Villain heal chapter 16

Right now…I’m facing a problem.

My peace is being disturbed…

“I finally found you!!! You have to apologize for insulting me!”


I’m being pestered by my colleague as a villainess.

The matter in the bath greatly displeasing her so she follows me everywhere nagging for my apology.

so what!?

I also have a pride!

We still didn’t settle the time when you called me a bathroom ghost! There’s no way I will apology to you.


I avoid her for this reason. Thinking she will stop eventually when she is tired enough but I underestimate her energy a little bit since she has been going at it like this for two days. With her holding on to the past and resentment personality is what made her perfect for this villainess role.

“Don’t ignore me!”

Ah…I’m having a headache again.

“What is it?”

My time eating breakfast at the cafeteria is disrupted by her shouting again. It’s a good thing that most of us, demons, waking up late in the morning as I don’t want her to cause a commotion.

“You have to kneel down and apologized to me!”

“What if I don’t want to?”

“What!? You don’t know that I am…”

“You are the princess of fox’s kingdom. You say this more than three times a day. I think everyone in this dorm knows this already”

I look at her with a blank stare. Surely you don’t want to know how much I suffer during this two days…

“I-will-not-apologized-to-you” I stressed each word to let her understanding my meaning better. I’m hoping that It will penetrate her thick-skull.

“You are…!!!”

“We are at school here so everyone is equal to each other. Such a thing like a rank or status will not matter here and…”


“This isn’t your clan so I hope you know what I want to say”

“That is…” Her bright eyes look at me filling with curiosity.

“Even if you make me give in, what do you gain in the end?”

“That right! I don’t know either but you have to apologize to me!”

So…I’m getting a headache for a person who didn’t even know her purpose from what she is doing.

You are really an airhead person.


“I really worry about your clan in the future”

I slowly breathe out and pick my dish to a washing station. I only eat half of it but she made me lost all of my appetites.

“W-wait! You are escaping from me again!!”

“I’m tired of arguing with you. See you later and don’t follow me this time”

“Ha!! Who would follow a person like you!”


I wave then turn around going straight to my room. Ah…She follows me again. Why is she following me again? There’s not a glass or tree here so even if you walk on your tiptoe, I will know instantly that you follow me.


Suddenly the door to my side open and I recognize it as Luler’s room. He comes out looking sleepily.

“Why don’t you wash your face, Luler?”

“I’m hungry, Shiwa”



He pulls my arm making me stumble inside his room. The door slam shut making a loud noise.

“Can I bite you?”

“No! Go wash your face and brush your teeth first! If not then don’t expect me to let you bite”

I use my hand to block his head from my neck. Somehow I can see a glimpse of how terrified of a vampire he will be in the future.

At least he is an obedient boy not putting a fight and do just as I say. I sit on his bed waiting for him. Hm…his room is very neat and clean more than I think. He even organizes his wardrobe in color-coding.

For a boy…He is too neat.

“I’m finished, Shiwa”

He comes out of his bathroom wearing a black T-shirt with black trousers. When you are a captive character, do you have to be this good-looking since childhood?

His fangs slowly bite at my neck. I try to suppress my voice from the pain. They are fading as time past because I’m already used to it.

“Your blood is very delicious”

“If you are satisfied then pull your fangs out already…”



I quickly use my handkerchief to absorb the blood at my neck.
“I think…I want you to have this”

He takes something out of his nightstand. It’s a…Key? for what?

“What is that?”

“my spare key” He puts the key in my hand.

“What? Why do you give it to me?”

“You can come to my room anytime”

“Y-you idiot! Do you know the meaning of this?”

“The meaning?”

He stares at me innocently. I consider telling him the hidden meaning of his act but change my mind about it. He’s only ten years old, TEN YEARS OLD! He shouldn’t know the hidden meaning behind it.

I should calm down…

“Then I will keep it just in case you forget your key one day”


“What is it this time?”

His arm collides at my shoulder bringing me down to his bed together with him.


“Let’s sleep. I’m still feeling sleepy”

Then he closes his eyes…off to the dream world.

I didn’t utter even one word that I will sleep with you here!!!



When I turn to face his sleeping face…I just notice we are really close to
each other. Why do I feel embarrassed when he is only ten years old! How nonsense of me!!

It’s only sleeping together. I can do this easily.

I’m shutting my eyes closed not wanting to look at anything else.

‘Bathump Bathump Bathump’ [TL: They’re beating faster here]

Because of this silent atmosphere, I don’t know whose heartbeat is it?

Is it mine or Luler?

The next morning is the start of my term. I can’t get to sleep last night so I look worn out just a little. Luler and I go to eat breakfast together then headed to notice board. They announce each of our classroom there. Noticing how badly I looked, he’s holding my hand all the way there.

Ha! This’s piece of cake for me!

I had already passed many exams before this when compared to that, this’s only a breeze!

It’s a pity that we’re in a different classroom. In the first term, we’re randomly put in a five different classroom. Each room has twenty-five students. I’m in class three and Luler in class one.

“Behave yourself, Luler” I warn him before I take a step into my classroom. Well…Due to his personality, it would be good if it doesn’t bring any problem.

“Shiwa…Lunch break”

“I know. I will wait for you in front of my classroom”

I feel like a big sister who comes to send her little brother to school for the first time…

I choose a seat near a window. I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable here because of a wind flow through here.


“You again!!!”

A small hand slams down at my desk that moment when my butt touches the chair. Are you serious!? Does trouble come looking for me again? I look up to see this person who-you-should-already-know with a dead-pan face.

I look at a girl with a vibrant red hair and a pair of white fox ear

“What is it again?”

“G-go outside with me! right now!”

“What if I don’t want to?

“Right now!”


Kyaaaaaaa! You can’t drag me out like this!! Release me now!!!

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