O.V.E.R.L.O.A.D chapter 8: When I am Carina De Segal (Second arc)

Oran was driving the car all day as though he didn’t feel sleepy at all. Our car drove past the border of the Osnia country, and we finally made it to the great Asire country not too long after.

When I opened my eyes, the car was driving past the gate of the ‘upside down’ town or you could call it ‘The messy town’. The easiest name to call it would be ‘Hell town’.

It’s only just a name, but I could already sense that we couldn’t escape from the dark path.

This town was frequently mentioned in the game because many criminals thought of this place as their den. That’s why heroes liked to slip in here to capture those villains. More importantly, this place was notorious about its fighting arena. This made this place looked even more like a home to many criminals.

This town also didn’t have laws. There’s only a mob rule. From a merchant at a hot dog stall to an owner of a five-star hotel, all of these people were a mafia.

To sum it up, you shouldn’t act conceited in this town.

Oran parked the car in front of a deserted building before telling me to pick up something at the back of the car. He carried Ansel into our new home which had absolutely nothing inside. There’re only graffiti arts on a brick wall and some specks of dust.

I hadn’t thought before that our life in the past would be this harsh.

However, I didn’t care wherever I was. If I had a big brother like Oran, and a little brother who still adamant about being the youngest, I already felt like I was at home. Because of all the travel, I was beginning to feel sleepy, so I fell asleep on the pile of clothes that Oran had prepared a moment ago.

I didn’t know how long had I been sleeping for. But when I opened my eyes again, my surrounding was pitch-dark. I couldn’t see anything, so I stood up before fumbling around to find others. It was until I saw a light shone out from one of the room, so I went in. I saw Ansel who was currently sleeping on an old mattress. I couldn’t help but thought he was so cute in his sleep. Oran was sitting on an old sofa near the fire.

From what I saw at the moment, I could certainly say that…

He was really a villain.

I sleepily went into the room. Oran seemed to notice my presence, so he turned to look at me. He smiled at me and asked. “Come sit with me, Carina.”


When I was sleepy, I had a habit to act clingy to whoever neared me at the moment. He lifted me up and set me in his lap when I went to stand near him.
I couldn’t stand his gentleness, so I snuggled into his chest while he kept patting my head.

“How are you, Carina?” He asked.

“I’m fine”

I meant you were the one who was very fine in my eyes.

I thought while closing my eyes. However, Jackson or my little robot fog suddenly jumped out of my skirt and then staring at us as though he was puzzling.

“Oh…Jackson” Oran spoke as he held out his hand towards Jackson. It tilted its neck a little and stared at it before jumping onto his hand in the end.

It was really gullible like someone I knew…

But I couldn’t remember it.

“Ansel made it for me”

He patted my head before speaking “This Jackson…I will make an adjustment so it can protect you when you are in a dire situation, Carina.”

I obediently nodded.

If Jackson was made by Ansel, and then Oran was the one who improved it, it should turn into a world-shattering weapon in a small frog body for sure.
Oran scratched its chin. When it was in a dazed, he quickly grabbed a screwdriver and tweaked with its body. Jackson went silent before became normal again when he finished with it.

Its physical was the same, but I didn’t know whether I could say the same for its inside.

“Jackson has a stun gun and a small Anesthesia gun. You have to keep Jackson with you everywhere. At least, it can help Carina out.”


Jackson had turned into a hidden weapon!

“Thank you” I spoke while looking at the frog in front of me. It tilted its head a little and then jumped into my skirt’s pocket again.

We became silent after that. I was in a dreamy state as I sat on his lap because he kept patting my head all this while. His action was making me sleepy very much.

All of a sudden, he started talking, but I could hear a tint of sadness in it. “Carina, you have to change everything”

“change?” I frowned before turning to look at Oran. However, I just noticed that the one who had spoken was grown-up Oran. I meant the one who really familiar to me.

Oran who I knew when he was a criminal or the cold-hearted emperor.

He gave me a cold-eyed stare, but I could feel a warmth in them. “Carin, the first thing that you should know is this isn’t a game.”

He called me Carin…?

and this wasn’t a game.

What’s happened?

“This isn’t a game?”

Oran only shrugged before saying “If you don’t believe me then try to log-out.”
I was bewildered but tried to log-out anyway. I did exactly what I’d done every time I exited out of this game, but I couldn’t find the exit button.

Oh my god…

I began to panic as I couldn’t get out of this game. When Oran saw my panic face, he gave me a smile before bending down to kiss at my forehead. This kiss was to comfort me.

“Calm down, Carina. Try to think which world is the real world.” He leisurely said that to me.

Which world…?

I thought hard. I believed that world to be real, but there are many realistic images in my head recently. There’s also a fact that I was acting like Carina very much. Our name, personality or favorite was the same. I was confused. These two worlds felt like the real world to me.

Which was the real world? That world or this world that I always thought as a game.

He patted my head “This isn’t a game anymore, Carina. Especially when you wake up tomorrow, you will completely turn into Carina. Haven’t you felt familiar to this world yet?”

I began to get accustomed to this world, but it wasn’t that much.

I didn’t answer, but Ansel could have guessed it. He handed a medicine to me, “You may forget it because it was a long time ago that I left you there. Though, you shouldn’t worry too much. It won’t be long until you know this world is the real world. This medicine will help you remember it.”

His eyes were serious. That kind of eyes of a criminal, that made me a little worried. He saw me eating medicine. Even if I felt it was strange, but I couldn’t do anything other than swallowing it down. The instant when it went past my throat, my body felt like it was on fire. Many images kept swirling inside my head, but I didn’t know what kind of images that was.

It was like a scene in the future, a scene in the past, and everything that was me. This proved that what future Oran said to be the truth.

