QTSC chapter 1: Phoenix men’s Big Battle I

As soon as she entered the company, Wen Rushi’s personal assistant came up and handed her a blue folder.

“Rujie, this is a special case. Two executives have already failed this task.”
The assistant followed at her trail, and Wen Rushi raised her eyebrows slightly. She stepped on the ground with her eight centimeters stilettos and went straight to her own elevator.

Half of the walls of this private space were bulletproof glass. When you stood in this place, you could see the entire city. Wen Rushi really liked this feeling. After sitting on the comfortable swivel chair, she opened the blue folder in her hand and scanning it.

Shen Wen Han, the golden phoenix flying out of the poor mountain (Bear: something like a diamond in the rough, I guess), had a potential far exceeding than the provincial universities, and his score wasn’t losing to anyone either coming with the second rank in the province.

But unexpectedly, he tore the admission notice and joined the army. No one in his family knew about it.

It wasn’t until Shen Wen Han’s first allowance was sent to his home that Shen Father and Shen Mother knew that their son had run away in order to not let his family borrow money for him to study.

From this point, we could see that Shen Wen Han was a very stubborn man. If he was determined to do it, even if others were to reject his idea, he wouldn’t hear any of it.

However, according to his family situation at that time, offering a child to go to college outside the country would indeed bring down the poor family.
Wen Rushi thought a little bit about his file.

The assistant just opened the door and put a cup of sugar-free coffee with milk on the table in front of her.

“What’s the ranking of those executives? ” She stirred the coffee and gently drew a circle in it.

“The first executive was No. 75, and the second was No. 6.”

“No.6?” Weird, indeed. The selection of executives was extremely strict. So far, there were only one hundred executives officially listed in the company. The number from one to one hundred, the smaller the number, the stronger the ability.

Every six months, there would be re-ranked. Only in the top ten could have such a large private area as Wen Rushi’s office.

Similarly, the higher the position, the greater the responsibility. Usually, the logistical part of the list was distributed from the lower floor, if it failed, then the case would be directly sent to the top floor, screened by the assistance of the top ten executives.

Obviously, the No. 6 executive was very skilled at his job.

“Considering his past experience, why did he fail his task this time?” Speaking of No. 6, he could be counted as an anomaly in the top ten rankings. He was a cruel man, as he wasn’t scared to do anything like brutal acts. He could actually kill people!

Yes, he could get into the top six, but It’s all about killing. He killed the supporting characters, replacing them, and getting them out of the abyss of pain was the purpose he pursued.

In this way, it could also help the heroes and heroines’ love. Ultimately, leading to the end of the plot.

Although, using this kind of method was too vicious, but it was more useful. It would be easier if you could get rid of the deviated supporting character as soon as possible. Also, this was considered a legitimate means.

After all, in this program, executives needed to rescue the supporting character mainly because of the serious consequences of their crazy behavior. However, It’s too difficult.

If you could change the supporting character then that’s the best. However, the company didn’t state whether you had to do it or not.

To this end, a specific provision had been made in this regard, so long as the executives archived the final goal then it didn’t matter what method everyone used. The higher-up wouldn’t interfere with your decision.

“Yes, according to the record, No. 6 was killed by Shen Wen Han. He refused to reveal the specific reasons. It was estimated that he shouldn’t be taken lightly or No. 6 was really less skilled than the man.” The young assistant answered Wen Rushi with a meaningful glance. The assistant paused for a moment and said, “Because the best two nodes are used by seventy-five and six, so the second to fifth are reluctant to take up the case. Other members below No. 6 are not allowed to receive the unfinished task of senior executives.”

“So you brought it back to me? You really like to trouble me.” Wen Rushi gracefully stood up from her chair as she twitched her mouth and cast sidelong glances at the assistant.

“You are the best. I believe that if you fail, no one in the company will be able to finish the job.” The assistant stood straight and complimented her.

Wen Rushi laughed. Although it was just a piece of flattery, she still took pleasure in hearing it. Because this was also the fact.

She is indeed the best executor in the official listing as she hadn’t failed her task before!

She was ranked first.

Every six months, the ranking of the company would change among the executives. Only No. 1 had never changed. It had always been her, Wen Rushi.

“All right, give me the jade pendant.” Wen Rushi stood up and stretched out her hand.

