Villain Heal chapter 42

Today was my parent’s wedding anniversary day so I came to eat dinner together with my family. Luler also wanted to come, but this day was like a family day for us, so he can only stay moodily in his room alone.


“Shio, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

My brother was eleven years old now. He should be studying in the elementary school for two more years. While I’ll be in high school at that time.

My parents had been waiting in the dining room for the headmistress. We decided to eat dinner here because we didn’t have to waste our time to go to a restaurant outside. We ordered the restaurant’s chef to cook here. Um, my mother is the headmistress here so this’s normal.

“It’s pity that I couldn’t bring you to a good place. Even though this day is our wedding anniversary…” My father, who sat at the head of the table, lightly sighed.

“It can’t be helped. We have work and our children also have to study.”

“If it’s for my family then I’m ready to drop everything.”

“But you can’t drop the royal command!”

“Love, you have to make it up to me tonight.”

“Don’t say that! We are sitting in front of our children!”

It didn’t matter much to me but Shio was still listening to the two of you…

“Tonight? Onee-sama, are we going to have a party tonight?” This was it! This was a normal reaction for a child that I didn’t have! I turned to Shio with a smile, the smile that looked really suspicious.

“Um, father want our mother to help him with work tonight. It’s the royal command.”

“Oh? You two have to work even at night. One day, when I grow up, I want to help lighten your workload to the best of my ability.”

“You don’t have to hurry, Shio”

“I-it’s not more than we can handle.”

My father had a smiling face contrary to my mother, who acted a little funny. I didn’t think Shio suspect anything. He was a child with a pure heart. I prayed that in the future, he wouldn’t let someone else exploited him. although that possibility was very high.

“We have a chance to have a dinner together today, why don’t we eat now? We can talk about work later.”

“That’s right, Shiwa. This is a family time, so we should spend it as such.”


My father tapped a champagne glass. Waiters were starting to serve us many delicious-looking dishes. We ate and talked about both old and new stories. It’s really a family time.

“Oh, Shiwa. I want you to help me with something.”


“The teacher at the medical room had resigned recently because she’s pregnant. We only have a substitute doctor who could only work here in the morning and another doctor could only work in the afternoon. We don’t have any person working at noon. Shiwa, you have the beginner doctor certificate, right? That should be equal to a middle-grade doctor. I want you to work in the medical room at noon. Can you do it?”

The medical room’s doctor…That would be good.

“I can do it, mother.”

“Another thing is…It seems abrupt but we will have two students, who’re at the same age as you, come to study here. They are a kind of special people so I hope you will take care of them.”


“They are a dragon and a mermaid.”

“I have never seen them study here before.”

“That’s right. That’s why it’s special.” They don’t normally come here, do they?
I hadn’t seen the water-demon clan in this school before because the environment here wasn’t suited to their habitat. I didn’t know whatever they had their own school or not, but for them to come studied here, It must be really special.

This school also didn’t often have the dragon studied here. They are few in number. We could even say that only one dragon would come here in every hundred years or in every thousand years. I feel a little excited to see a real dragon.

“If they have any problem, come to me immediately.”


“I feel relieved now that they’re in your care.”

How would I divide my time after you entrusted this to me? I also have to study and worked in the medical room. This was like telling me to take care of them.

After we finished eating dinner, I escorted Shio to his elementary’s dormitory. It’s already night time when I reached my room.

*Open the door*

I wearily opened the door and took my socks off.

“You’re late, Shiwa.”

“L-luler! You’re scaring me a bit there!”

His red eyes became vivid in the dark. It’s a good thing that I hadn’t strip my clothes to take a bath yet. This was my room so I should do whatever I want, right?

“Didn’t you tell me that you would come before 6 PM?”

“I can be late, can’t I? I had to send Shio to his dormitory. When did you come here anyway?”

“5 PM.”

“If you come here every day, others will get suspicious. If you aren’t careful then…”

“It doesn’t matter because we are engaged.”

“I already told you that it’s not like that. Forget it, if doing this makes you happy then do whatever you want.”

“You don’t have to be worried about this, Shiwa. No matter what…I will take responsibility for all of them…come here, we should sleep together.”

“Yes, your highness. May I excuse myself to take a bath first.”

I grabbed my wardrobe and my pajama to the bathroom. Why couldn’t I be more firmly? If I had stopped him from entering my room from the beginning, I didn’t need to be worried like this.


He told me that he would take responsibility for all of them. Did he know what did he talk about?

It’s as though…He was going to propose to me.

Dangerous. Really dangerous.

I opened the door to come out of the bathroom when I’m finished with my bath. Who knew that I would be surprised with an unexpected thing like this?



“Shiwa…when you just finished your bath…”

I was hugged from the front leaving me stunned for a moment. Luler hugged me all of a sudden. Did he forget to shake his medicine?

“What are you doing, Luler!?”

“Lookz told me that girls smell good than normal after they’d just finished bathing.”

Hm, Lookz? Where did he know something like this?

Don’t tell me he…?

“Luler, you don’t have to do everything that you heard from others.”

“No, it’s not like that. I want to do it so…”

“Moreover, jumping into a lady isn’t what gentleman is supposed to do, prince Luler.” I pushed his shoulders away and shoved him to bump against my bed.

“Will I get punished?”

“Do you want to be punished?”

I pushed him to fall into my bed. Yes, I’m straddling him right now. I know that this’s considered inappropriate but nobody was looking in here, right?

“Luler, do you still insist that you want to stay with me…like this?”

“Like this? Did you mean when you’re straddling me? I like it actually.”

“That’s not what I meant! I meant the matter about us.”


“We are engaged because of a political reason. You do know this, right?”

“It’s not like that…”

“Even if it’s not like that but it is still a fact.”

“What the problem?”


“Shiwa don’t like to be engaged because of a political reason. Am I right?”

“Not quite…”

“I want to be what’s special to Shiwa.”


“Can’t I be special to Shiwa?”

“I still haven’t told you that you can’t be yet.”

You didn’t have to make sad puppy eyes, idiot!

I’m really a soft-hearted person after all. I could only sigh many times. I only want to pressure him, but in the end, I’m the one who is pressured by him.

What was I scared of? I knew that Luler wouldn’t harm me.

He wouldn’t do a thing like that ever.

I had an ideal family and a perfect life.

My life is good but that’s what made me scared about the future the most. In my past life, I also had a good life and a love that should be beautiful.

But everything…

was falling apart in front of me.

It’s the same to the point that it’s scary.

In the future, If I meet with the same old story, Is it because of Hades’s curse?

“Are you alright, Shiwa.”

“I’m alright. It’s just…”


“I feel like I cheat.”


Luler, if I told you that I knew everything that was about to happen, I’m not Shiwa who’s supposed to live in this body and I was the reason that you changed to this…

Would you think that I cheated?

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