Villain heal chapter 37

Bella’s story

What did the real heaven look like?

Was it only a name for a land?

What different between a god and a human?

or was it only the name for a higher being.

I didn’t take an interest in a matter about them that much.

Even if you had pure white wings, It didn’t mean you have a pure mind in this floating land called the angel realm. I didn’t think that this land is different than other lands in this world. I was only a low-ranked angel who was born in a farmer family. There’s only work and work, unlike a high-ranked angel who lived their life comfortably.

Even when I was only an eight years old kid, I did everything that my parents tasked me with. Lived here wasn’t that good or easy. I lived with a drunken father and a mother who prone to make a loud noise. They always fight every day.

I could only keep quiet in my room. My small bedroom was the only place that I felt the safest.

“Did you tell me that you sell Bella to a noble!?”

“That’s right! What’s about it!? The money from the work wasn’t enough to support us!”

“Did you use that money to gamble!? How could you do this!?”

“Why couldn’t I do this!? We aren’t a noble, something like this should be expected!



so…I was sold away, didn’t I?

I didn’t understand the full meaning of this but I felt bad hearing this word. I had heard the story about some kids in my village who was sold away to those noble. They became a slave to them.

Yes, we had a rough life but I thought that It’s better than being someone else’s slave.

That night, I decided to run away from my home. I jumped out of my window and ran away without the destination. I didn’t know where would I go but I couldn’t go back home anymore.


It’s very cold.


I was starving.


My powerless legs couldn’t take another step and fell down on the road covered by a falling snow.

Was I going to die?

I thought that I had made a right choice at that time when I ran away from my home but was there only a death waiting for me like this?

God…If you exist,

please hear my prayer and grant it.



Whose voice was that?

“What? Do those low-ranked like to sleep on the ground? How dirty.”

I tried to move my body but I couldn’t do it.

“… Clean her and bring her on the horse.”


I saw many feet walking towards me then I knew no more…

My eyelids slowly closed down.

“Her hair was very beautiful just like a gem.”

“You should look at her skin…how beautiful.”

“Where did our little master bring this lovely girl from?”

When I was conscious, I was touched by this group of onee-san. I didn’t die, right?



“Hmm…you were hungry, right? We’ve already prepared foods for you.”

My stomach growled the moment that I woke up. After seeing all the dishes in front of me, I started to dig in. They told me that I could eat it so I would EAT-ALL-OF-IT!

When I finished eating, They, the women who wore a servant uniform, took me to change my clothes and brought me to the vast living room. In this breath-taking castle, no matter where I look, everything is glittering just like I’m in a real heaven.

“Lookz-sama, she is here.”

Onee-san bowed at the boy who currently sat on the sofa. He should be around my age but…

He had a waist-length blond hair, beautiful indigo blue eyes. Both his face and aura were like the sun god from the legend…

When I looked around, I saw people around me bowed down to him so I also bowed at him. It may cause a problem if I didn’t do it.

“Good, I thought that I had picked some lifeless thing up. You, come here.”


It seemed that It’s really me that he called so I slowly approached him for fear of disrespect him.

“Thank you very much for saving my life.”

“You are too far away.”

“Yes…” How much closer did he want me to get near him until he’s satisfied?

“Hm…You are looking better than before. What a beautiful hair…even a duck can be a swan when dressing up, huh”

He tenderly caressed my beautiful long hair. He acted like he just looks at some jewelry in his hand.

“Thank you very much for your praise.”

“Hahaha, you really are humble, huh. Good, I like you. Stay at my side as my servant.”


“Are you dissatisfied about something?”

I didn’t have anything to dissatisfied but did I have a choice in this?


It’s the same with everyone but…If it’s him, who helped this lowly girl, I’m ready to serve him and gave him my royalty without any question. I was brought to train my etiquette. They wanted me to be the one who worthy to stand beside him.

Lookz-sama liked someone who was quiet so I kept quiet but that’s not important. There’re many food and beautiful dresses in here, It’s different from where I came from. I almost forgot the life of my past self. I couldn’t help but wonder how were my mother and my father doing?

But…I couldn’t go home anymore.

My only duty right now was to serve Lookz-sama. I worked and trained harder than before. He saw that I seemed to have a gift for music so he sent me to train hard in that area. I had to go to those noble balls because they want me to play music for them.


Lookz-sama rejected an engagement with the princess in front of many people.
The princess cried then run away from the hall. The people inside stopped talking and their face lost all of its color.

“Lookz Elanor! What is your reason for destroying my daughter’s dignity!?” The king of the angel realm furiously said.

“but…I really can’t engage with the princess, your Highness.”

