Villain heal chapter 19


I wake up to welcome this lovely day…or not.

I had to listen to Akane story as she keeps getting off the track before she gets to the main part last night. It’s not until 3 AM that I can finally sleep.
It’s a good thing our school starts teaching at 10 AM because demons don’t want to wake up early.
I have to get myself out of my bed at 8 AM because I heard Luler knocking at my door. I open the door and see him standing there wearing a comfortable outfit.

“Are you hungry again?” I drowsily ask him.

“No…I’m just thinking that you must be hungry.”


“You hadn’t drink blood for some time.”

It’s been three days since I drank blood. Unlike him, I can go by one week without any blood with easy because of my succubus blood. My body doesn’t need a lot of blood to function just like Luler. I can eat other things to substitute them.

“Can I come in?”


Luler look around searching for something.

“There’s other smell…” Your nose is quite sensitive.

“I have a friend come over last night”

“Her name is Akane, right?”


“Is she Teo’s fiancee?”

“That’s right.”

“Then that’s okay.”

He murmurs to himself and turns around to face me. Hm…From the looks of his eyes…Don’t tell me he wants…

“Shiwa, drink my blood” Luler says as he unbuttons his shirt.

“Stop! I will do that after I take a bath.”

I raise my hand up to block him. I don’t want to eat anything dirty. Aside from his clean body, my body must be clean too!

“I understand. I will wait for you here.”

“Behave yourself while I take a bath.”


That’s not convincing me at all but I should…


I’m using my binding skill to tie him to my headboard. I’m not a pervert or anything but It’s my right to prevent him from touching my things. Every time he is in here, his mischieve side always comes out.

“Shiwa” He’s breathing hard when I tie his wrist to my headboard.

“Stay like this until I’m finished.”


He answers with his flush face. He looks so happy so I don’t have to worry, right? I quickly grab my change of cloth and runs to the bathroom. I don’t know when my bad luck will show up again that means I have to be quick about this. I have to clear every evidence before anyone found it.[TL: I think she means someone always found them in a*cough*compromising*cough*position.]

This world doesn’t have any rule to prohibit anyone from doing something wrong. If you aren’t caught red-handed then people can’t condemn you.

It’s a way of this world.

I’m finished bathing and change my cloth in ten minutes. He is still in the same position that I left him with. He should come out of my binding with easy just like that time.

Ah…He likes something like this.

“Shiwa…” His face is still flushing.

“I’m sorry. Am I late?”

“No…come bite me, Shiwa”

“Do you speak like that when you want to beg other for something? You aren’t cute at all.”

I walk to the bed. I’m not wearing my school uniform because I don’t want his blood to stain it. His body trembles after hearing me saying that previous sentence. Even my heart is beating rapidly in my chest just from seeing him in this weakened state.

“Shiwa, please…bite me”

“Ah…That’s better.”

I straddle him and slowly sink my fang down. His blood tastes like a brandy, bitter and slightly intoxicated. They flow passed through my throat. Maybe I drink a prepared-blood a lot lately that I completely forget this taste. I know that I shouldn’t drink too much but the taste is really superior to that of a prepared-blood.

I have to stop…NOW.

“I’m full”

“but you only drink a little.”

“Do you want me to drink you dried? I already said that I’m full.”

“If you want that…”

“No way!”

I untie his binding and stand up from my bed. Luler touches his wrist seeing the red strip caused by my binding faded away. Vampires have a very good restoration skill as their physical properties.

Any cut or bruise can be healed right away

and that includes a bite mark.

“You should go prepared for the class. I don’t want to be late.” I also have to change my cloth and eat breakfast downstairs. Even if we have blood as our main food but we ought to have other nutrition too. Being a vampire is never an easy thing.

“Um…We should go together.”

“We have to eat breakfast before that. You should hurry up.”

“Um…We have to go together.”

“I know that.”

I send him out of my room before I change into my school uniform. We hold hand all the way there to the cafeteria.

He likes to hold my hand like this lately. Why did he do this anyway? Is this skinship normal for a child?

I don’t know either because I grow up unlike normal children my ages.
I can hear Akane’s voice that instant when we finally find an empty table to sit. She tilts her head a little and looks at us with suspicion.

“Why can I smell blood from you two?”


Did I underestimate her fox’s nose too much!? She knows right away at this distance!

Oh no…

Does she know?

“Hoho! I know. You two spilled your glass of blood on each other, right!? You two are so clumsy like a child!”


It’s a good thing, she is an air-headed.

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Author: Shiwa, you’re really a natural…’S’ so much that you don’t even know yourself…

TL: Thank you for reading~ I have to agree with author here. Her excuse about bending his habit doesn’t really cut it. I think she’s too much fun from this.


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  1. Luler’s natural inclinations, it’s apparent that he’s just wired that way. Shiwa… I think she’s developing more and more of a taste for it.


  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    To be fair if I was akane I’d probably assume they was clumsy too. Vampires sucking another vampire’s blood just goes against common sense 😡

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