Villain heal chapter 52

I chased after them until we came to the class 1. I didn’t think to chase them all the way to here, but it was too much fun to stop it.

At the same time, the boys finally finished their class.



Shelyn rushed to hug him in a flash. Ren quickly scooped her up in a princess style. She hugged him with her shakingly body.

“What happened, Shelyn? Who was the culprit!?”

“T-the fluffy demon.”

“Shiwa!! Shelyn doesn’t like a kitten, so thou shouldn’t tease her too much! What will thee do if she trips and falls down the stairs!? …my Shelyn, thou have me. Thou don’t have to be scared of a little kitten like that.”

Ren turns to scold at me and turned to comfort Shelyn with a completely different face. It liked he just put a different mask on his face.

Akane ran to hide behind Teo and peeked her head out after some time.

“Aren’t you a fox? Why are you getting scared of a kitten like that?” Even though Teo just said something like that, he tried to keep Akane away from me.

“Don’t let that thing deceived you! That fluffy demon…has a pair of sharp fangs and nails. It will trick you to make you like them because of its cute face…Then…After that…” Akane, you had a bad experience with a cat, right?
On the other hands, Bella just stood in front of Lookz and spread her arms out as though she was going to protect him from this kitten.

“You don’t have to be worried, Lookz-sama. , I-i will be a shield for you. N-no matter what happens from now on.”

“You should be the one who stands behind me.”
Why was it that nobody seemed to like this kitten? It looked really cute, though?

Luler suddenly walked towards me and sneak the kitten away from my hands. He looked like he was in a bad mood. His mood was really hard to predict as It was practically shifting between happy and angry.

“What is it, Luler? The kitten will get hurt if you hold it like that.”

“Even if this is only a kitten, I can’t let Shiwa hugged it.”

He said these without hesitation. It only a kitten. Why did you have to be serious like that?

I didn’t know what to answer him with, so I could only keep silent. Why were they thinking of me as a bad guy here!?

“Then…I will bring this kitten to my mother, err…the headmistress’s room. You all should head to the cafeteria before me.”

I diverted the matter to the other thing. When I finished speaking, the kitten suddenly jumped out of Luler’s hands and bolted to the window in a flash.
What was that kitten doing? It came and went away just as It pleased.

“Forget it, we should go eat dinner.”

All of them nodded in agreement at my words.

When we finished eating dinner, I went into my workshop. Even if I named it my workshop, it still Luler’s room. Because the herb that I gave Luler that time was very effective, I would like to make it more. Even though it wouldn’t make him completely heal, this method was safe and he could slowly get better.

About the taste…He told me that it was hard to drink, so should I try putting some honey in it?

“Shiwa, why don’t you sleep here today?” Luler asked me as he sat on the sofa that he brought in from a long time ago.

“I think it’s better to sleep in my room…”

“Then…I will go to Shiwa’s room?”

“It’s up to you.”

Didn’t he always act just as he pleased?

I concentrated on making the medicine. It began with boiled it down, distilled it until there wasn’t any waste left. I tried to mix a little bit of honey then let Luler had a taste at it. I did this process many times because Luler was the one who ate this. I wanted it to suit his taste.

“How about it?” I asked while handed him a spoon to have him taste it.

“Um, it’s still bitter.”

“What about this?” I added the honey and scooped it up for him.


He shifted his head to taste it, but his action was a little too rush. His nose crashed directly into the spoon. Uwaa, it spilled into my hand.

“Be careful. It’s hot.”

I placed the spoon down and looked around to find something to wipe my hand with. That’s when…

Luler grabbed my hand…!


“This’s delicious.”
He licked my fingers, but It didn’t stop at that. He even licked my wrist too!!

“L-luler! It will become messier than this! l-let me go!”

“Shiwa…your face is red.”

“It’s not red!”


“I told you to let go of my hand!”

I shook his hand off as the heat kept rushing up to my face.

You still dared to make a happy face like that!

I brought my handkerchief out to wipe at my hand, but this warm feeling refused to leave my hand for a while. I prepared to keep the medicine in a thermos bottle to keep it cool all the time. It was a new innovation in the demon world.
It could keep a low temperature for a long time to maintain a medicine in its right condition. It also could be used as a vacuum flask in the summer, but the price of this was very high. I didn’t think there would be a person who only used this to store a water.

When I wanted to use it, I only had to bring it out. This way, I didn’t have to boil the medicine every day. I brought the bottle to place it in my room and then I took a bath. Luler came into my room not too long after that while I took a bath. I heard the sound of the door and his voice, so I knew that it’s him.
I changed into my pajama then walked out of the bathroom. I saw Luler reading my book on the bed. It was about plants and herbs that I always read.

“Do you also have an interest in this?” I asked him while I was drying my wet hair.

“Um, I want to know about what were you reading about. Is this the medicine that you boiled it for me today?”

“That’s right, the truth is there are many things that I want to bring it here, but that is impossible.”

“Does Shiwa want all of these?”

“No, I don’t know what are you planning to do, but don’t ever bring all of them
here. A thing that can’t be used isn’t that different from a trash.”

“I understand.”

He closed the book and placed it at the headboard. *Sigh* He even knew where my things were, I didn’t think I live alone in this room anymore.

“You should go to sleep. You have to wake up early tomorrow to drink the medicine.”


I told him and turned the light off. I didn’t know how much time passed, but I could hear a cat’s sound.

When I opened my eyes, I saw the same black kitten hitting against my window at the verandah. This kitten…How could it know that this was my room? Was it my scent?

I opened the window to let the kitten in.

“It’s cold outside, right? It can’t be helped. I will let you sleep in here.”

The kitten followed me along to my bed. I closed my eyes as the kitten sleeping in the opposite position from Luler.[TL: I think their sleeping position may be like this: The kitten / Shiwa / Luler.]

Then I went off to the dreamland.


I slowly sat up on my bed and stretching my body for two to three times to shake my laziness off. Luler was still in a deep sleep. What about the kitten…


When I turned to find the kitten that should be sleeping there, I voicelessly gasped. The kitten wasn’t there anymore, but…

Why was a b-boy here?

He was also naked!!?

“Yawn…Is it morning already?”

He slowly opened his eyes propped himself up. He had a chin-length black hair with a pair of soft-looking cat ears of his head. His eye was yellow in one and blue in the other eye. He wasn’t entirely handsome, but rather he was more of a pretty boy. His skin was white like a pearl.

He was naked from his neck and down to his hip. I didn’t know any more than that because the blanket covered him up, but It was enough for me to imagine that he didn’t wear anything else!


I wanted to shout or scream, but the sound was all bunched up in my mouth. If I screamed, Luler would wake up instantly!!

“Good morning…Before that…”



I froze on that spot for a moment. H-he kissed me on the cheek!?

“It was a morning kiss. You should kiss me too.”

“No!!! Get off of my bed right now!!!”

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Mysterious man= black cat
Luler = white cat
Black cat VS white cat!!

TL: Hello, thank you for reading~

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