Villain heal chapter 49

A strong person didn’t have to depend on anyone.

I always thought like that. A weak person had to live under the strong. If I didn’t want to be under anyone, I only had to become stronger. Since I could remember, I had been living inside this castle all alone. I could count a day that I met with my parents on the fingers on one hand. However, dragons didn’t have to depend on our parents that much in the first place. We had to be strong by ourselves. That’s the way of the dragon.

They gave me many treasures, so this’s counted as them completing their parent’s duty.

One day, I went outside. I heard a voice while I was swimming. It’s very beautiful, but I could feel a sorrowful tone in them. It was this feeling that kept pulling me towards the source of this voice. I was met with…

A little blue mermaid…

“Onii-sama!! Uwaaaa!”

She jumped up to me without any sign of her terrifying at the sight of me. Normally, small animals would get scared at me, but she wasn’t like that.
I didn’t have a sister, but to have a young girl hugged me like this. It was such a strange feeling but in a good way.

I decided that I would adopt her.

She would become my sister.

I didn’t know how much time had passed by. For me, the time seemed so short. Shelyn, my adopted sister, had grown up beautifully each day.

At first, we couldn’t full-heartedly trust each other, but when I gently called her name, she would smile and jump up into me just like a small animal. I didn’t know when had her smile become something important to my life. When she happily jumped into me, I wanted to tightly hug her, but she would break apart. She was something that I must cherish it.

In each day, I had to fight other dragons that tried to overthrow me. Normally, I would ignore them, but If I didn’t accept those challenges, they may choose Shelyn as their target.

She was so fragile like a glassware. Crushed her and she would break apart.
Other than me, I wouldn’t permit anybody to touch her!

“Have those people come again?”

“Yes, but thou don’t have to be worried. I will chase them away just like always.”


“MY baby, why do thee making a crying face like that?”

I lightly stroked her snow white cheek using a little strength as much as possible. If I used any more force than this, she would be breaking into pieces.

“I don’t want you to hurt.”

“I will hurt a hundred more times if thou are the one who gets hurt. Thou don’t have to be worried. I will chase them all away.”

Your crying face was what made me felt hurt very much…This feeling, I couldn’t felt like this even when I was with my family. When it’s about her, I felt restless every time.

Was this love?


Shelyn became strange.

When she was eight years old, she was starting to have a weird symptom. She would wake up and walk around in the middle of the night. When a maid came near her, she would get distraught and fell unconscious. She couldn’t remember a thing when she woke up in the next day.

It was strange…too strange.

One night, I observed her when she fell asleep. When It’s was midnight, Shelyn suddenly woke up and walked out of her room without any destination. When I was seeing that, I walked towards her intending to call her back, but…

“Don’t come near me!!” She shook my hand away.

“Shelyn, It was me, your brother.”

“N-no! Onii-sama didn’t have eyes like that! Let go of me!”


Her small hand slapped at my left cheek. I didn’t feel hurt by her slap at all, but my heart was in agony. Shelyn ran out of my castle while I closely followed her.

“Shelyn, don’t go that way!”

The path in front of her led to a cliff, under the cliff was a turbulent wave from the sea that continued to dash against it. She was too weak to swim in the turbulent wave like that! If she fell down then…

“Nobody was here…so…I shouldn’t live too…”


She jumped out of the cliff without any hesitation. I immediately changed into my dragon form and rushed past those rocks to catch her just in time. My dragon’s body was bigger than the castle, so when I collided with the water, It would make an earthquake causing so much damage to the surrounding of this area. If it was possible, I wouldn’t change to this form ever.

I knew myself the best that I wasn’t her real brother…If she thought that I wasn’t her brother anymore, would she turn her back to me like this again?
After that day, I always covered my eyes even when Shelyn told me that I didn’t have to do that…But I had a special sense that enabled me to know my surroundings even if I couldn’t see it, I didn’t have a problem with this arrangement.

If I could do it, I wanted to imprison her inside a beautiful cage that I made. She wouldn’t disappear from me this way, but…

She wouldn’t smile at me anymore…

As time went by, her condition was worsening. The people around me told me to let her went back to her race. But I couldn’t do that! Don’t joke with me!! There’re only monsters in this world. What was her fate? Did you want to let her met the same fate just like her family!?

At that moment, I thought of something. It’s about the demon school that opened to any kind of demons without discrimination. If she could study in that school and met a friend around her age, It’s possible that her pressure would be lightened. Maybe Shelyn would be healed from this unidentified disease.

Even if the hope was very slim…

“What are they doing? They haven’t even come back yet…!” He was called Teo. Teo was the prince of the wolf clan that lived on the eastern continent of the demon world. He complained while tapping on a table.

“Don’t be hot-headed. The girls also have to do some business in their way…” This man was Lookz. He was the one who was currently playing a chess with me.

“Those men…won’t bother, right? I mean Shiwa…” and this man was Luler. He was the prince of the vampire who owned this land. Even though he didn’t look anxious, everything was clearly showed in his eyes.

I was waiting for Shelyn and her friends to come back. Shiwa suggested bringing Shelyn to played in the town. Maybe she would be healed from the pressure coming from staying in the different surrounding like this. To move to this school, the most important thing was to be accustomed to the town. If she couldn’t then she could get stressed from this.

I also didn’t fully understand all of this, but it sounded good to have her outside with her friends. Though I was more worried about the opposite gender that would come to bother her because her cuteness wouldn’t have a mercy on anyone. But for Shelyn, I decided to let her have some fun.

Shelyn…I hoped that you would ring a bell the instant when another man was trying to touch you…!

“Bella…She won’t become involved in another man who’s not me!”

“You seem to have so much confidence, huh….?”

Lookz and Teo were speaking something while I lost in my thought.

“You too, Teo. I once saw Akane talk to a group of men for a very long time…”

“When was that!!? Who are they!?”

“It would be good if I know, but I didn’t know them.”

Teo was trying to coerce the truth from Lookz.

“But…Bella once received…a flower from her classmate too…”

“What? When was that? Why didn’t she report this to me!?”

“Maybe it…didn’t look that important…?”

“Bell…I will talk to you about this when you come back!”

This time, it was Luler who told this news to Lookz. Lookz’ eyes had a ferocious spark that shone so dangerously in them.

Oh…If I didn’t remember it wrong…

“I once saw Shiwa received a gift from a second-year man too.”


“Who is he? Can you remember his face? Does he have a remarkable feature? Which class of second-year is he? Tell me everything that you know…”

When I finished speaking, Luler quickly turned to me with frightful eyes. The aura of a wickedness was oozing from him even I, this great me also startled for a second.

I had to tell him every detail that I could remember while he kept pressuring me. I had to say sorry to thee, that second-year man…

I wished thee the best of luck and hoped that thee would have all of thine thirty-two organs intact to thine body after this.

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TL: Hello, thank you for reading~ That second-year man…RIP. lol

Also thine=your

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    1. It’s something we always use in Thailand. We have a saying ‘You are blessed if you are borned with all of the thirty-two parts/organs’. It’s related to a Buddha medication.

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