Villain heal chapter 28

You can say that I’m facing a very big problem right now. It comes from this small black rose on my neck.

I can’t wash it off!

At least it’s been fading away as time pass. I don’t think I have another choice other than waiting for this thing to go away. It’s reminded me of his infuriating face and I don’t like it at all!

Even now, I can clearly see its pattern. What am I going to say If other ask me about this?

I’m really acting like a thief who’s trying to conceal their crime!

I sigh then walk out of my room. It’s time for breakfast right now, Both Shio and I have a holiday break so all of my family are staying together at home.

Did I just say ‘all of my family’?


I open a door to the dining room to see my father and my mother sitting on the right side with a nervous-looking Shio. Occupied on the left side is the prince of vampires.

“Oh! He came with me, Shiwa. Last night, I stayed at the palace till morning so I suggested him to come to eat breakfast together.” Normally, father isn’t a person who speaks up for someone. That means Luler is the one who wanted to come here!

“Don’t you have any other business to attend, your highness”

“I have a free time today so I want to spend it with Shiwa”

“Ufufu~ Seeing prince Luler takes care of Shiwa like this, I can put my heart at easy” My mother smile knowingly. When I’m with my father and my mother, I can’t speak informally to Luler just like when we are alone and that’s what makes me uncomfortable.

“Shiwa, come here” He pats the chair’s pad near him.

“Yes, your highness”
Luler, you have to go with the flow here because we are sitting in front of my family. When I sit down on my chair, someone near me asks the question that I dread the most.

“You have something on your neck, Shiwa. Why did your neck have a mask on?”
Nobody won’t condemn you If you don’t know something. I don’t want to answer this question at all.

“I just want to try painting my neck with a body paint color. It will fade away as time pass”

“A paint color?”

“Yes, your highness”

“You shouldn’t paint something strange on your body, Shiwa” Mother frowns.
“Love, you’ve to relax. We don’t have to be strict about a tradition that much anymore. Isn’t that right, prince Luler?” Father turns to look at Luler just like he wants to send a signal to him.

“That’s right. It’s beautiful”

In the end, the issue is solved by Luler’s power as the prince. It’s incredible, to say the least. I quickly go back to my room with Luler after we’d finished eating breakfast.

“Why do you came this early?”

“I came in a carriage with Teare-sama”

“Don’t you have to prepare for the school?”

“What? Do I have to prepare for anything?”

Oh…I forget that he wouldn’t have to prepare anything because his aide will do all of that.


“What is it?”

“I’m hungry”

“What? you’re hungry this early in the morning?”

“I haven’t got to drink your blood for a long time. Give me your blood…”


I fall on my back into my bed. You can say that he straddles me right now but It’s only to give him blood. It doesn’t have any meaning other than that!

“You didn’t have to do that. Just ask me nicely!”


“Why are you silent all of a sudden!?”

“This way…is more excited”

“W-what? Wait for a minute!”



I’m startled by his bite that I moaned a little. His fangs are getting bigger as the years pass by, from a kitten’s fangs to a pub’s fangs. The longer he sinks his fangs down, the more pain I can feel at my neck.

“Are you hurt, Shiwa?”

“No, If you’ve finished then go away…”

“I want to drink it again…”

“W-wait a minute, Luler”

He doesn’t wait for my answer at all as he sinks his fang into my neck again.

‘knock knock’

“Onee-sama, I bring a snack for you and prince Luler~…!!!”

My lovely and adorable brother just came in with a cheerful face but when he saw the scene, his face changes into that of horrified expression. His cheeks are starting to flush and his hands, which he is using to hold the tray, is shaking uncontrollably.

“I-i’m s-sorry, Onee-sama”



He slams the door shut leaving me no time to explain anything. The sound of his footsteps is further away from my room in a flash.

“Can I bite you again?”

You still want to bite me again!!!

Don’t you feel any remorse!? You’re the one who caused this situation!
“No way, kneel down right now, Luler!!!”

Luler rolls down from my bed and kneels down on the floor, just like a kitten falling from a tree, eagerly waiting for his punishment.

“Do you know what you are getting yourself into, Luler!?” I sit crossed-leg on my bed. My temper is reaching a boiling point right now!


“How should I punish you?”

“Anything that you wants”

He doesn’t even have any feeling of guilt! A normal punishment is useless on him now.

“From now on, you can’t come into my room at the school for one month!!”


His face is starting to pale and his body is shaking. Does it affect him that much if he can’t come into my room?

“You can punch me instead” He tightly hugs my waist.

“No, this is your punishment”

“Can I come into your room through a window?”



Even if you use that tone of voice, I will not forgive you that easily!

Two days pass by, we moved into our dormitory. I hoped that we will always have a peaceful life like this forever.

“Shiwa, Are you really don’t want to open your door for me?”


“I will do anything that you wants. Please, let me inside”




Luler has tried to talk to me about this matter in these past two days. He constantly came to knock on my door at night because I’d already taken my key back from him. It looked like there’s a rumor about a ghost comes knocking on my door at night. It quickly becomes a ghost story in my dormitory.

“Shiwa, you have to forgive prince Luler”

“That’s right, you can be cruel to him anytime that you want but you shouldn’t make other scared because of his doing”

Teo and Akane also tried to persuade me to forgive Luler. We, all four of us, always eat breakfast together in the dormitory’s cafeteria.

My answer is also the same…



Even if you combined your power to persuade me, It’s no use. Humph!

Well, maybe it will be working in the near future…

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