O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 6: Because I am sad, so he…

“Will we escape from here?”

“No, I mean we will sneak away from this place. We will go outside.”

“Go outside?”

“Umm, let’s go.” He pulled me up from the bed and walked to my window. The wind blew into my room after he opened it.

This was the first time I could breathe a fresh air since I came to live in the research center.

Ansel looked down to check for any guards below. Normally, they would patrol around here. He turned to stare at my face before holding out his small hand to me.

“Give me your hand.”

I raised my brow in thought. I didn’t know what was he going to do, but why did I feel like he was going to jump down from my window. My room was on the tenth floor though.

No way…

“Don’t be dumb, you are too slow.” Ansel grabbed my hand before doing something which was exactly the same as I had thought before.

I jump down with him from the tenth floor. I really thought I would die at that moment. My head would collide with the ground, then I would bleed to death and get a game over message. That’s what I thought, but my body was suddenly floating still in the air. Ansel’s power was enveloping around me.

็This surprised me. I couldn’t help but praise him. “Ansel’s power is awesome.”

“This isn’t the best, though. Let’s go.” He dragged me forward and brought me to stand at an electric fence surrounding the research center’s perimeter. It kept people from entering and exiting. He looked left and right to survey his surrounding.

“Strange, they’re less than I thought.” He murmured.

I nodded in agreement.

Normally, this place would be under tight security. We were supposed to see some guards when we looked down from our room, but we hadn’t seen one since we came out of my room.

It was strange…

Ansel ignored the abnormality in this situation. He ducked under the fence, exactly the spot where there was a small bush covering it. Surprised with his action, I was about to tell him that it was too dangerous to be near the fence because we could get shocked by it. But it looked like I didn’t have to be worried at all because I saw an exit behind the small bush.

The hidden exit was very small, but we, as a child, could crawl through it with ease.

“Follow me, I will bring you to somewhere.” He turned to speak at me after we were outside.

I nodded before crawling after him. I wasn’t scared about whether people were going to see us or not because stealth was something I was the best at. When I played solo in the game, I always busily ran around in a map. It was almost my habit to do that. This time, I also had Ansel who wasn’t afraid of death at all as my accomplice too. My habit was surely returning again.

That’s a normal thing, right? A gamer should be an explorer…

When we were out of the perimeter’s range, we found out that behind of the research center was a forest. Ansel quickly grabbed my hand before running towards the forest. We didn’t stop until we reached a small hill. The hill had a tree in the middle of it. It looked stunning when the moonlight reflected on its green leaves.

“Let’s go to that place.”

They walked towards the hill before sitting near each other. I had only been in the research center, the nursery, my bedroom since I had been playing this game. It was impressive to see nature like this.

Cold air blew past us, glittering stars in the sky, the shining moonlight, and the sky was breath-taking.

I was beginning to feel aesthetic…

“Why do you suddenly bring me here, Ansel?”

“What happened to you today,” Ansel said. He turned to see my face before continuing his speech. “I saw everything. I’m sorry about your Jackson…”

“It died because of me.” I regretted it instantly when I said it. Before I was unconscious, I remembered acting out of control like how the game wanted me to be. I unintentionally screamed so loud and released my ice power to freeze everything. That included Jackson too.

It died now…

I was beginning to feel sad when I thought about it. That moment, when my frog was freezing to death, made me wanted to cry. Ansel handed me something which made my eyes widened.


“It didn’t die?”

“It died, but I made a toy for you. This is easier to keep, and it will be useful much more than that frog of you…I know it can’t replace your frog, but I don’t want to see you getting sad.”

I received it from him and noticed it was that Jackson who stayed with Carina in every sequel. I hadn’t thought once before it would come from Ansel. The ruthless villain in the future.

The new Jackson was a small frog robot. It could spy, and do many things in place of Carina. Added to the fact that it was very cute with its big round eyes. When I saw the frog robot which was jumping around on my hand, I was overwhelmed.

I turned to look at him before hugging him firmly. Ansel also didn’t feel repulsed by it, he used his hand to stroke my back to console me.

Even though Ansel was a villain, a ruthless person, and he was far from the word ‘gentle’, he could understand my sensitive feeling.

When I was sad, I had him neared me.

Sob…My life was too good.

“Thank you, Ansel.” I softly said before lowered my head to stare at the ground. I hadn’t thought before that a simple and hi-tech toy would make me this overwhelmed.

What was happening to my heart right now? Was it the script?

“Don’t cry.” Ansel said before using his hand to shake my head in consolation, but it looked to be a brutal act instead.

I released my hug and innocently asked him. “Are you this worry about me?”

