O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 2: The ending is…WTH!

After taking a bath, drying my hair, putting on some powders, putting on my favorite cat shirt and my comfortable boxer, I went to sit in front of my computer again.

My hands itched to select the game which I received a moment ago, but my eyes caught a glimpse of the game icon that I had been playing all this time.

Hold on.

The only thing left was the last scene of the main game. Should I play the main game to the end?

“Although I want to know Carina’s past, I have to bring her to the ending scene first. At least, she will get married. Fine, this is for her fulfilled life!”

Not long after, I went into the ending scene.

I was in her body again, and she was walking into the military base aka the government office of The Republic of Askilnia. Every soldier saw me as their leader, so they saluted me when I walked past them.

If you wanted to ask me why they had to do that, it’s because I would get married to their boss soon. I would be like a madam to this base.

Evan Odonnell.

He was a stern young hero who was an attractive person, but he was also emotionless too. It could be said that he was the boss of the hero side. More importantly, he was my boyfriend. I meant this character’s boyfriend.

I was a little bit unlucky in that area. Don’t mind me.

For me, who was an expert in this game, I didn’t have any problem with either mode. I was excel both in the battle mode and the story mode where I had to keep a relationship with other characters.

I was an expert, so no matter mode that was, I had to be the best in it.

I kept my back straight while walking to pose as the powerful leader in this base. The destination was the room of the highest leader in the north region of this country.

The Republic of Askilnia, just as the name stated, they didn’t have a monarchy. Instead, they had split into three regions. You could say that they each hold the power equally. One of these three was Evan or my fiance-to-be in the near future.

In this ending scene, I would get married to him.

I saw Evan when I opened the door. He had light brown hair, and also intense look in his golden eyes. He was reading a border map right now to prepare a plan to deal with other empires for the sake of preventing a war. It was the same just like every time. But this time, it was different from other times because he suddenly looked up to see me.

Normally, when he was working, no matter how sexy my outfit was, he would be indifferent to it. My eyes met the coolness in his eyes, and I didn’t know what to say.

It was because

There wasn’t a script here!

“Carina.” He softly said before standing up from his chair. There was a hint of pain in his eyes, and that’s when she felt a sense of foreboding.

It looked like this ending wasn’t a marriage scene.

I crossed my arms and acted in Carina’s behavior that I was familiar with. He sent a subtle sign that he wanted me to hold his hand. This was typically considered a sweet act from a cold and solemn man like him. I sighed before grabbing his hand.

Well, it felt good to have a handsome man doing a thing like this if not for the strange look on his face right now.

He looked into my eyes before spoke in the most gentle tone I had ever heard since I played this game. “Come with me for a moment.”

“Why? Are you tired?” I asked him.

He nodded. He spoke a little as he was a silent type. He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of this room. We walked past the glass tunnel leading to the outside of the military. Evan looked to be in a daze and a little bit tense at the same time. I couldn’t help but turned to ask a soldier trailing behind me about what’s happened.

“The empire is coming close to our border now.”

I listened and nodded. I could understand why he was so tense.

We continued to walk further away from the base until we went past the border fortress. This made me torn between whether the hero wanted to act sweet with me, or he wanted to expel me from this country. However, I didn’t dare to speak anything, I feared it would ruin the scene.

The first rule to play as a professional in the story mode was that you shouldn’t use your emotion too much. Be careful of how you interacted with other characters because it would lead to different endings.

I should be optimistic about this kind of situation. Maybe he only wanted to ask for my hand here.

Not long after, he brought me to stand on a hill surrounding by a snowfield. He stood still and turned to look at me. The coolness in the air made his face flushed so I, as his girlfriend, took my coat off and covered him with it.
I was the queen of snow. I couldn’t get cold in this -14 degree Celsius, you know.

His eyes soften a bit when I covered him with my coat. Normally, he would act stern as though he was emotionless in front of other peoples, and that’s sometimes included me too. But when we were alone, he would show another side of him, his weak side, to me.

A hero also had a heart too.

“What’s happened, Evan?” I stretched my hand out to touch his handsome face.
I looked at my lover in the game. I happily played along even though this was a fighting game of a superhero. The romance here wasn’t losing to a normal otome game in the least bit. I thought while I was holding his hand. I asked him.

“What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?”

He softly said. “I only want to see your face.” The stern hero said before he used his hand to caress my cheek. “You are very beautiful, Carina. I want to spend more time with you.”

He looked at me as if we wouldn’t see each other again. A moment after, he took a deep breath and turned to look at the fortress. It seemed like he could move on from me now. He refused to look at my face and said.”But you have to go right now, Carina. We have to end it now.”

“What!?” I shrieked because of the change in the script.

Hadn’t he just complimented me a moment ago? Why did he suddenly chase me out?

“Don’t make me do anything to you. Go away.” He repeated.


“I know you are from the empire.”

