I give him a blood pill, but he’s still looking pale. Is he hungry for blood? If he was hungry, he would tell me that he wants my blood and bite me instantly.

That’s not the problem right now. I wish a doctor would hurry up and come here already. I don’t have any equipment or knowledge to use in this situation so I don’t dare to do anything. I don’t want his condition to be worse than this.

“Shiwa…” Luler calls my name. His condition isn’t looking better at all. I sit at my bed’s edge to clearly see his face.

“Luler! Are you okay!? Do you feel hurt anywhere!?”

“It hurts”

“Where do you feel the pain!?”

“Right here…”

Luler grabs my hand and places it where his heart is. I can barely feel his heartbeat.

“You have to bite me! Maybe you will feel better that way.”

“Shiwa, I’m not hungry”

“It will help your blood to…!!”

“Shiwa, I’m alright”

“Don’t you dare say that when you are in that condition. What part of you is alright!? Why did you come here with a condition like this!?”

“I wanted to meet you…”

“I already told you that…”

“I don’t know how much time I have left but I know that If I die, I only want to stay near you.”


“Then I will not regret anything…”


I slap his right cheek. Luler looks at me with widened eyes. My face right now must look strange to him because I have too many emotion showing on my face right now. I feel angry, mad, but also sad.

Why did he say something like that?

“Don’t you say something like that!!”


“Do you know how much I try to keep saving your life so you can live on!? Do you want to waste all of my hard-working for nothing!?”


“Do you know what a life is!? Do you ever die for real!? If that time comes, you will keep thinking that there are many things that you still haven’t done. You still didn’t even reach your dream!! Do you know that one’s life is very valuable!?”


“There’s nothing worth exchanging for a life. At least…”


“If you disappear, there will be many people who will get sad and that includes…me”


I can’t keep my thought inside my chest anymore. It’s really heart sinking that he is reminding me of my past self. I shouldn’t die…I try to think I couldn’t change anything anyway. I’m satisfied with the life I have now, but I still didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to my family, friends, all of my relatives, and…

“Shiwa, why are you crying?”

He used his thump to lightly touched my cheek. I don’t even know that my tears kept rolling down.

“No, I just have dust in my eyes


I try to appear nonchalant and brush his worries away. He is clever enough to know that I like to keep my room clean so there’s no way that there will be dust in here.

but I will not accept that easily because my pride is at stake here!

“I’m sorry”


“I made you sad”

“I’m not sad”

“I will not say something like that anymore. I’m sorry”

“I already told you that I’m not…!”

My body suddenly falls down on my bed lying on top of Luler’s body.

“Are you trying to provoke me?”

“You can give me a punishment.”

“Humph! No way”

“If you aren’t angry then I want to stay like this for a while”

He hugs me tightly after that. Isn’t your condition worse a moment ago!? Don’t tell me that It depends on your feeling? Hmm…Are you lying to me?

Whatever! I don’t care anymore.

I can’t refuse you when you are making a happy face like that, you know.

It’s been four days since that incident with Luler. He has to stay inside the palace to have his doctor check his condition. My maid, Sera, has a very high agility as her special skill so she made it in time to bring Luler’s private doctor to my house. I was almost branded as a rapist who would rape a patient after he saw me lying on top of Luler’s body. It’s a good thing that Luler insisted he’s the one who requested it so I got out without any  problem.

I had sent my sample of a shampoo, a conditioner and a cleanser to Akane. Today, She arrived at my house and told me that…

“I beg you! Can I have more of this!?” She comes with her guards, but I told them to wait in the living room. I feel uncomfortable to have them following me everywhere. Right now, Akane is alone with me in my room.

“I can do that but did you use all of that up? It’s been only four days”

“I did not! My mother and my aunt also want this! I beg you! I don’t care how much it will cost but can I have more of this!?”


Its demand is rather out of my prediction. It’s a good thing I made many of this during this four days. It’s rather a pretty good idea to start my business inside the fox kingdom first.

“I can make more of this If that’s what you want but on one condition…”

“A condition?”

“Yes, I want you to spread these products among your noble’s circle”

“Ah…I don’t think it will escape my mother and my aunt’s hand, though”

“They will not care about that because they will be received a large bottle of each soon. I want my product to be well known among those nobles first and you have to bring all of the money from selling these products to me”

“Ah…Do you want to sell this? You don’t have to do this. Isn’t your house very rich already?”

“I want it to be from my hard working”

“Oh! It’s like this! Leave it to me!”

Her fox ears are flipping side to side. Both her tail and ears seem softer than before and her skin is glowing too. She must use my products on her ears and tail. It’s no wonder that she like it this much.

“Did you also use it on your tail? Can I have your opinion on this?”

“It’s incredible! Both my hair and my tail look so much beautiful than before. Everyone constantly asks me how did I do it but…”


“Teo looked annoyed but he still likes to touch my ears just like before. I got tired of telling him to stop touching it every time so I let him do what he wants.”

“Hmm…Where is he right now?”

“He is with Luler at the palace. I also have to go there too. Oh! Why don’t you come with me?”


“Luler must be happy to see your face”


Looking back, I hadn’t gone there that much. He’s always the one who comes to meet me but that’s the palace! It’s not the place that everyone should come and go just like they please.

but…I will make this an exception!

I change my clothes to the one suitable for entering the palace and go together with Akane. Her guard has completely changed into a porter. I feel bad for him for having to lift all of my products, but it’s his duty.

The palace’s staffs give us a good welcome. They guide us to Luler’s room. Walking closer, I can see Luler and Teo chatting at a small table in the middle of the room.

This is the first time that I’ve come to his room in the palace. His room has a white wall, a light golden bed, and a marble floor. It’s brighter here than I thought. His room is also bigger than mine.

“You also came too, huh”

“Why…does that look strange to you?”


Why does he like to say everything with a subtle meaning?


“How’s your body?” I walk towards him. His condition seems to be better. Teo quietly brings Akane out of this room. I don’t know what they are whispering about, but It isn’t hard to guess.

“It’s your first time coming here, isn’t it?”

“I just think that you’d be stubborn enough to come to my house with this condition so I come here instead”

“Are you going to come here often?”

“I will do what I can”

“Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday”


“Then I will go meet you on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday”

“That would be everyday then!”

“Yes, every day”

“No way, I also have my business to take care of!!”

“Then I will go to your house when you can’t come here”

“Are you threatening me?”


Oh…He paused before answering my question. Seems like I haven’t punished him that much lately so he became like this.


“Luler! Kneel down!”

“!!!” He startles and jumps down from his chair to kneel down before me.

“You used to tell me that I can punish you if I get angry with your actions, right? Now, I’m starting to get angry. Are you ready to receive your punishment?”


His cheeks begin to flush. Maybe He’s not the only one who gets addicted to punishment…I also got addicted to punishing too.

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