“Even if it’s like that, you shouldn’t handle thing that way. Go apologize to my daughter this instant!”

“I won’t.”


“It just as I said, I will take my leave right now.”

“You!! I will curse you!!”

After The king finished speaking, Lookz-sama’s wing was beginning to change its color to black. The white wing or the symbol for an angel had completely disappeared.

“Your highness!!!”

“Heh, if you want to break the curse then learn to give an apology from your heart. A conceited person like you should receive a punishment like this”

“You don’t have the right to do this.”

“You mustn’t do that, Lookz-sama!”

Lookz-sama bravely went towards the king causing all the knight to unsheath their sword. In that instant, I jumped right in front of him to push him from the sharpness of the swords. Although Lookz-sama was safe, my hair was…cut.

I didn’t have my beautiful hair that he always like anymore.

but…it wasn’t important than his life.

ํ”You dare to obstruct me, Bell.” He angrily turned to me.

“I apologize.”

“Because I have already fallen to this state, you dare to act like this with me! If it’s like that then go away!”

“Lookz-sama, let me stay with you until your wing become normal. When your wing become normal then I will quietly disappear”

“Humph, You will go away eventually.”

“Thank you very much”

Even when I don’t have my beautiful hair anymore, he still permitted me to stay with him.

Even if it’s only this time.

Both of his parents agreed that his blame will get heavier as he continued to stay in this realm so they transferred him to stay in The demon world. He would study in the demon school as a special case and I, his servant, was included in that special case too.

On his first day, he didn’t talk to me at all. Not even gave his order to me like in the past. I could only worry about him so I came to his room and that’s the first time that I met a vampire girl. She was kind unlike any demon out there. Weren’t demons supposed to be vicious?

When I got to know Shiwa, Akane, prince Luler and prince Teo, the more I knew they had a kind heart. Was this a real heaven? They gave me my courage to comfort my master and in the end, Looz-sama finally broke his curse.
and that’s the time…

for me…

to disappear…


This school had a pond that I always walk pass by when I took the stroll exploring this school. This pond was deep enough that I, who couldn’t swim, promised myself to stay far away from it.


If I had to die in this pond surround by beautiful flowers like this, I don’t have any regret at all.


“What are you doing?, Bell!”

The water was coming up to my chest now and that’s when I heard his voice shouting out my name. Sweat broke out on his face and he looked tired.
Did he run here?

“Get out of the pond!”

“N-no…I will reach…”

“Bell, you dare go against my order!”


Why did he look furious like that? This’s confusing and I don’t know what to do next. I finally came to this point but he wanted me to go back…

He didn’t wait any longer as he walked into the pond. He was soaking from his chest down. Ah! The water here wasn’t clean! You mustn’t come here!

“Lookz-sama, you can’t come here!”

“You don’t have a right to order me, Bell!”


He slowly walked towards me, grabbed my hand and intended to pull me to the shore but I…

“You can’t do this, Lookz-sama. I don’t have any right to stay near you. I…”

The tear that I’ve tried to hold it in, flowed down from my eyes. Even though I shouldn’t show my weakness in front of him.


“This hair is very beautiful…”


He tenderly caressed my white hair. My ears must be hearing wrong. How could this hair be beautiful when…

“These eyes, these cheeks, your lip and even your tears are all beautiful.”


“Bell, I just know that I was a terrible master. I have the most beautiful thing near me but I haven’t even try to keep it well enough. You are beautiful…the most beautiful.”


“I’m sorry…really sorry, my Bella.”

“You shouldn’t speak like that.”

“Can you stay with a terrible master like me?”


“What is your answer?”

“Yes, I will stay with you…”


In that instant, his wing changed its color to white. They were more radiate than before too.

“Your wing!”

“My wing change to its normal color?. That’s right, so this’s what the king said at that time.”

He smiled a little. I didn’t know whether to be sad or happy but I wanted to choose the latter!!!

“Bell, why are you still crying?”

“I’m happy.” *Sob*”

“Idiotic girl, stop crying…”

“I apologize but I can’t stop them” *Achoo!*

“Bell, you have stayed in this pond far too long!”

“I apologize for sneezing at you”

“That’s not important. Come back with me to the shore.”

“Yes.” *Sob*”

“I told you to stop crying already.” *Sigh*

I really had to apologize to you but I couldn’t hold it back anymore.

This time, I really felt like my happiness was bursting out from my heart.

Lookz-sama, If I could share this feeling with you, it would be very good.

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Author: Next chapter is Lookz’s story after that is a special story between Akane and Teo~

TL: Hello, thank you for reading.


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