Villain heal chapter 41

“Can you drink a rice tea?”

“Ah…I can, thank you.”

Even if I didn’t understand many things but it seemed like I was drinking tea with Hades’s son.

He didn’t look like his father at all except for the face. Those two were as alike as two peas in the pod but his personality and his atmosphere were what difference between them. I thought he’s more likable than his father.

We really couldn’t judge the book by its cover.

“I’m really happy that I can drink a tea together with a friend. I have been alone until you came.”


“May I have your name?”

“Ah…” Which name should I tell him? “M-my name is Shiwa.”

“Shiwa…You name is beautiful just like a warming spring”

“T-that right, your name is Methyst, right? I guess that it came from the word ‘Amethyst’. They are really beautiful, and they are also the symbol of fairness. It’s my favorite stone!”


Why did I have to feel nervous like this!? Was it because he’s not like Hades at all so I didn’t know how to behave myself in front of him? I feel like I didn’t act like myself at all!

“Yes, my mother also liked this stone the most.”

“Oh…? Where is she?”



Why did you make a sad face like that? Did I ask something that I shouldn’t ask?

“Ah…If you don’t want to tell me then It’s alright! You don’t have to tell me!”

“My mother is currently sleeping for a long time.”

“O-oh…That’s bad.”

That’s not different from being dead. I didn’t know that Hades was a widower.

“W-why am I here? Do you know the reason for it?”

“The situation like this often happens here. You can call it ‘Deep sleep’. It has been told that the soul of the sleeper will stay between the real world and the dream world. Maybe your mind has something attached to here so you can come here when you were in deep sleep.”


That’s a really strange theory. What strange even more was that I felt like he wasn’t a suspicious person, on the other hand, I found him adorable. Wasn’t it too fast to feel like this with a person you just met not more than ten minutes ago?

“Ah…It isn’t good to let a lady drink only a tea. I will bring sweets for you!”

“You don’t have to do that. It’s alright.”

“I can’t do that. I’m the host so I should take good care of my guest. Wait for me a bit!”


It’s too late. He ran so fast that my eyes almost couldn’t catch a sight of him. He walked past a half-moon shaped door covered by a red curtain.

I walked around the lotus pond. The clear water in there reflected my image. It should be reflected Shiwa’s face but It’s the face of my past life. It’s White’s face.

Was it reflected our soul?

Because this was what I looked like, right? I missed you, White.

Did I normally wear clothes like this? This long white dress look just like ่japanese’s medium or was it a cloth for a soul? Haa…If there’s stranger thing than this then come on…Let it be…

“I’m coming. Have you been watching the lotus?”

“U-umm…It’s very beautiful.”

“My father planted them for my mother because she liked them very much especially a white lotus…”

“Your father must have loved your mother very much.”

“Yes, I also love her very much.”

“If your mother can hear that, she will be very happy.”

“Yes, I hope she can hear it too. Enough of that, we should come and eat sweets.”

“Umm…Thank you, I must be a bother to you.”

“It’s not like that. Contrary to that, I’m happy.”

“What about your father?”

“He is doing some business.”


I sat on the chair and used a fork to pick the sweet up into my mouth. They looked like a brown jelly cut up into a bite-size.

It tasted sweet and a little sticky too. It’s delicious.

“I-is it to your liking?”

“It’s delicious.”

“I’m relieved. This’s the first time that I made sweets for other people. My father doesn’t like to eat a sweet so this is really the first time that I did it.”

“You have a good skill.”

“Thank you.”

Come to think of it, not only I lost my way in here, I even had him served me tea and sweets. I bothered him a lot, didn’t I?

Please, my body, who sleep soundly in that world, hurry up and wake up already.


“Methyst? Do you to sleep?”

“Yes, I have a flawed body so I have to sleep a lot. It ‘s really embarrassing.”

“Don’t say that. You shouldn’t hold back if that’s what your body wants.”

“That’s right, I…have a little favor to ask you…” Methyst averted his eyes and his cheeks had a blush dusted on them.


“I want to sleep on your lap. May I do that?”


“You don’t have to do it if you feel uncomfortable about it! I won’t hold it against you!”

“It’s alright…Are you sure you want to sleep here? Isn’t the floor too hard for your back?”

“No, It’s alright. I only want to take a nap.”

He took his time to take care of me so a thing like this is a piece of cake for me. I didn’t feel any discomfort too. Though if it’s Hades then I would reject it because it’s too risky for my life.

I sat down on the floor with his head on my laps. It’s tickled a little but endurable. I could hear a sound of his steady breath a moment after. He really slept easily like Luler.



