O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 7: The beginning of the dark path

One hour hadn’t probably even passed since we were stargazing here before we heard a sound of cars driving into the research center. Judging from the sound, I thought there were more than ten cars.

Both of us thought they must be the employees of this place who came back from their meeting. At that moment, we only had a few seconds to decide whether we should go back or not. We hurriedly went back to our room because the guards would quickly swarm around that area then it would be hard for us to get back.

“You go first, Carina.”

Ansel told me to go first, and then he followed me shortly. We ducked under the electric fence and ran to my room which still had my window opened.

“What’s now, Ansel?” I turned to ask the small villain.

He didn’t answer me. However, he grabbed my hand and used his power to bring us to the room on my tenth floor. When we reached my room, he quickly ran back to his room. I swiftly jumped onto my bed after hearing the sound of a footstep behind my door and closed my eyes.

The rule to be mischievous: You mustn’t let anyone know when you caused trouble.

The door to my room opened after that causing a light to shine into my room. I pretended to wake up because of the light and see Lookz who had panic look on his face walking towards me.

“Have you wake up yet, Carina?”

I nodded, but my head was already thinking about what had happened.

Why did Lookz seem to be…nervous? panic? scared?

He held my arm firmly and looked into my eyes. “Listen to me, Carina. All of you aren’t safe here anymore, so you have to run away from this place.”

“What’s happened?”

“The people in here have already split into two sides. Some of them want you to be this country’s intelligence to go against the empire, but another side, including me, want you to run away. Having a special power is making your life hard enough. You shouldn’t have to live a life that you don’t want to. It isn’t in human’s nature to become a weapon for a war.”

“That means…”

“You will understand all of this someday. But you have to remember this to your heart, you can’t trust any member of this organization.” He interrupted me. He chose to only explain that to me because if he were to go into detail, it would be too long. It would make us too late for something.

My body was of a child, but the real person inside was a fan club who knew the storyline of this game. I understood everything he had just said.

This country was Osnia or The confederation of Osnia. It was Asir colony. Some people in this country was content to be the confederation because of the stability. It was safe from an invasion of another two big countries, but some group of people wasn’t very supportive of this idea. They want this country to be independence.

In the end, there’re people who wanted a child, like us, to grow up as a deadly weapon to go against the empire.

When I thought to this point, I heard a sound right behind my door. Lookz instantly turned to it before telling me to be quiet. He would confront them himself. It was as if he forgot that I had a special power, but he didn’t.


“Be quiet, Carina. You have to find a place to hide.”

I only wanted to tell you to let me deal with them.

It seemed like I was a normal girl in Lookz’s eyes. When I understood his intention, I did just as he said and went to hide in the dark corner of the room. I waited for a signal to run from Lookz.

Lookz went to speak with the group of people outside and a quarrel broke out after that. I saw the scene through the foggy window with stress. Normally, I would be a little worried when I met with this kind of situation. The grown-up Carina was overflowing with her power, but I was in a child’s body right now. I only feared her power wouldn’t come out when I wanted to use it.

Their argument went on for a while, but not too long after that, an unexpected thing happened.


I heard a gunshot from the hallway. The flashing light from the bullet’s path was clear to my eyes before someone’s blood was splattering the foggy window.
Even if the window was dim, but when I looked at its direction, I could only guess it would be from that person.


Pang! Pang! Pang!

I heard the sound repeating again so many times as if it reminded me that it wasn’t a lie.

I could only stand there with my eyes widened. An unknown feeling was forming inside my heart. It was both the ‘inner’ from the game to make the plot continued, and some part of it had come from me.

Lookz was the character that I was closed to a certain extent since I came to live here.

I slowly walked out from my hiding spot as though I couldn’t control myself. My feet strode to the door and forcefully pushed it open in a fearless manner. The first thing I saw was Lookz’s blood-soaked body.

He was breathing with difficulty as though he was near death. But his eyes were still looking at me, his mouth moved to tell me to run.

He only worried about me. He didn’t care about himself at all.

