you understand?”

“You aren’t dangerous”

“I only assume that if it isn’t me doing this”

His position as a prince making him facing a dangerous situation. His idle personality is making me worried.

His inappropriate conducting manner to the outside world also worried me greatly.

Seem like It’s up to me to bend his habit!

“Close your eyes”

As he closes his eyes, I pull my ribbon from my hair to tie around his eye. I feel like I already use this method but unsuccessful so far. I hope he will get scared just like a normal person one day.

A person who is tied down to a chair and a red ribbon covered his eyes.
If someone sees it, they will likely misunderstand this situation.


“How about it? Are you feeling scared yet?”

He shakes his head as an answer. The first time and the second time both give me the same result. Should I stop this?

“I’m hungry”

“You should try drinking prepared-blood”

“Yours is better”

“I know”

I can’t stand it either If you want to drink my blood every other day like this!

I can only sigh and bear with it. We drink each other blood like this since we are five years old. It seems nothing can change that habit now right?

but…What if we bite from another place that isn’t our neck?

I have this weird thought all of a sudden. We have blood running everywhere in our body so it should work even if he bites from another place.

I use my finger to trace his lower lip and touching it. His lip feels soft just like a girl. He pauses for a moment then biting the tip of my finger. My blood slowly trails down and met with his tongue. I feel conscious of it more than when he bites my neck.

“It’s not enough, Shiwa”

“You should beg me more than that”

“I want more…Please”

His cheeks have a shade of red on them. I can feel his heart rate going ‘ba thump’ in rhythm from here

or is that from my heart instead?

“If you want it so much why not get out from that rope and get it from me?” I sit with my leg crossed on my bed. Vampires are powerful than human but I don’t know if he’s strong enough to rip that rope.

It seems excited, isn’t it?

“Will you really let me do it? your rope will rip”

“Then don’t let it rip. If you can get free from it, I will let you bite anywhere you want”

You really feel confident of yourself huh!

He bends down his head and at that moment his body becomes a bat-shaped shadow then disappeared leaving only the rope and red ribbon. Suddenly His body appears and kneels down before me!

Didn’t you say you can’t do it when you are tired!?



I gasp when I felt he lift my leg a little and sink his fang down on my lower thigh. It not that hurt but he got me by surprise. I used to the pain already it’s not that different from getting a shot.

I pull the rim of my skirt down to cover my exposed area. It’s a good thing my skirt is long enough. Red eyes stare at me just like a wolf staring at his prey. My body freeze under the pressure of his stare. That’s right…He is the prince of Vampires and the most powerful bloodline too. His instinct to hunt…

“How about that? Is the taste to your liking, your Highness?” My voice dips with sarcasm.

“Soft…and delicious”

I really can’t underestimate him.

We stay like that until he pulls out his fangs from my thigh. I instantly roll down from my bed to my wardrobe to pick some cloth up and use it to tie around the bite mark. The bite mark will heal but no need to let the blood stain the floor.

“Shiwa, I’m ready” He says as he unfastens his shirt button.

“I don’t feel hungry anymore”

I got biting all over like this and you expected to be in a mood to bite you! I don’t think he dares to do thing like this and my thigh is starting to hurt like hell! No matter what, he’s really a demon!?

“but you will feel hungry” he insists to give his blood to me.

“I don’t have a problem with that. If I want it, I will call you again later”


“W-why do you look unhappy?”

His face definitely has a word ‘displeased’ written on. I’m friended with him since I was five that’s mean I can easily see through him.

“Shiwa, that ribbon…who gave you that ribbon?”


“There’s other smell apart from you too”

He is talking about my ribbon, right?

It’s not strange because Shio bought that ribbon for me from the town when he’s only five years old. It’s very valuable to me.

“Shio bought it for me”


“That’s right. Do you have a problem if it’s other who gave me this?”

“N-no. It’s just…”

He seems to hesitate about something before picking a small black paper bag from his shirt.

“What is that?”

“I think I should give you a gift before the term starts”

I receive them and open it.

It’s a red ribbon with a black strip and a bit of black lace at the end just enough to look cute.

This…It seems like I just received a surprise gift from a ten years old kid.

I blush a little.

“but I don’t have anything to give you” I tell him the truth.

“I already received it. You don’t have to give anything to me”

So…biting me is counted as your gift? that means I give you a gift every other day for this past five years!

“Do you want me to tie it for you?” He holds his hand out to reach for the ribbon.

Well, he is technically the owner of this ribbon so I sit in front of my dresser and let him tie my hair into a ponytail. I look myself in the mirror seeing this big ribbon really matches well with my pink hair.

“It really matches”

“T-thank you for your gift”

“Are you happy?”

“A little bit”

I roll my eyes at myself. Why do I have to be stubborn about this? I only have to tell him that I’m happy with his gift.

“Your hair is really soft” He ignores my answer and brings his face to nuzzle my hair.

My hair will mess up because of you!

B-but I will let you do it…only this day…

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Author: Spotted one tsundere right here!

Why not tell him the truth If you like it~~~

Ho! our little Luler level up so fast~~ auntie here will faint if you keep acting like this.

TL: Thank you for reading~~~


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