Villain heal chapter 46

“Shiwa…Shiwa, wake up.”

“Um? What? It isn’t even morning yet.”

My sweet dream was suddenly interrupted by Luler in the middle of the night. Well, if it wasn’t Luler who woke me up then it must be some mystery energy out there.

“It’s already past midnight. It’s a new day.”


“My gift.”

“Did you wake me up because of this matter?”

His sparkling eyes answered my question very well. After seeing his expectations for my gift, I was a little scared that he wouldn’t like it. But it couldn’t be helped because I already bought it.

I picked the paper bag from the under of my bed, took the black box out, and handed it to him. He went still for a while after opening it before he said…

“A collar?”

“It’s a choker.”

Why did everyone see this as a collar?

“If you don’t like it then you don’t have to…”

“No, I like it. I like it very much.”

I was about to hold my hand out to grab the choker back but Luler brought it out of my reach. I wasn’t sure that he really liked this gift, but if he insisted…

“Shiwa, can you help me put on it?”


I reached behind his neck to put this choker on him. It’s really easy to put on and remove it. You only had to unclasp the hook once then it’s free.

“How about it? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

“Not at all, It’s very soft.”

“It looks good on you just as I thought.”


“What? You are making a weird noise.”

“This is just like I belong to Shiwa.”


His cheeks were starting to blush. He also gave me a weird smile, unlike the normal one he usually gave me. It wasn’t a collar. Haaa…It couldn’t be helped if nobody understood it.

“You can say it like that. If you belong to me, then don’t act mischievous with anyone.”


“But you have to sleep right now, you have to remove it before that because it will strangle you in your sleep.”


He unclasped his choker, put it on his nightstand, and then snuggled inside the blanket…

‘Pang!! Pang!!’

“Shiwa!! This is your room, right!? Shiwa!!”

At the moment that I was ready to flop down on my bed, a loud bang could be heard from outside. All right! I didn’t think I could get a wink of sleep tonight!

I walked to the door and opened it. Ren was standing outside with an unconscious Shelyn in his arms. His face almost lost all of its colors, and he also didn’t wear his blindfold just as always. His blue eyes were really beautiful. I didn’t understand why did he have to hide his beautiful eyes?

“Shiwa, thou are a doctor, right? Shelyn, she suddenly passed out! and…She still hasn’t woken up yet since then.”

“You have to calm down. Bring her inside. Maybe she just wants water.”

I led him to my bathroom and turned the faucet to let the water filled my bathtub. After Ren put her inside the bathtub, her pair of legs began to change into a fishtail. Just a moment later, she got her conscious back.

“Onii-sama…” Her eyes were slowly opening up. She took a look of her surrounding.

“Shelyn…Shelyn, I’ve been worried sick about thee!” He jumped up to hug her the moment when she sat up.

“When did I come here?”

“Not too long. You must be sleep-walking and passed out, right?” I turned off the faucet before the water was going to flood my bathroom.


“It’s nothing. Thou only had a nightmare. Thou should come sleep with me in my room from now on. I can’t let thee sleep alone anymore.”

“Yes, onii-sama. But your blindfold…”

“I-i forgot it in my room but thou don’t have to be worried. I will wear it immediately after we go back to my room. Thou don’t have to be worried, Shelyn.”

“No, it’s not that. You don’t have to wear it anymore.”

“I’m not being bothered by it, Shelyn. I wear it because I’m satisfied with it. Thou don’t have to be worried.”


He tenderly patted her head with a warm smile on his face, but Shelyn seemed to be depressed. It would be considered rude if I were to ask any question about the two of them, but they were really acting suspiciously.

“Thank thee for thy help today. I’m in debt to thee once again, I will surely repay it back to thee.”

“Don’t be, It wasn’t too much. I have a feeling that Shelyn probably has a sleeping problem. I will give you lavender candles to light it up when you’re going to sleep. It will help you sleep better in the night.”

“Thank you very much.” Shelyn nodded her head to me to give her gratitude. I really worried about her when I saw her appearance.

I left them to stay together in the bathroom as I came to bring lavender candles out of my drawer for Ren. Luler’s red eyes continued to stare at me. I thought that he had gone to sleep a long time ago.

“What? Why haven’t you asleep yet?”

“Shiwa brought a man into this room when I’m still here, I really can’t bring myself to sleep.”

“This’s necessary. You should know better to differentiate between this and that.”

“I know. Humph!”

ฺBut you still wanted to sulk about it, huh.