I could only shake my head, my eyes were brimming with tears. I had played this game for a long time, but I hadn’t once seen a scene like this before. Especially when I saw their face, the memory was beginning to resurface as though it was a movie playing in front of my eyes.

I thought of the first day when he came to find me when he gave me the lollipop when he told a bedtime story when he brought me many kinds of food because I was trolling him. Even when he knew I like to tease him, but he still did it for me.
However, he was about to die, and I hadn’t prepared my heart to the scene in front of me.


This wasn’t real, right?

I helplessly walked toward him not minding the fact there were people who would capture me. But why would I care about some supporting characters? I bet they didn’t even have a name.

One thing was for sure, I would take on these wicked people!

I instantly turned to look at the armed person who aimed their gun at me. They all wore black attire. But I could identify who was the leader because he was giving a hand-signal then an order.

“Come with us, monster.”

I vowed to myself that I was sure to grin evilly like those villains and said.

“No way!”

I was beginning to turn Carina into the dark’s side.

This event must be the one that made Carina went into the dark’s side. She couldn’t be a full hero. Even if she grew up to be Evan’s lover, but she was still an anti-hero type. It seemed like she was a hero, but the truth was she wasn’t.

“Capture that child, bring it to me alive. But if it resists, you can kill it!”
After he finished speaking, all of their guns aimed at me in unison. I stared at the guns before stretched my hand out in front of me. With my anger raging inside my chest, my power was gushing out in what looked to be a fearful sight.

In the empty hallway, there appeared to have ice covered the floor, the wall, and the ceiling. The coldness was as though one forgot to close a window in winter. Their breathing was starting to become water vapor. It was a sign that I would unleash all of my power. When their leader saw it, he immediately ordered his unit.


I smirked before pulling my power out. Before their gun could fire at me, a column of ice appeared on the ground and pierced through their body rapidly. It was as if where they stood was a death trap.

It was not that long to see the soldier’s life went out one by one. The guns in their hand were dropping to the ground, and this was the sign indicating how easily I could deal with them.

I looked at my hands in awe. When I played the game, it would go into the battle mode or 2 versus 2 just like any normal fighting game. There wasn’t a team versus one like this before, so I didn’t know a normal person couldn’t do anything to heroes or villain characters.

Carina was really the living weapon.


Lookz’s voice jolted me out of my thought. I quickly turned towards him before trying to support him and ran away together. However, he was a man, but I was only six years old child whose height hadn’t even reached his waist. How could I find the strength to carry him?

Even villains couldn’t do it…

“Go…” Lookz tried to force his voice out.

I leaned into him with both of my hands holding his cheeks. I only wanted to give him warmth while asking. “Lookz, can you walk?”

Lookz didn’t say anything. He only smiled at me and shook his head a little. His eyes suddenly turned to look at something so far away and that’s the last moment before he died.

His body was cold in an instant. I was surprised, so I quickly pulled my hands back. Until now, I hadn’t seen a heartache scene like this before, and everything looked too real.

Lookz died now.

I was also starting to turn Carina to the dark side.

My small hand began to close his eyelids. While I was drowning in my sadness, a hand suddenly touched on my shoulder. When I turned back, I saw Ansel who was giving a ‘Shh’ to me before grabbing my hand and ran away together.

At first, he brought me to the window thinking to escape to the forest behind the research center, but it was already fulled of the soldier in black guarding on the ground.

“We can’t escape through the window now.”

Ansel quickly decided. “We will another way to escape. Let’s go!”

After that, we quickly ran away following the white pathway. We used our body to advantage by ducking into a corner to prevent a confrontation with the soldiers. Even if we had a special power, and we could deal with them easily, but we couldn’t possibly fight them at every turn. We didn’t even know their numbers.

We ran until we were caught by them as many soldiers had finished surrounding us. In the end, we couldn’t avoid any confrontation. However, with our power combined, there would be a calamity two times than normal. There would be no one who could take us on.

Ansel only stretched his hand out in front of him to use his enormous devil power to push the soldier away. The path in front of us was cleared, so I turned back to create an ice barricade to block them from following us.

