Villain heal chapter 68


I could hear the sound of our heartbeat resounding inside my ears. Even though our body wasn’t warm at all, I didn’t know why it felt so hot.

I didn’t know what to do.

It was the first time for me to be speechless like this. There’s something strange in this situation. Because he normally listened to me a lot more than this!!

“What are you talking about!!? Let go of me!”

“Shiwa, do you love me?”

“Can’t you give me a time to think!?”

“How long is that?”


The grieving in his voice was what causing my mind to be shaken. Well, I didn’t even know what I felt right now? Was I happy, confuse, or excited?

He was always a little boy in my eyes even when he was a stubborn person who didn’t like to listen to anyone. Though, he was a quiet man in outward appearance…

But I liked to think he was a child in a man’s body.

But why did I feel…that he wasn’t the same Luler whom I had always known.
“I don’t know!” I couldn’t think straight because of your eyes!

“Why don’t you have the answer yet? You have ten years to think, you know.”

“What!? Think about what…!”

I tried to retort back but I had to swallow all the words down to my throat.

That’s because my lips were sealed by him. It’s just like his kiss was pushing my mind to fly away to a faraway place. Our fingers were intertwining as we deepen our kiss. My mind must have dropped somewhere along this kiss because I couldn’t control myself anymore.

“You should give in. Shiwa, you love me.” The smile on his face was as if he was the winning one in the end.

“Humph! Don’t get carried away.”

“Umm…I’m infatuated with you too.”

“Urg…Enough of that…Fine, I give in.”

“Give in about what, Shiwa?”

Luler tilted his head a little and looking at me with a pair of innocent eyes. Why did you act just like a sheep when you were the one who straddling me like this!? Your acting was awful, you know!

“I like you. Is this enough for you?” I averted my eyes away from him. I could guess that my face must be brushing very hard right now. Damn it…I didn’t really want anyone to see me in this state!

“Like? Is it only that?”

“ํY-you! Alright! I love you! That should be enough, right!?”

“Fufu, Shiwa’s face is so red.”

He used the tip of his finger to lightly caress my left cheek. He was having fun corner me like this. When I thought like this, it was really making me angry!

“If you already have the answer then let go of me! I want to go back to my room.”



“I won’t let you go back.”

He was being an immature child again. I used my hands to push him away, but it wouldn’t budge at all. He even pressed my shoulders close to the bed even more! I could only pray he wouldn’t be serious about those ‘thing’, right?

“Luler, I think we should take a break for a moment.”



“I want to have a child.”

“What!!! What are you talking about!!? We have just turned..!!”

“Sixteen years old, I know, but I want to have it before I can’t anymore.”


You shouldn’t use a sad voice like that…because it would make me…soft-hearted…

“I have already told you when you are with me, don’t speak about the death.”


“Also, your condition was changing for the better. Maybe you will heal in no time!”


“What is it again!? Don’t be clingy and let me go…Kya!”

My right hand was snatched from me as he lightly kissed at the back of my hand with a pair of eyes filled with desire. It made my heart a little shaken.

“I can’t do it, really?”

“What is it…?”

“I love you.”

“Enough of that.”

“I love you very much.”

Our face was separated by an inch apart right now.

I didn’t even know when his face got so close to me.

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    What he is doing to Shiwa is a legitimate reason to dissolve engagement in a typical noble society.

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