I could only cross my arm tightly because I was beginning to understand something. Not long before, there’s a hero named ‘Dasia’. She acted as if she wanted to steal Evan from me. Unfortunately for me, she was more of a heroine than me, at least, in other player’s eyes.

“Did Dasia tell you?”

“I don’t want to believe it, but that’s the truth.”

“Why do you believe it, Evan? I’m your lover, not Dasia.”

Evan turned to look at me before drawing his gun out. His action made me surprised because I didn’t think he would do it. But that’s not weird as he was a resolute person. He was firm in his decision and accepted the consequence no matter what happened. All of these were an important quality for a leader, but these wouldn’t be good as a lover.

Since he turned his gun towards me then I would admit to what’s going to happen after this.

I crossed my arms before fuming in anger. “Was it Dasia? Is it Dasia who has been staying inside your heart?” Her eyes were beginning to fill with tears. Oh, I played my role perfectly.

Well, I hadn’t had a boyfriend since forever. At least, I wanted to try acting like a woman who was heartbroken by this cheating man!

Evan gritted his teeth. He turned to the side and said. “Go away. Don’t make me do this.”

“Do it.”

Such a foul-mouthed… Would it hurt for real if I was shot!?

“Go, before others see us here.”

I frowned and said. “I still didn’t understand what’s Dasia told you bef…!”

I still hadn’t finished my sentence because he already shot at me. It’s a good thing I was quick enough to make an ice barrier to shield over me. This meant he was serious about this.

“Go, Carina!” He spoke while gritting his teeth. From what I saw, he looked like he was ready to kill me if it needed be.

He chose Dasia in the end, huh.

I was fuming inside. Even if I didn’t love him from my heart, I only played along the script. He was the person Carina loved the most. But to see him doing something like this to her, I was really getting furious. I used my snow power to create big snowballs and fired to him nonstop.

“Go to hell!” I shouted to him for the last time before stomping away from that spot. I didn’t want to see this unfaithful man again.

You easily left me like this when you wanted to throw me away…

So…this was a hero, huh.

Was this really the hero for Carina!?

I, as her fan club, felt as if my heart was broken in pieces. When the ending scene wasn’t the marriage, but it was the broken up scene instead.

Why did a beautiful person like her get threw away like this in the end? I refused to admit this kind of ending.

I stamped down on the ground harder than necessary along the way. Not too long after, I saw a shadow stood there waiting for me. She wore a super thick coat. I knew it was cold in this place, but this was too much.

“Dasia, you must be satisfied now, right?” I crossed my arms and spoke in the tone as if I wanted to pick a fight with her.

The woman on the thick coat turned her face upwards before saying. “That’s for sure, but it’s not enough.”

“What’s going to happen after this then?”

She didn’t say anything, but she started to crack her knuckle. It was pretty clear she wanted to fight me. I was raging with anger now, so I readied myself to fight for Carina’s ending.


The scene in front of me was turning into darkness.

“What!? Isn’t this meant forcing me to enter then ending scene!?” I shouted not caring at all that I was still in Carina’s body. It was just as I expected because my surrounding went completely dark. It meant I was forced to lose to Dasia in this scene.

Arggg! Why was this sequel so terrible? The ending was too awful!

When it became bright again, I found myself half-dead and lying under a pine tree which was covered by snow. The bombing sound was booming from the Askilnia’s frontier. I guessed they must have started the war now.

I looked up to see the dull sky before everything was beginning to fade away.

Carina’s ending was to die, huh.

I want to laugh at myself. I didn’t even though the ending that I had been waiting for would end up in the death of my favorite character.


I really wanted to cry from the sadness because her ending was stupid, so stupid. I understood that the producers wanted to make it as realistic as possible so they would have to kill off some characters. But I didn’t think at all that this would be the end of ‘Carina’, the character I had been playing for almost ten years.

I was really bonded to this character. To think that I wouldn’t her in the next sequel, it seemed like it’s time for me to stop playing this game.

The scene in front of me was starting to turn into the darkness. Her ending was coming soon. I distraughtly prepared myself to accept it. However, there’s a sound of someone walking towards me and hugged me tightly.

I couldn’t see who was it, but I could feel the warmth from his body.

“Carina, you have to quickly get out of this game now.”


He continued to say. “Get out before you die. If not, you won’t have the chance to come back and change everything.”

I frowned and that action made this mysterious man tightened his hug. Then he went to scold at me as if he was my brother. “Get out before I spank your butt!”

Were you sure that was a threat!?

Before the character ‘Carina’ met her demise, I got out of the game. I sat there perplexed in front of my computer again. I went over his words. Which man would threaten to spank my butt?


There’s something worth thinking about in his speech…Go back to change everything in the game. His word was very strange because it looked as if he wasn’t a character in there. He knew that the world wasn’t real.

He told me to get out of the game.

“Who is he?

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Author: Chapter 2 is coming~ We will get into the plot in the next chapter and get to see her brothers too~

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