Villain heal chapter 25

A life of ten years old isn’t really that interesting. I already finished an alchemy course earlier. It caused a shock to many professors because I finished it before a lot of adults there. It isn’t that different from science so I have a good head-start.

Luler told me that he also wants to study alchemy with me, but I suggest him to take a governance course. He is going to need it in the future. He obediently did what I suggested. We hung out after the school ends.

I saw Akane and Teo walked together more often. They look closer to each other than before. We are eating a meal together all the time so I can see them chatting a lot. Sometimes, they are more likely to disappear together, I mean I can see Teo dragging Akane away.

I wish this peaceful life continues like this forever. I can’t think of a situation where Teo will cruelly call his engagement off just like in the game. As for Luler…

Can he really kill me?

I will have to wait and see, and I will not let myself get killed easily.

Time passes by so quickly, I graduated from the elementary section and ready to enroll in the junior section.

My uniform also changes from an elementary one. They look more mature with a long sleeve shirt, knee-length skirt, and black ribbon at the collar. A high school uniform looks like a uniform from my old world.

After graduating from elementary school, I come back to stay at home during this long holidays before starting middle school. My brother is already eleven years old. He has enrolled in the elementary school last year, I met him some time at the school. He always comes to me when he doesn’t understand his homework. He has many friends and also the head of his class too.

I had been warning him many times before he enrolled in the school that duty comes with responsibility.

If it’s possible, you shouldn’t take on that position. Shio only told me that he couldn’t refuse it.


I feel pity for him.

I also asked my father for my private workshop. My father agrees to my request easily as there are several vacant rooms in this house.

This room is for my alchemy work. It’s pity that I can’t study an intermediate doctoral degree due to my age. I have to be fifteen years old according to the law. I can proudly call myself a doctor when I had finished studying an intermediate doctoral degree. If I can study for a high doctoral degree then a palace doctor isn’t out of my reach at all.

But..before that, I have to make a cosmetic, conditioner, cleansing foam, and skin care!!!

A shampoo here aren’t that bad, but It’s not helping my hair to become smooth at all. This world only has a few cosmetics. How can a woman live without those cosmetic!? A cleansing foam is also very important! and where are a sunscreen, day-cream, and night cream!? Do you know that age and environment are our mortal enemies!?

I can’t only use a soap and a shampoo! I’m a girl whose age is nearing fifteen years old.

I will have to begin with making a shampoo and a cleansing foam. It’s a good thing that I finished my alchemy class. We can create pretty much everything if we have initial substance. I will use my knowledge from my old world to create anything that I want then I will be rich from selling these products.

I can see a lot of money already~


A-hem! I don’t have any problem with money. I only want to share these with all the girls in this world!

First, I will begin with a conditioner because It’s the easiest thing to make. Umm…I should make a shampoo to complete the set.



“Kya! Luler, when did you come!?”

If someone suddenly appears behind you when you are laughing alone in this room, your reaction wouldn’t be different than mine.

Luler hesitantly opens the door to my workshop. It could be because of the strange aura that was seeping out of me a moment ago. Well, It’s skepticism at its best.

“You look busy so I don’t want to bother you”

“You can come inside next time. I won’t tell you off”

“Shiwa, what are you doing?”

“Umm…a shampoo”

“A shampoo?”

“Yes, It should be better than the current one. Do you want to try it?”

If my first customer is the prince then It should count as my lucky charm for my business. Luler’s silver hair is already beautiful, but it would be a big plus if it’s also smooth and glossy.

“I want to try it…”

“Then sit there, I will begin making it”

He sits on the sofa looking at me as I try to make a shampoo for half an hour.
I wipe my sweat off after pouring these creams into glass bottles. I separate these bottle by two type: one for the shampoo and other for the conditioner. After finished pouring, I have seven bottles of both the shampoo and conditioner. Should I make more of this? I think I should send these to Akane who’s currently staying in fox kingdom to try it.

“Is this a shampoo?” Luler picks up the bottle with interest.

“Yes, those are called a conditioner. They are used after you finish washing your hair”

“Don’t they normally use only a shampoo?”

“No-no! Then it wouldn’t be called a new formula”

It’s considered a new thing for this world. Should I also make a treatment or an oil? I think I should make it!

“I will make a form cleanser next. You should sit on the sofa for a moment”


Luler goes back to sit on the sofa again. This time, I begin to grasp the concept of an alchemy a lot better than the last time so I successfully create a form cleanser then poured the content into smaller glass bottles.

I don’t get to do things like this for a long time so It’s pretty fun to do it again.

“Luler, I’m finished”



Why don’t I get a response from him? He should be sitting on the sofa so I walk toward him.

“Are you alright, Luler?”

I lightly touch his shoulder. He looks up and that’s when I get a good look on his face. His face almost lost all of its color worse than when he came in.



I quickly check his pulse. His heartbeat is so slow that I almost miss it.

His illness is acting up again!

“Luler, Did you bring your medicine!?”

“Where are your guard?”

“I want…to come here alone…”
“Why are you so stubborn like this!? I told you many times that you shouldn’t come here alone!”

“I want to meet you”

There’s no cure exist to his stubbornness, Huh! He should know the best that he’s not like a normal demon, but he doesn’t take care of his body at all. Right now, I feel scared more than to be angry at him. I carry him to my bedroom next door.

“Someone bring me a doctor! Right now! Bring me a medicine in the cupboard too”

“Y-yes, ojou-sama!”

All the maids run at high speed to complete my task. It’s a good thing that I stock some of his medicine in my house thinking that I would be facing a situation like this.

but…I’m not sure that this will make him better because I haven’t seen him like this before!

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