You were really hard to please person. I had a feeling that I was also a part of the reason why he was like this.

“Don’t be like that. If those two go back to their room, why don’t we do something exciting together?”


“Yes, how about it?”


You were really easy to sulk and coax…

I bought almost ten candles for Ren. Ren was both carried Shelyn and held the bag contained the candles. I tried to tell him that I would bring it to his room, but Ren refused it. He told me He didn’t want to bother me any more than this.

When I came back inside, Luler sat on the bed waiting patiently.

“Those two are gone, Shiwa.”

“I know.”

I opened the drawer of my nightstand to bring out the cane that I had bought it from a long time ago. I still didn’t have a chance to discard of it yet, but I also didn’t think to use it in this way…

“Kneel down.”


His face was starting to have a blush and his breath was also quickening up. Both of these told me that his heart must have beat like crazy and want to pierce through his chest right now.

“I was determined to sleep as soon as possible today. What will you do to take responsibility for it?”

“You can do whatever you want, Shiwa.”

“But if I have to stand all this time, I will get tired, Luler.”

“Um, alright…”

He knew his duty even when I hadn’t said anything outright. He crawled to me and let me used his back as a chair. When I sat on him, he let out a weird noise.


“What happened? If you don’t feel good then…”

“No! Not at all…Good, it’s really good…Huff…Gasp…”

I wouldn’t talk about this matter then.



I only smacked him lightly on his waist. Because this was a cane, it actually made a loud noise than it should actually be. I didn’t think a pain as painless as this would pass through his clothes, but it still hasn’t failed to create a little bit of an excited feeling.

That’s right…I should make it more excited than this.

“If you see it then it won’t be excited anymore…That’s right…I really like the ribbon that you bought it for me at that time. Do you know it? I wear them every day.”

“Um…I’m happy that you like it.”

“Because it’s something very important so…”

I pulled it down from the nightstand and tied it around his eyes.
Ah…Why did my heart seem to beat faster than before? I feel weird but in a good way.



“Which do you like it more between when you can see it or when you can’t see?”

“W-when I can’t see…”

“You are awfully honest about your feeling…”

“Because when we are doing it like this, Shiwa looks happy. So I…”

“What? What are you talking about?”


Me…Did I look happy?

The thing that I was doing right now is for your therapy! About being happy…I didn’t feel my fingers inched when he responded to any of my action…I also didn’t want to try stepping on him in the least bit…I didn’t feel…

‘Bathump Bathump’

How could it be like that!!!?

“Enough, I’m getting sleepy.”

Before I won’t control myself anymore, I threw the cane away from me and lay down on my bed to sleep.

“Shiwa, are you getting angry at me? Ne…Shiwa.” Luler took the ribbon off his eyes and crawled on my body.

“No, I’m not angry with you.”

“Can I hug you?”

“Do what you like. I want to sleep now.”
Luler shifted to lie near me as I changed to lie on my side. Today would be the day that was the most difficult for me to sleep because my heart was still beating too hard, too far from its normal pace.

I wasn’t the kind of person whose preference was a fondness of a violence…

I wasn’t mentally sick, you know!!!


A licking flame was lighted up from a candle in this bedroom. Ren placed a candleholder on the nightstand. It was in a distance that not too near or not too far from Shelyn, who was still lying under a blanket on his bed.

“It’s really a wonderful smell. I think thee will have no problem getting sleep tonight.”


“Hm? What is it, Shelyn?”

“I…Have I done something bad?”

“Something bad? Thou haven’t done anything like that, my Shelyn.”

“Shelyn, I’m not bothered by it. Haven’t I already told thee about this?”

“I know that I’m not really your real sister, but no matter where I am, I’m still a burden to you. I have caused you nothing but problems, both of what happened today and about enrolling in this school.”

“How can thee say it like that!? Shelyn, thou mustn’t say something like that again. Thou are very important to me. Thou are my most important person. I’m willing to do everything that I can do for thee. Don’t say something like that again.”

“I’m sorry.”

“What are you saying sorry for? Thou aren’t at fault. Go to sleep, you have to rest.”

He bent down to kiss at her cheek and carefully lower his body down to his bed. He slowly closed his eyes and a sound of his steady breathing could be heard throughout the room.

Onii-sama…Would you have a better life if I didn’t exist?

Shelyn looked at the man, who had taken care of her for almost ten years, with a remorse in her eyes.

It would be better if he hadn’t met her.

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