“We found them. They are running to the exit!”

We were safe from them for some time. But when we reached the exit, there was an army of armed soldiers waiting for us at the end of the path. They aimed their gun to us readied to fire if there’s an order.

To me, It seemed like a slow-motion scene. Even though I was near death, but everything looked so slow.

Ansel turned to look at me, and the look in his eyes told me to do something, but I didn’t know what to do. In the end, I stretched my hand out and unleashed my power in full-force.

I didn’t know what would happen, but I believed in Carina.

A trail of ice was suddenly extending into the sky just like a bridge which went over the head of the soldiers. We used this opportunity to glide on it and relied on its slippery surface to dash forward. We flew past them in just only a second.

I didn’t know how I did it, but this was super cool!

Our body was hovering in the air. The soldier tried to shoot at us, but the bullets couldn’t past through Ansel’s power which was encircling us.

We worked together very well. In the end, we were able to get out of the research center, even if we weren’t out of danger yet. We had to run and run forward.

However, there was another thing which came to my mind later: where we should go next.

“What should we do?” I said this to Ansel while looked around me.

There’s only a large parking lot just outside of the research center. A small road was leading to God-knows-where, but if I remember correctly, it should lead to the town’s entrance. Although we had to pass many left and right to actually find the town.

Argggg, why couldn’t we escape from this!?

I thought while holding Ansel’s hand to the road. I turned to see how far the soldier in black was.

At that exact moment, there’s a light shining into my eyes. A car was parked near us.

The car’s window rolled down before I found out the driver was Oran.

“Carina, get in here and bring Ansel too!” Oran shouted with a sound of its door sprang open.

I was the type who did everything quickly, so I instantly jumped onto the car while grabbing Ansel’s collar to pull him in together. He had to concentrate his power to defend us from the barrel of bullets which were firing rapidly at us. That’s why he couldn’t get in the car himself, so I had to pull him onto the car instead.

When both of us were inside the car, Oran immediately stepped on the accelerator rushing away from here. The door wasn’t even close. Ansel was busy using his power that he didn’t notice his head was emerging out of the car.

Each of them had their duty to do now. Oran had to drive, Ansel had to defend against bullets, and I had to take care of the safety.

I pulled Ansel into a tight embrace before using my power to create a cold breeze to shut the door. After that, everything almost went back to normal. Oran picked a remote up before he turned towards me.

“Ansel, I entrust this to you.”

Ansel nodded before closing his eyes. I suddenly felt his power thickened. Our headlamp was beginning to flickering, but it didn’t seem to be a problem to Oran.

I didn’t know what was Oran intending to do, but after he pressed a yellow button on the remote, there’s a sound of an explosion booming around us. My ears went deaf for a moment.

and then it was as if the scene in front of me went in slow-motion again.

Our cars flew into the air from the explosion. It turned a somersault many times. My body was floating out of my seat as I didn’t fasten my seat belt. To prevent my body to blow away, I tried to grab for something to hold onto, and that thing was Ansel’s head. This made him floated like me too.

Oran continued his drive even if our car was doing a complete flip, but he still sat there as though there’s nothing happened at all. His eyes were calm as if he wasn’t the one who bombed the research center just a moment ago.

This must be what they called: Big things start from a calm mind.


I swore I was beginning to see your villain side.

I prayed for my safety while floating inside our car. But when the car flipped to the normal state, Ansel and I went back to sit in the seat again.

Then the wheels were slightly touching the ground with Ansel’s power, so the car could continue its ride.

When I could breathe comfortably, I had to mentally yelled ‘Oh yesss, Onii-san’ because it was such a life-judging moment. But we made it in the end, and it was a very good feeling.

A villain’s way was awesome!

When everything was finished, Ansel canceled his power because he had already used his power beyond his limit. He closed his eyes, leaned against my shoulder, and went out like a light.

I turned to look at him. His sleeping face was very cute so much that I couldn’t help, but to gently press my cheek into his soft head.

This child was soon-to-be my brother.

Then I turned to look at Oran. His face returned back to normal again because he had taken care of all the soldiers. Simply to say that we were safe now.