When Ansel heard it, he instantly pushed me away and shouted at me. “Who worries about you? I do this because it’s too cold!” He rolled his eyes before complaining. “I won’t do anything if you don’t bother other people when you are sad, but you always cause trouble when you cry.”


I just noticed I was the cause of these frozen grasses…

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t bother.” He used the hand which was shooking my head previously to gently stroke my back. “The truth is I don’t want you to get sad.”

When I heard about that, I raised my brow at him. I turned to see him smiling at me. Normally, his smile would be a sadistic smile which he would give it every time he bullied me. But he smiled at me today because he wanted to make me happy.

Oh…Was this the villain?

I tilted my head innocently and asked.”What am I going to do? I don’t want to be sad anymore.”

Ansel made a face like he was in his thought. “Why don’t we play around here for two or three hours before we go back? Natural medicine, you know.”

“But Lookz…”

“He won’t accidentally come to check on you during these two or three hours. There won’t be a coincident like that.” his back fell onto soft grasses. He also pulled me down with him. After that, we looked at the starry sky together.

Right now, we were too young. Our heart was still pure. But it would be another story in the future, Ansel would be a villain, and I would stand on a hero side.

We would be an enemy after that…

I stole a glance at him and saw a light blonde hair boy stared at the sky with loneliness in his eyes. He was a normal boy right now. I really didn’t know what made him on his way to become a villain in the future.

It’s not that…

The truth was I could guess about why did he choose to walk down that path, but what I didn’t understand was his relationship with Carina. It seemed to go well, wasn’t it? Why did he choose a different path from her in the end?

What would happen after this?

“Ansel, you seem to understand me so much.”

Ansel turned to look at me and said. “Aren’t we the same?”

I raised my brow at him. “The same?”

“We are the same. From the time when we were born, we didn’t even know what we did wrong, but we were abandoned by our parent because of their fear towards us. They didn’t even try to take care of us.”

I blinked at him. I really felt pity for him. His eyes were full of sadness. If his parents hadn’t abandoned him, maybe he would be a hero in the future.

“Do you think whose fault is it that makes you fell to this state?”

“What state is it?”

“Right now. You are lonely and alone.”

Ansel only smiled and said. “I’m not lonely, you know. Even if it was the truth that I’m not a sweet child like you. I’m difficult to control, stubborn, mischievous, and causing trouble every day. It reaches to the point where nobody wants to talk to me if it isn’t necessary. I’m not like you who has Lookz who takes good care of you. But you don’t have to be worried, I have you and Oran who understand me. I don’t have any reason to be lonely.”

“Is Oran and I enough for you?”

“A quantity isn’t important when both of you make me felt like I’m in a new family, the family that understands me.”

I looked at him and smiled. I didn’t know when, but I felt our bond was real. I said.

“Hmm…Family…It’s interesting. Oran will be a big brother, I’m a middle child, and you will be the youngest.”

Ansel instantly turned to me and narrowed his eyes. “Who’s the youngest? You should know better than that. You are the one who is the youngest.”

“No way, you are smaller than me, so you have to be the youngest.”

“That’s insane. What kind of standard is that? Haven’t Oran told us that during these ages, girls will grow up faster than boys? When we become a teenager, I will be taller than you.”

“Then when is your birthday?”

“August 25.”

“I was born on July 16. In conclusion, I was born one month earlier, so you have to be the youngest.”

Ansel made a face as though he didn’t believe me.”You are lying.”

“I’m not.”

“I don’t want to be the youngest.”

“Me too.”

We were bickering for some time after that. We didn’t even know when did we stop. But we unconsciously met each other eyes, we let out a laugh at the same time.

Even if it looked like we couldn’t stand each other, but we were the only one who understood each other the most.

We agreed for a truce for a moment and stopped fighting about who would be the youngest. We lied down to talk to each other under the starry sky.

I could say from what happened today that Ansel wasn’t scary at all.


I didn’t forget that one day, the three of us would choose a different path to walk on. Even I, who was Carina’s hardcore fan club, didn’t know we were a sibling before. We also had a bond too.

I lifted my pinky finger to the sky and said. “Do you promise me that we will be a family forever?”

“Why did you speak something like that?”

“I’m scared that, one day, you will abandon me.”

He only smiled and lifted his pinky finger to intertwine with me and said. “I promise, cry-baby Carina. If you don’t have me around, you won’t have anybody who is willing to console you. You will only cry until this world is covered by your ice.”

I almost sobbed mentally when I heard him.

That’s right.

Because she didn’t have Ansel in her life at the end, she died alone on the cold snowfield.

However, I believed everything would change after today.

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