Villain heal chapter 55

This word was hanged in the air for a moment causing all of the people in the room to fall silent.

I looked back and forth between Sera and Noir. Even Akane and Bella were also acting just like me. I was glad that I wasn’t the only one who’s panicked over this. For demons, It was normal to have an appearance that doesn’t correspond to their age. But in Noir’s case, he looked too young. He even looked younger than me!!

“Oji-sama, why are you doing here?”

“I heard that my grandchildren, who’s been missing for ten years, works as a maid here, so I come here. You look good, Sera.”

“Thank you very much for your caring.”

“You should know that I’m not only here to see you, right?”


“Don’t be like that. I have to travel for miles to come here so I won’t come back empty-handed.”


He stared at us, an outsider, with a forced smile. He wanted to send all of us out of this room. The first person who stood up was…

“We should go, Bell.”

“Ah, yes.”

Lookz stood us and told Bella to follow him.

“Shelyn, It’s that time. We should go then.”


Ren ignored Shelyn’s protest and pulled her away from this room.

“Stand up…”

“Ne! Don’t order me! No! Let go of me!”

Followed with Teo who pulled Akane out of this room together. Ah, everyone had gone. I ought to go out from this room too, but…

“I want to talk with her first as her master.” I spoke up while giving him a death-stare.

“That’s fine.”

“Luler, go out first. I will follow you after talking with Sera.”


He was angry with me right now because he was scowling at me. But he was still listening to me as he walked to the door. Why did I have to be the one who had to make up with him first? I am a woman, you know!!

Sigh…It’s no use complaining about this.

I stood up and looking at Sera sending her a signal to follow me to the next room. This room was the security room so I could be sure that it was sound-proof. Nobody was going to hear what we were going to say.

“Okay…We have been together for a long time. I admit that I don’t know who are you or where did you come from. I don’t care about that too, but…”
“Shiwa ojou-sama.”

“I didn’t call you here to talk to you as your master.”


“But I come here as your friend…I think you can say it like that?”


Her eyes widen before gave me a gentle smile.

“Fufu, Shiwa ojou-sama was more like a sister than a friend. But ojou-sama wasn’t like a child, It’s a little difficult to call you that.”

“Um, if you want to think like that then It’s all right.”
A tense atmosphere around her was beginning to disappear. She exhaled a long sigh before she begun to understand my intention for bringing her here.

“I’m the youngest daughter of the Duke in the cat demon clan, but…”


“I’m only an illegitimate child.”

“Did you run away from home because of that reason?”

“It’s not like that. The truth is…”

Her face showed a panic expression as though she didn’t want to talk about it. I also didn’t want to force her, but I only want her to relax. I could see it at the first glance that she didn’t get along well with her uncle. When I heard that she was an illegitimate child, it made me wanted to stop her meeting with him. Sigh…Was I the source of this problem?

“You don’t have to say it if you don’t want to.”

“…No, It all right. I also want you to know.”


“I fall in love with a person that I shouldn’t have that kind of feeling towards that person”

“Someone who you shouldn’t fall in love with?”

“That person is my sister’s fiance.”


“But I didn’t do anything sinful or against immorality! I only thought that if I continued to say there, It would only cause me a misery, so I…”

“Ran away from home, right?”

“Yes, I was wandering around at that time until madam helped me. I was your maid because of this reason.”

I couldn’t say anything.

Words were all messily knotting in my throat. I didn’t know what to say to her to make her felt that she wasn’t worthless. Sera was a good person. If she could choose it, she wouldn’t choose to fall in love with that man. But we couldn’t choose who to love, could we?

When I thought like this, I felt a heartache. It’s as though there’s something piercing at my heart.

Why did I have to think about something in the past? A repeating flashback from the past: a flashback where my fiance hugged my friend. No, I wasn’t the old me. It wasn’t like that anymore.

“But this’s not that different from running away from your problem, Sera.”

“I know…”

“I don’t know why you aren’t getting along with your uncle. But When he said a word ‘family’ to me, he really means it. His eyes weren’t lying at all.”


“Why don’t you try talking to him while you aren’t averting your eyes?”

“I don’t have a bad feeling towards my Oji-sama, but…”


“Oji-sama was a teaser like this for a long time ago. He once lied to me that he was my brother then made me call him ‘brother’ until I was fifteen years old. He even told me that a basil’s leaf could be eaten it raw, my throat was sour very much. He did everything he could to tease me…”

Sera used his hand to put over her cheek with a tired expression. When I kept picturing what she’d told me, I felt bad for her.

What about…

“Your uncle…Err…How old is he?”

“Oh, about my oji-sama’s age. Um, I think this year will be his two hundred and fifty for him?”

“I-is that right?” Sorry to think of him as your brother, Sera.

“But we, black cats, were different from normal demons. Our lifespan isn’t the
same to each other. Some can live to a thousand years, but for some can only live to a mere hundred years. There’s only a few who can live that long.”

“It’s really a strange life.”

“We are a demon that related to a soul of the death, our lifespan won’t be fixed by a mere number.”

“That’s right, Sera”


“Do you still feel nervous right now?”

“Ah! N-not at all!”

“That’s the best then. I won’t ask for you to stay here, and I won’t ask for you to go away. But if you don’t want to go then I will help you in every possible way. Do you understand?”

“Huhu, yes.”

“Why are laughing?”

“It’s nothing. I only thought that ojou-sama hasn’t acted like a child at all.”

“What? Are you underestimating me because I’m only thirteen years old?”

“It’s not like that!”

“Go talk with your uncle right now!”

I pushed her back in the direction of the door. Noir, who was sipping at his tea, looked up and glancing in our way with a Cheshire smile before asking…

“Okay, Sera. I don’t want any more time than this. Will you come back home with me? Hm?”


“What is it? Why do you make a face like that?”

“It’s nothing. I only thought that you will tell me to come home right away or something along those lines…”

“When I told you that I won’t come back empty-handed, I meant I won’t go back without hearing your answer. If you don’t want to go back then how can I heartlessly force you to come back with me?”


“All right, what is your answer?”


Sera stood still for a second before lightly smiled…




I slowly closed the door and left those two to discuss in the room until they could agree their departure’s date. I thought that she would stay here, but she told me something a moment ago that…

“I want to tell this feeling to him…At least, It won’t torment my heart anymore. I can finally forget him…”

It was something only a strong person would say.

…I was beginning to feel envy of her.

‘Tap Tap’

I wasn’t walking for long before I met with Luler who leaned over a wall.

“You still don’t go back to your class?” I walked towards him.

“I’m waiting for Shiwa.”

“You don’t have to wait for me because we…”

“I have to wait for you because I want to know…”


“Why is that man here?”

“It’s nothing.”


In that instant, he grabbed me to a wall in the hallway as he pushed his hand to the wall. What was he going to do this time!!?

Don’t tell me that this was…

A kabedon?

“How can It be nothing?”


His blank red blood eyes made me a goose-bump. Even though our height was almost the same, I still felt a pressure coming from him. It was like something was pressing me from above.

“I don’t like it at all When Shiwa is hiding something…”

His freezing eyes are making me freeze here on this spot…

I couldn’t even move my mouth.

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To end the story like this is only something the professional would do.// was slapped.

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