“Did you plant those bombs?”

“I immediately took an action when Lookz came to tell me everything. I had thought I wouldn’t see you two again.” He gently caressed my head before saying.

“I’m sorry about Lookz.”

“It’s alright. I’m sure Lookz will be happy to know we have survived for them.”

I smiled before turning to see the research center which was on fire and growing so brazenly. Sadness could be seen in her eyes, but it was there only a few seconds.

We had to move on. By the way, Lookz wanted us to live our life the way we wanted, so we couldn’t drown in the past that we couldn’t change it.

Goodbye, my past,

and hello to the second beginning.

I turned back to look at Oran again before asking. “Oran, don’t you think that this act will make others see us as the vicious villain? Will we be the criminal in everyone’s eye? Will they put out an arrest warrant on us if they know we have escaped? It looks like the Osnia government want to capture us.”

Oran smiled. “I’m alright with being the enemy to this world, just to protect you two.”

I quirked my eyebrow because I didn’t think that would be his answer. However, when I looked into his gentle eyes which were beginning to have a hint of maliciousness in them, I was starting to feel something.

It seemed like this was a premonition about why did the gentle Oran choose to walk down the dark path.

He continued. “Carina, you don’t have to be worried. Someday, if we are powerful enough, nobody will mess with us, not even the government in this small country.”


It was pretty clear about why did he turn to the dark path now, and why did he become the emperor of the Asire empire or the greatest villain.

Everything started from this event.

He only wanted to become powerful to protect his sibling, and I had just known Carina was also the cause of another villain.

The villain that I meant…was currently sleeping against my shoulder at the moment. He didn’t exactly state what he wanted to do, so I didn’t know when did he turn into the dark path.

All in all, Carina looked like a normal character, but she wasn’t a normal character at all!?

Oran reached out to turn on the music. It was that kind of music which could be heard in a bar, but It’s kind of suitable for us, a villain. Then he caressed my head again before saying. “I will protect the two of you from now on.”

I smiled before nodding in happiness.

What’s about it if he wanted to turn to the dark path? Anyhow, he would be much more than the hero in my heart. Moreover, the reason why he had to this evil thing was that all of these so-called good people wanted to take advantage of us. They even forced and harmed us. What choice did we have other than fight back?

Oran and Ansel didn’t want to be a villain, but many people saw them as a monster, a dangerous thing, a weapon. They only wanted to take care of us for their benefits. In the end, they had to choose to be a villain to protect themselves.

It couldn’t be helped, but everything had to have a reason.

I turned back to look at the research center which had already become a pile of charcoal again before thanking Lookz again because he always took care of me. I wouldn’t forget I was indebted to him, and I will live Carina’s life in a way that he wanted.

Sitting for a while, I began to get suspicious of something, so I turned to ask the person near me. “Oran, you are only 13 years old. Do you have a driver’s license?”

“How can I have something like that?”

“Err…you know how to drive…?” My face went pale. Yes, I survived the bomb, but that didn’t guarantee I would survive a car’s accident.

He smiled sweetly when he saw my face before answering in a gentle tone.

“Driving isn’t that difficult, Carina. You see, isn’t it only step on the accelerator like this?” After he finished speaking, he speeded up the car.
I gasped as my head bounced back to my seat, and I was almost thinking I would die for sure. However, nothing happened except for the laughing sound which came from the person near me. The car slowed down to a normal speed, and Oran said.

“It’s only a joke. I think I can drive since I was born.”


I wouldn’t suspicious about the villain in you anymore…


I turned to look at him again. He looked gentle as always, and It was the same just like the first time I met him. He even promised to protect both of us from now on. However, I hadn’t forgotten Oran wouldn’t with us in the future. We walked on different paths as though we were stranger.

What was going to happen to us? It looked to me that we will take care of each other though.

I could only become silent as I spent time thinking inside my head. I thought of something that would sever our relationship apart to the point that we had to fall apart.

What was it then?

I had better find that thing before we had to separate just like what I had known in the plot.

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