Villain heal chapter 22


“Are you sure this is where they are?”


I tiptoe pass some bushes as quietly as possible. Right now, I’m in the garden and I don’t think anyone would be here during this time. Demons don’t like their skin burnt by a sunlight and they like night time more than the morning. It’s a little weird that this school opens in the morning rather than at night but this can be easily answered. It’s more dangerous for a young demon who have to study during the night because older demons are much stronger at night than in the morning. This school also has many important people who are a target for assassination. That’s why the school opens in the morning.

Finally, I get a glimpse of a fox tail shining in the sunlight. She is being shoved to a tree and Teo’s arms blocking her way out. I signal to Luler to be quiet and tiptoe to where they are.

“Prince Teo, I think your behavior is totally uncalled for.” She avoids looking into his eyes.

“You dare speaking back at me now? Aren’t they an incubus? Are you that desperate to the point that you have to give yourself to them?”

“What are you talking about!? They are Shiwa’s cousin! Stop talking like that!”
“What? Where is she then?”

“S-she is meeting with the headmistress.”

“She dumps you already. Nobody would meet with the headmistress at this hour.”

“Don’t accuse her like that!! You are a rude person! Savage!”

Oh!… That’s like a punch to his face.

I almost let myself fall to the ground. It’s a good thing Luler stops my fall before that happened. Villainess industry must have something wrong with them. How can they let a villainess like this appear in this game?

Akane’s ears are shaking with her anger. There’s no trace of any politeness left in her. She grits her teeth and glare at him fixedly.

“What? Do you think that you can do anything to me? Shaking your ears aren’t going to help you, you know.”


“Ah! W-what? Don’t touch my ears! You pervert!”

Teo touches her fox ears. They are big and soft but rather sensitive to the touch. Well, I use a dog ears as a comparison but the principle should be the same. I can see her glittering eyes and a blushing face.

“Soft…” Teo murmurs something and squeezes her big ears.

“Ah! Stop! leave them alone! You are rude! I want to call off this engagement! Enough…I don’t want this anymore!” Akane struggle from his hold. Her face becomes redder than before.

What should I do? Should I go and help her? It must look suspicious as to what I am doing right here. Luler also here with me. Will that look weird?

“What? Who do you think you are talking about?” He smirks sadistically. Why do you make that face, Teo? Are you feeling happy right now from bullying Akane?

“You can’t touch my tail!! Pervert! You already know that It’s inappropriate!”

This time, his hand slide down and squeeze her fluffy tail. They’ve said that a tail is a forbidden part of a dog. Most of their nerves gather there making them sensitive to the touch and also arousing sexual desire.

“What? I have every right in your body so why can’t I do this?”

“I will call this engagement off!”

“Try it.”

“Ah! Leave me alone already! Get your hand off my tail! Stop bullying me! *Sob*”

Her tear is failing down brushing her cheek. Her ears flat down against her head in fear of the person in front of her. She may look strong on the outside but there’s no girl out there who wants to be bullied like this.

A vile person like you dares to make a girl crying and looking happy with what you are doing too!

Let me punch you for a good one or two!!!

“Why are you crying? Stop crying…If not, I will bully you again.”

*sob* It can’t stop! *sob*

He uses the tip of his tongue to lick at her tear-filling eyes. Akane stiff from what he’s doing.

“Umm…so they can be stopped”



Akane pushed his body away. Her face is red just like a tomato. I have to give her a thump up for her power to push away a person bigger than her. She touches her burning cheek then runs into a building without looking back.

I’m tired of this!

I stand up from my position seething with anger.

“Are you eavesdropping us? and you too, Luler!” Teo turns to look at me with a surprised expression on his face just like when he sees a ghost.


I punch at his stomach with all of my power. If I punch at his face then It will look too obvious. It’s pity that he only hurts a little because his body will heal by itself. That’s not the point! I only want to give him a punch to his gut!!!
“Ack…W-what are you doing?”

“This is for Akane’s tear. I will follow her. Luler, take care of Teo.”

I flip my hair then run back into the building. The class will start soon but I can’t find Akane anywhere.


I open a door to the first-aid room and found Akane sitting on a floor, hugging her knee to her chest just inside the door. You hide in this place because there’s nobody here, right?


“Shiwa…He abused my dignity…*sob* ” She still crying. Touching each other may be a normal thing for a normal child but not for them. It’s very serious thing.

” *sigh*  What happened?” I better act like I absolutely know nothing about this.

If she knows that It’s my plan all along then It would make her terrified far more than this.

“Teo…He insulted me. I should be angry at him but I feel sad. I don’t know what I’m going to do! If he isn’t going to call off this engagement then I can do nothing about it. If those wolfs hear of what happened today, the war will happen again. What am I going to go?”

“Akane, you should calm down. It’s better for you to stay here for a while. I will tell our teacher that you aren’t feeling good, okay?”


“I will go back to the class and you are going to sleep here. I will come back again when the class ends.”

“I understand…”

“You should sleep. I will fill in the paper for you.”

She slowly lifts her weakened-body to the bed and lies down. I fill in a request to use the first-aid room quietly.

She grabs my hand when I was about to open the door.


“What is it?”

“Thank you…”

“It’s okay. You should sleep.”

because It’s partly my fault…

‘Pang’ [Close the door]

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