Villain heal chapter 55

This word was hanged in the air for a moment causing all of the people in the room to fall silent. I looked back and forth between Sera and Noir. Even Akane and Bella were also acting just like me. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who’s panicked over this. For demons, […]

Villain heal chapter 54

I kept feeding him the blood congee after I went back to my room. I wanted him to eat by himself, but he insisted that he couldn’t do it. I didn’t know whatever that was a lie or not, but it wasn’t a loss or anything so I was willingly feeding him. “Shiwa, I’m not […]

Villain heal chapter 53

‘Ching!’ I would admit it that I was really shocked by this turn of event, but what shocked me even more was… The tip of a fresh red blood rushed past my cheek by only a centimeter. It didn’t touch my skin or anything. A violent killing intent was ferociously erupting behind me. I was […]

Villain heal chapter 52

I chased after them until we came to the class 1. I didn’t think to chase them all the way to here, but it was too much fun to stop it. At the same time, the boys finally finished their class. “Onii-sama!!!” “Shelyn…!?” Shelyn rushed to hug him in a flash. Ren quickly scooped her […]

Villain heal chapter 51

Everything went back to normal after Valentine’s day or we could say that the war between women and men had already ended. Although we had both winner and loser on this day. In the next day, I woke Luler up in the morning and stayed in the infirmary at noon just like always. Because they […]

Villian heal chapter 50

Everyone looked so excited about the festival of love on this day. Even if this festival was originated from the angel realm, that detail didn’t bother everyone here in the demon world at all. Men felt excited with the gift that their women would give them. But for women, they felt excited for the person […]

Villain heal chapter 49

A strong person didn’t have to depend on anyone. I always thought like that. A weak person had to live under the strong. If I didn’t want to be under anyone, I only had to become stronger. Since I could remember, I had been living inside this castle all alone. I could count a day […]

Villain heal chapter 48

Per Ardua Ad Astra Altiora Petamus Volente Deo, Lucete Stella. (Through struggle to the stars Let us seek higher things Shine stars, as the divine will) I prayed that you might be saved, And took every breath with me in the leafy shade. I cried out in pain, “Please save us” Si Nos Amas, Serva […]

Villain heal chapter 47

I sat inside the infirmary room once again on the afternoon of the next day because they still couldn’t find a person to fill this position. The doctors in the demon world were very few in number. Most of the people thought that It wasn’t necessary as they could heal their injury themselves. Moreover, these […]

Villain heal chapter 46

“Shiwa…Shiwa, wake up.” “Um? What? It isn’t even morning yet.” My sweet dream was suddenly interrupted by Luler in the middle of the night. Well, if it wasn’t Luler who woke me up then it must be some mystery energy out there. “It’s already past midnight. It’s a new day.” “And…?” “My gift.” “Did you […]