This wasn’t a game, but I was Carina…The real Carina.

Oran lifted my chin. The terrified blue eyes kept staring at me before saying. “I believe in you, Carina. You have to listen carefully to what I’m going to say.”

I nodded.

“Carina, you should know what will happen in the future, and it is like a bad end for the three of us.”

I nodded in agreement. The scene when I died alone still lingering in my eyes. “What should I do to change it?”

Oran made a sad face. His eyes were full of sorrow.

I panic again, so I quickly asked him. “Is it me? Am I the one who made everyone walked on a different path? To the point that we were a stranger in the future.”


It wasn’t me…

“That means…”

Oran gritted his teeth before answering. “It was me and Ansel who left you. That’s why you have to stop us from doing that. Do you understand?”

I felt down after hearing it was me who was abandoned.

“Oran, this…”

“One day, Ansel and I won’t come back to you again, Carina will be totally alone. We don’t know that we won’t be normal again after leaving that day.” He held my hand “Carina, you have to stop us. You can’t let us go. Do you understand?”

I was really confused now.”But I don’t know when the two of you will leave? What are you leaving for? So…how can I stop you?”

Oran made a grim face. “Sadly, I can’t tell you any more than this because it was the law of time-traveling. If I break it, you won’t remember anything that happened today, and that will make all of my efforts to lose in vain. Carina, you have to remember it to your heart that you have to make our stay. You can’t let us go from you”

I nodded even when I was stunned.

Then it was like a time-up for us. His body disappeared into a thin air, and thirteen years old Ansel was walking into the room.

He held a blanket in his hand. When he saw me sitting on the sofa, he made a scolding face at me before sending me to sleep.

I obediently walked to the place where Ansel slept. I chose to sleep beside him. When I saw his face up close, it made me start to feel sad and stressed.

One day…Ansel would leave me?

The moment when I thought that, Oran walked up to us intending to cover us with the blanket. I also looked at him, who had been taken good care of us, with a sad expression on my face. He would leave me too just like Ansel.


“Sleep, Carina” He spoke in a scolding tone before turning to walk away, so I quickly grabbed his hand.

“Oran…” My voice unconsciously shook.

Maybe…I was beginning to fear for the future.

Oran raised his brow. He knew something was wrong in my eyes, so he sat down beside me and patted my head. “What is it? Why do you look so sad, Carina?”

“Everything. Can you sleep with us?” I began to make a bet in my mind. If he answered ‘Yes’, it would mean I could change everything that was going to happen in the future.

If his answer was ‘No’, then I would be abandoned by them and I couldn’t change anything at all.

Oran gave me his gentle smile before leaning down beside me. “Yes”

I instantly smiled because his answer was ‘Yes’. That meant…I could change the future. I tried to comfort myself by thinking that and then closed my eyes slowly.

Oran patted my head before hugging me and Ansel. On that night…the three siblings slept together in an old bed.

I slept while praying…that they would stay with me tomorrow.

When I opened my eyes again, I found that I was sleeping on a soft bed. The room I was in wasn’t that empty room which only had graffiti, but a white, and clean bedroom.

A new house?

It was as if I appeared at another place and another time. However, I wasn’t bewildered at all and I didn’t know why. Was it because everything that had happened before this was all a dream?

But…I felt like it was real.

During the time I had been using to observe my surrounding. I found there’s something moving under my blanket. Suddenly, there’s a hand popped out of it and swiftly covered my mouth in one movement. I didn’t even have enough time to process what’d happened to me.

What was this?

I thought in panic while at the same time, tried to resist this thing. This thing pushed me and then it climbed up on my body. Oh god, was this a ghost?


Not too long after that, a man’s head appeared from under the blanket. This face was so familiar to me. His light blue eyes were glittering, and his light blonde hair was glowing so brightly even in darkness.

He was Ansel. The same Ansel that I’d known. However, he had turned into a fifteen years old teenager.

He was so cute…

I stretched my hand out to caress his face. He was handsome and cute. It was so endearing. Everything seemed so real that I almost wanted to cry.

I felt like I was familiar with the person in front of me so much. More importantly, he was still with me. He hadn’t abandoned me yet.

Ansel frowned after seeing a strange expression on my face. “What? Why do you keep touching me onee-san? Do you have a feeling for me?”

Hmm…Did he call me onee-san?

I frowned and then stared at his lips.

Ansel tilted his head before saying.”What is it, onee-san? Why do you stare at my lips this time? What are thinking right now?”

I knew he wanted to start a fight with me because that was his personality, so I stared at him. Actually, it was pretty simple. What did he want me to look if not that kissable lips?


I was weak against this kind of lips.

This villainous gave me a vicious smile. “I know. You want me to give you a good night kiss, right?” He didn’t wait for my answer, because he suddenly leaned towards me as if he wanted to kiss my forehead. I admitted this made me excited about it. But before he could give me a kiss, he stopped and then whispered something in my ears.

“I won’t fall for your trick and I ain’t coming here to gave you a lullaby, Onee-san!”

Was that so?

I was puzzled, but I didn’t ask him anything. Well, he still had his hand on my mouth.

He leaned towards me again and whispered something. This felt like a Dejavo. It was as if he had done this before.


Why did it felt like something 18+ when you invited me to do something fun?

He was starting to turn into a handsome teenager, so what’s about me? I thought and then looked at my body. It was just as I expected because I already had large chest.


We were already grown-up. so what would it be this time?

Ansel made a devious face before saying.”I want to show you something, onee-san.”

What? Your six-pack?

I swore I didn’t think of anything bad. Although, my eyes had already begun tracing his teenage body.

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Author: Maybe…The reason her sibling didn’t want to go home was because of her pervertedness…lol

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