Villain heal chapter 72 Luler story III

Since I was coming to this dreaming world. I had turned into a boy called Will. He was thirteen years old. He was a mixed race person who had light brown hair and somewhat good-looking features. He’s just in a car crash incident and that’s why he had to treat himself at a hospital. His legs still couldn’t fully function themselves so I had to do physical therapy in this hospital all month.

I also couldn’t say anything. It seemed like I could only see through the pair of this kid’s eyes.

This was a memory…I couldn’t do anything else other than this.

The strange thing was this kid always said something that I would say many times. This was a hint that in fact, this kid was…me, right?

Whatever, it wasn’t that bad to stay in this state.

Both the kid and I had the same intention. That was to turn to look at the door for her to open it.


“Come in…” I said loud enough for her to hear because I was pretty sure that it must be her.

“Will, the nurse told me that you wouldn’t do your therapy. What’s the meaning of this?”

White opened the door and stomped into the room. She was in a bad mood that’s for sure. I knew I was wrong for not attending my therapy, but if I did that then my body would heal. I wouldn’t have a chance to see her again, wouldn’t I?

“I don’t want to do it.” My lips moved like that, but I really want to say more than that.

“How can you heal then? Do you want your leg to be disabled forever!?”

“…I don’t want to do it.”

“You are my mother’s patient. My mother’s reputation will be ruined if you
aren’t healed, you know.”

“White, Do you only interest in your mother’s reputation?” My tone of voice became soft as I felt a little hurt. I was also felt bad too when she said something like that. White sighed before she jumped up onto the bed.

“I only said it for your sake. Don’t be silly and go to the therapy with me.”


“I will give you a punishment if you are late.”


My body went silent for a moment as though he was thinking of something. In the end, he finally chose what he wanted and that’s the same as me.

“I want your punishment.”


It would be a good, but strange feeling to be punished by her. But she said she wouldn’t punish a person who couldn’t walk, she told me she will punish me when my legs were healed.

I was looking forward to that day…

The therapy went well. My legs were beginning to heal as the days passed by. I saw my parents coming here every night as they were very busy with their work. I didn’t feel bad or anything because the most important thing was I always had White as a physiotherapist assistant.

She was the chairman’s daughter and her mother was also working here. She always came here to help her mother after she finished her cram school. Her mother also trusted her to be friend with him.

I could request her for anything, but It was up to her choice to do it or not. But every childish request would get a response every time.

Sometimes, I also thought I had once felt like this before, but I hadn’t met a person like White in my world. When I looked at White, my heart would beat like crazy. I hadn’t been under this state before or was this Will’s feeling?

When the time for me to get discharged from the hospital came near, my heart felt heavy. Maybe I wouldn’t meet her again. I wanted to be sick for two or three days and this’s what Will wanted too.

The day before he got discharged, he forced himself to stay in the cold water for almost an hour in the night. It’s a failure because White dropped by, and saw him soaking in the bathtub.

She destroyed the door because she thought something bad had happened. But the only thing she saw was a boy who was currently shaking in the bathtub. White quickly pulled him up and covered him with blankets. She took him to sit near a heater before she switched it on.

“C-cold.” My body’s lips moved while hugging himself from shaking.

“You deserve it. What did you think when you continued to sit there soaking to the bone like that? This isn’t summer, and you should know better than that.”

“I don’t want to get discharged yet.”

“What? You still told me yesterday that you were getting bored with the food here, weren’t you?” White jumped up onto his bed and turned to look at him with
a criticizing look.

“I’m not bored anymore.”

“If you like it that much, I can order for them to be taken home with you.”

“It isn’t the food…”

“What is it?”


“How can I know if you don’t tell me?”

White crossed her arms and stared at me. Even though she was a really bright girl, she was super slow about a feeling. I wanted to say something along this line, I really want to say it. Why should there be other reason to continue staying in this hospital? The foods here were bland and the atmosphere around here was leaking of an antibiotic too.

“If I get out of here, I won’t meet you again.” This boy murmured as silence as possible.

“What? I can’t hear you. How could anyone hear you when you just murmured? Can you be louder than that?”

“If I get out of here, I won’t see you again! Can you hear it now!?”

“Okay, okay, I can hear you now. Quiet down a little, will you? The room next to us might wake up because of it, you know.”

The boy blushed so hard, and I also felt the heat on my face too. Was this counted as an indirect confession? No, from another person’s view, this was truly a confession.

“What!? Did you just confess to me?” White used her hand to cover her mouth and giggled.

“No…” In the end, it was because of my embarrassment that I didn’t say yes to her.

“If you want to see me then come to meet me here. I will be here in the evening every day.”

“Don’t you have a telephone number or something like this?”

“Hmm…you can contact my mother if that’s the case.”

“Um, why did you come here in the middle of the night anyway?”

“I came here to meet you. I stay in the place across from here. I saw your room still hadn’t switched off the light for some time so I came here to check on you.”

She pointed to the building across from my room. She even came here because she was worried about me.

This’s bad…Did my cheerful mood also show on my face?

But the one whose facial changed wasn’t me, it was Will. He was blushing so hard like a ripe tomato.

“White, you said you will punish me when my legs are healed. My legs are alright now.”

“Do you still remember it?”

“Why should I forget it?”

The boy’s eyes were sparkling when he turned to look at White. This boy almost saw through my mind, but it felt good to have him be like this. No…He was too young to be under heavy punishment, but I was alright with it. I only thought that if it was from her then I was okay with anything.

“Then…Why don’t we test the strength in your legs?”


“Get down, and crawl on the floor. Let’s see if they are alright with that.”
White jumped down and turned to look at me with a challenging in her eyes. It was as if the look in her eyes that made me obey her in everything. It was the feeling as though my heart would leap out of my chest.

I couldn’t put this bliss feeling into word.

Even if she was only using my back as a chair and ordering me to crawl around. If I was hurt, she would instantly stop. But I didn’t feel any pain at all, my legs should heal by now. Although, the nurse who came to check on me after that was really surprised and told us to stop doing it.

What should I do? Both Will and I…

was beginning to get addicted to this kind of feeling.

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