Even when he’s asleep, he still dreamt of his mother. It’s too sad for him to be away from his mother like this. I accidentally caress his hair as it’s natural for me to do this. His hair is really smooth like a hair that had been doing some treatment. Good for you to have a smooth hair like a kid.

My eyes were trying to slowly close themselves. My body in that world should wake up soon. I thought that It’s still a night time in that world because I was here not too long ago.

‘tap’ ‘tap’

Whose footsteps were that…

A long black hair…

Was it you, Hades?

Why did I see your mouth moving towards me like that?



I jolted out from my sleep. My body was soaked up in sweat. I also heard some strange noise too. N-no…I must be imagining things. That’s right…I only imagined things up.

“Shiwa, have you wake up..?”

He rubbed his eyes and sat up lazily.

He must wake up too because of my sudden awake.


“Shiwa, you had sweat all over. Do you feel hot?”

“Yes, I’m a little hot.”

“Why don’t you strip your clothes if it’s too hot?”


“Strip it”

He didn’t only say it but he tried to grab my shirt. I didn’t feel hot because of my clothes! You didn’t have to be that serious about stripping me! Don’t tell me that you do this intentionally!?

It couldn’t be helped. You were the one who made me do this in a hard way!!!

“Kneel down, Luler.”


His body obediently sat on the floor in a flash just like a trained dog who wait for the next order from his master.

“Even if we’re engaged, that doesn’t mean you can strip my clothes as you please. Do you understand?”


“You have to be punished so you can remember it, right?”


Redness started to creep up on both of his cheeks and his breathing was quicken just like he’s excited about something. I picked a whip up from the headboard. It’s the same whip that I gifted Luler with.


“Are you ready to receive your punishment?” I whipped my whip to the floor. The tension in the room is at its peak.

“You can do anything that you want.”

“Are you like those people who can’t keep his desire inside? Hm?”


That moment that I whipped my whip down to the floor….!!!

I released the whip to fall down to the floor even though I still hadn’t done anything to him.


“To tell you the truth, If I punish you then It wouldn’t be a punishment, right?”

“Ah…Shiwa, you are too cruel.”

“I’m not in the mood today. I think I will sleep a little more.”

“Shiwa! wait! You can’t do this!”

Luler shook my body as I pretended to sleep.

This’s my punishment for you today. Endured that empty feeling till the morning comes!!!

About Hades…

Forget it! I should sleep!

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Author: I hope that nobody has been enchanted by Methyst yet.
The fact is he appeared in the story since the beginning but his screen time is so little. Go back to read it!
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  1. Dang!!! The whole amethyst, mother (sleeping, soul thing) and stuff my hunch from the previous chapter seems like it might be right? 🤔. Luler=Hades???hmmmm….. And thank you so much for the chapter.✨❣️💕

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  3. Great now i don’t know who am i supposed to ship.. shiwa x luler or white(?) x hades.. can anyone recap for me who’s white is?? Is she shiwa’s real identity before she died??

    1. That’s right, she’s the one who was betrayed and sent to death by her friend(Sunny). Hades sent her to reincarnate as Shiwa. You can read about her in the prologue and chapter 1.

  4. The name should be Shiro or Mashiro for White, most likely Mashiro since it’s the feminine form. It means white but that’s how it’s pronounced.

    1. Author wrote her name as ‘ไวท์’. It can be pronounced as /w ai t/ so I change her name to ‘White.’

  5. Aaa now makes sense, Methyst is the son of Shiwa-chan and Hades in the future, so Hades told her not to try to change what it had to be cus he love her and is trying to make the sleeping Shiwa wake up with her soul from another world. I started to ship them, the boat is starting to sail~~ Srry Luler, the ship of them is ReAl

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    My theory: Hades wife died and got reincarnated into our world. He searched for her, and upon finding her engaged, he made sure to break off the engagement (friend makes her fiance look like he’s cheating) and have her sent to him (ie, death). Pretty sure on these points. Hm, it’d help to know how closely the Author is sticking to the Hades mythos…

    The “game” though.. not sure. Is the game an alternate reality, the past, the future? Hades says he doesn’t want her falling in love and asks if she’s trying to change fate. And then the son seems to understand what his father is up to and doesn’t approve. I think Hades is trying to get his dead wife back, but he can’t do it directly, so he’s taking a really long drawn out method instead.

    Not sure if Hades is the Vampire Prince. Shiwa knows what Prince looks like grown up (in the game) and doesn’t connect the two. Hades should be a god (perhaps demon), not a vampire. And even if something happened to change his appearance, it shouldn’t be genetic and pass on to the son. So…

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