Villain heal chapter 20

I hadn’t seen Teo at all during breakfast. When I saw him again, he’s standing in front of his classroom waiting for Luler.

His eyes never leave Akane’s face. How can a child make a scary face like that all the time?

“I will wait for you, Shiwa.”

“Ah…Let’s go, Akane.” I nudge her to snap her out of her thought. She is petrified at the moment.

“Y-yes. See you later, Luler.”

“See you later.”

He replies back to her then walks back to his classroom. When She waves at Luler, Teo’s face changes a little. He frowns and follows Luler in.

“Is it okay for me to act like this with Luler? Isn’t he your fiance?” She asks me when we are sitting in our classroom.

“Don’t worry. I just want to observe something.”

“You always like to make thing complicated!”

“Our life is always complicated. If it’s easy then It’s not fun”

She makes a face like she doesn’t understand half of what I said then goes back to her seat before our teacher comes in. I clear my mind of any thought and focus only on studying.

I have a class until noon. I don’t want to have a problem with Luler this time that’s why I’m the first one who comes out of the classroom. How weird…He isn’t here yet today.

Maybe his teacher is still teaching.

You can call it a child’s curiosity…but I’m not really a child anymore, right? I’m not sure how should I call my self anymore. Am I an adult or just a child? I should go check on Luler first before I’m contemplating too much on this. His teacher isn’t in the room but Why are there a lot of people inside the classroom?

There’re a lot of girls too…

“Luler-sama, Don’t you want to eat lunch with me?”

“We decided to eat lunch together. Do you want to come with us, Teo-sama?”

“Aren’t you asking too much? Luler-sama is coming with us!”

“You are also asking too much!”

and so the war went on causing commotion inside the classroom. Luler looks bored out of his mind but Teo is talking to a group of girl amiably.

“Why is it only me?” She averts her eyes.

Her feeling for Teo is very pure. She is only doing her duty as a princess and not knowing the reason why Teo hates her. He always pushes her away but acting normal around other girls.


They are both difficult.


“Sorry to disturb you, girls”

I knock at the opened door and show my trademark smile. All the girl turn around to look at me.

“S-shiwa-sama” They look at me with a terrified expression. It should be expected. My rank is higher than their, both inside and outside of this school. They should act courteously toward me.

“I’m afraid that prince Luler can’t eat lunch with you because he already promised to have a lunch with me.”

“I-is it like that, Shiwa-sama?”

One of the girls stutters out with a paled face. Is it weird for me to eat a lunch with Luler? I’m not an open-minded person who would share my fiance with all of you! You are the one who wants to interfere with our plan.

“but…prince Teo still doesn’t have a person to share a lunch with. I hope prince Teo will take care of everyone here.”

“What!? When did I tell you that!?”

“Let’s go, Luler”


I take Luler out and leave Teo with that group of girls. He’s a gentleman so he will not leave them alone, right?

“What are you doing, Shiwa? If you left Teo like that…”

“That’s why I left him like that…Didn’t you see him acting normal around other girls but ignoring you? Do you still want to get close to him?”

I stop at an empty hallway. Luler walks out and trying to look around just in case there are people passed by. She stiffens after hearing what I said.
I hit the nail…and a critical one too.

“I want to get close to him…” She deliberately evades my eye and her ears are flat down.

“Akane, It’s not like we can be friend with everyone. You can’t make a someone who hates you loved you back. It’s not worth it.”


“Why don’t you give up from Teo? even if you don’t marry him, the war isn’t going to happen.”

“You know…!?” She widens her eyes when she hears the word ‘war’.

“Yes, I read about it. The war that lasts for 100 years and your agreement with Teo. You don’t have to marry him because of that reason. Don’t you feel sad when you are going to marry a person who hated you and you don’t even love him.”

“Um…” She bites her lip and fists her skirt.

I don’t have enough time to find the information so I piece this and that together from a library and newspaper.

The fox kingdom and the wolf kingdom had been in a disagreement for a long time both in a matter about their territory and their species. They want to use a marriage between a prince and a princess from each kingdom to unite their land together and ending this without any bloodshed. It’s very effective method no matter in a short-term or a long-term.

but…They are too young to understand the real meaning of an marriage. I don’t think these two can stay together. I think they will more likely to cause a war to happen a lot more than this.

“I have to do this for my people”

“Those people must be sad to be the cause for your marriage, The marriage without love”

“What should I do?”

“You don’t have to worry about that. I will help you but you have to quickly give up on him. You can’t stay near him other than necessary, do you understand? Maybe that side will call off this engagement and you will come out of it without any damage.”

“Is it going to be like that?”

“Believe in me.”

“Um…I will not concern myself with him again.”

She still has a troubled expression. To give it all up like that, It’s a difficult thing for a child to do. This advice is an only thing that I can give it to her. She wouldn’t know what is going to happen in the future. But…

I know!

and to cut that risk off. This is the best method for her.

Um…If it’s going to end like this,

It would be boring…

Today, she is doing everything just as I said. She avoids his eyes just like a plague. I invite Luler to my room as I have something to do tonight.

“Shiwa, What is it?”

Luler opens the door and comes inside my room. He’s wearing a black pajama with a white shawl. He must have come out of a shower because I can smell a light fragrant from his shampoo. I’m also wearing a purple pajama myself.

“I just remember that I have to give you something.”

“What is that?”

I open my bedside cabinet and grab this thing out. This thing is small and glittering in the light.

“It’s a key to my room. I guess you want to keep it”

“I want to keep it…”

This little cat slowly walks up to me. When he wants to reach for my key, I pull my hand out of his reach.


“I will give it to you but you have to do something for me first.”

“What is it?”

“You have to promise me that you will do it.”


He hesitates a little sensing something isn’t right. Hmm…This isn’t enough to persuade him. Then what about this…

I sit down on my bed and unbutton my cloth showing my nape and shoulder to him. For a vampire, he should know the meaning of this.

It’s super effective because his eyes widen!

“It’s not that hard to do and If you promise to do it, I can give both of this to you.”

“Shiwa, I will…do anything for you”

He replies with easy and sits down on my bed letting his mouth kissing my shoulder.

To make other do a favor for us, it can only come from a power or exchange. I like to be in control of everything but If it’s like that then It would be boring.

I can’t wait to see a result of my investment to bear fruit.

“You want to do something to Teo?” He whispers next to my ear before he finds a place to sink his fangs down.

“That’s right. I just want to…”

“Um…I know that you are kind but…I don’t want…”

“What? I can’t hear you. Ah! Don’t bite my shoulder!”

“Is an arm okay?”


His fangs sink down at my arm instead. I’m starting to regret giving my key to him. I tell him my rule of this room to prevent him from touching my things especially my wardrobe.

I can only hope he will do just as I said far more than only nodding like this.

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