Villain heal chapter 27

After I gave Luler a light punishment, I came back to my house right away. Ah? You want to see a punishment scene. I don’t think you want to see it so often, right? I only sat on his back. It would be utterly disgraceful to do anything more than that and I was only a guest there. I also would be at risk of getting charged with harming the prince!

I took a bath, washed my hair and readied to get sleep. My middle school life is going about to start in two days. Time really passed by quickly.

It’s lonely, though. I think It’s because I’m different from everyone around here.

“That isn’t wrong”


That voice jolts me out of my slumber. Maybe I’m only hearing things but this voice…


I open my eyes and find out that this isn’t my house. This is the place that I first met Hades. I’m sitting on a chair across the table from him again. He’s wearing all black-clothes that made him look more terrifying than usual.

“What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything. I only want to check if you are alright or not” His black eyes smile at me and It’s not a pretty sight to see at all.

“I think you are lying to me”

“You really are heartless, aren’t you? You are trying to blank your mind so I can’t read your mind. It’s shame, really”

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“You are being rude, you know”

“I don’t have to be on my best manner with a person who tried to overstep my privacy”

“Umm…That’s may be the case. I must be lacking a little delicacy, huh”


That moment when he snaps his fingers, our surrounding changes into a waterside garden at night. A group of night waterlily is blooming around us. Their pollen is glittering in this night sky.

“I can’t hear your thought this way”


What are you doing!? I can’t even fathom why did you do it. Where is this anyway!? I’ve not died yet so why did you bring me to the afterworld again!?
“Why did you bring me to this place again?”

“You don’t have to be worried sick about that because we are not able to bring an undead soul to the afterworld. That’s an important rule. This’s like a dream and you will wake up when it’s time”

“I will ask you again. Why did you bring me here?”

“Just like I told you before, I only want to ask about your well-being”

“You are lying again”

“I am the lord of this afterworld. What do I get from lying to you?”

I can see you lying from a mile away! Did you get too much spare time to spend chatting with a reincarnated soul that you sent some time ago? Don’t you think that you take this job too seriously? I’m not sure about what you said earlier either, that you can’t read my mind. I have to prove this.

Hades, you are ***!!!

“You are secretly rebuking me in your mind, right”

“Ha! Didn’t you say that you can’t read my mind!?”

“It pretty much showed on your face so It’s true that you are really rebuking me right now”

“Humph! It’s for my assurance”

I also must have too much free time to spend bickering with him like this. I have to know why did he bring me into this dream world. From the look on his face, I can see that he have an impure mind.

“Oh! Why don’t you play a chess with me? You can play it, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“The winner will have the right to ask anything for one question and the loser have to answer the truth”


I don’t think I have anything that Hades wants to know but I am the one who has many questions to ask him.

The chess pieces are lined up on the board. He uses black pieces and I use white pieces. I can’t say that I’m good at this but I used to get a second place at chess competition.

His strategy is very complicated but I can see that he is holding back right now.

“What do you want exactly?”

“Don’t you get bored when you only asked about that?”

“It’s because you’re suspicious”

“I will answer your question after you win”

Easy for you to say that! It’s in only the middle of the game but I can already feel a pressure on me. His black pieces are killing my white pieces off the board and I can’t even kill off his piece. Why did he corner me like this? If he just moves his queen then It’s a check-match for me.

“You want me to surrender, right?”

“You are thinking too much”

“I surrender. What do you want to ask me about?”

“Ah…You are really impatient”

“Stop irritating me! What exactly do you want from me!?”

“I’m the winner here so I get to ask you a question”


This is frustrating! What’s even worse is that I can’t do anything to him!

“Are you trying to change a fate?”


“What you are doing is a bad thing”

“So…You brought me here only to ask this question”

“You have to answer me now”

“I’m not doing anything about fate. I just stay true to myself and live my life just the way I want”

“You do know that nobody wants to die uselessly but…”


“Do you believe in a fate? It takes no shape but strong enough even I, A god, can’t defy it”

“What are you implying?”

“Everyone has their fate. You and I also have the fate itself. I only want to warn you because of my well-intention”

“Don’t tell me that you’re supporting the heroin?”

“If I really love someone, I will not let them go to other for sure”


“I will use every way to make her mine”

He uses his hand to touch my cheek. His fingers are cold just like an air in the winter. His touches lingering down from my cheek to my neck.

“I hope that you haven’t fallen in love with anyone yet, ojou-sama”

“You are asking too many questions”

“Haha! It seems the time is up”

“Stop getting on my nerve!”

“You really are hard-headed, huh. If you win next time, I will answer one of your questions”

Do you still want to drag me here again?

I’m just about to argue him back, that instant when I blink my eyes, my surrounding changes into that of my room. The light outside tells me that It’s morning right now. I jump out of my bed and look around frantically. I quickly walk to the mirror and take a look at it to check If I have my shadow or not.

What caught my eyes the most is a small black rose on my neck.

What the heck!? When did he put it on me!? Is it that time…?

Ackkkk!! How annoying!!!

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Here come the highest paid character, Hades!!!

Maybe the reason he hasn’t come out until now was because he’s busy switching his ‘stalker’ mode on.

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