“All the details have already been entered.” The assistant hurried stepped forward and put the jade pendant into her palm.

As soon as the warm jade pendant fell into her warm hand, they were instantly transformed into a delicate bracelet, which automatically wrapped around her wrist.

She stroked her wrist and smiled faintly. “You can go out and help me order a fried crab with Hibiscus in Desheng Building for lunch.” Ten years in the mission, but half an hour in real life, she believed that when she woke up, she could just catch up with the meal.

With three hours to go before noon, she could spend the remaining 60 years planning on Shen Wenhan’s strategy. Wen Rushi has always been a very patient hunter for the target who didn’t like to follow the flow of the script.

As long as she was there, she absolutely won’t give him a chance to turn dark.

When the assistant went to do what she had ordered, she leisurely walked to the big bed in the next room. No matter what the circumstance was, she wouldn’t put her body in an uncomfortable situation. Before the task, she would surely make sure that her body was comfortable in a soft bed.

When she opened her eyes again, the surroundings had changed a lot. She was in the red and gorgeous room with all kinds of decoration hanging around the place.

When Wen Rushi want to move her body to sit up, she was forced back to lie on the bed again by sudden dizziness and pain in her brain.

The red quilt was embroidered with golden dragons and phoenixes on it, there’re also congratulation words in red pasting on the wall. She couldn’t help but hold her forehead and moan. ‘Sigh, on the day of great joy, the bride is hanging over and the groom has disappeared. This isn’t really the beginning of a “good” thing at all.

As Wen Rushi laid down slowly and waited for the dizziness to pass, now that she was alright again, she used her fingers to lightly touch a jade embedded in the wall, and all the information came pouring into her mind.

Last night was her wedding to Shen Wen Han, but there was nothing to be happy about. If it’s possible, she would rather enter by herself when they first met each other.

Otherwise, she would be alright with even on the day before their blind date on the sixth in this world. (Bear: I’m sorry I don’t know how to translate this sentence.)

Because Shen Wenhan was forced to marry with her.

On the day before their marriage, her father suddenly changed his mind and asked Shen Wenhan to enter her family on the grounds that his brother, who was suddenly becoming paralyzed, would be cured of his illness. For Shen Jia, who is a traditional thinker, this is a great shame. But for the purpose of his oldest son, they had no choice but to yield to this request.

More than that, on the day of his wedding, Shen Wenhan took out a quarter of their gifts and tried to make it up for his parents, but her mother accidentally caught him red-handed.

Her mother had a successful life. She was spoiled by her husband because of her shrewish character, and she was not a housewife who would endure suffering in silent. In her eyes, everything about them was for her daughter, Wen Rushi. Shen Wenhan’s act of sneakily putting money in his pocket is absolutely heinous!

Wen Rushi wasn’t acting like someone who was easy to deal with either. She immediately approached Shen Wen Han about this matter in front of all the guests and asked his mother to hand over all the gifts he had given her.

The timing couldn’t ever be any more right. Shen Wenhan was so angry that he took his parents and sisters back to their home on the mountain with him that evening. He didn’t even leave a word for her.

“Ah,” Wen Rushi massaged her temple, this mess wouldn’t go solved itself if she didn’t take any action. She forced herself to sit up, changed into more comfortable clothes and went downstairs, “Mama Li, I’m hungry.”

“Here,” She put a bowl of congee with a boiling egg before her. Mama Li couldn’t help herself, but opening her mouth. “Xiaoru, you should go talk to him on the phone. But he couldn’t be reached at all, so using the phone to call him isn’t good…” She has stayed in Wen’s household for decades. It’s not her hot-tempered mother but her housekeeper who held her hand with her father. Mama Li sincerely hopes that she could see a child growing up and have a good home.

“His place doesn’t have a signal, so it isn’t strange if we are unable to get in touch with him.” Wen Rushi took a sip of her congee and felt a warmth inside her stomach. When she looked up to see a frown on Mama Li, she smiled. “I know, you can rest assured. I’ll go and have a good talk with him.”

This was something they must talk about. As for how to talk and when to talk, she must think about it carefully.

But she wouldn’t think about it for far too long. Because when Shen Wenhan went back to his home this time, he will meet Qin Xiaoling, the heroine of the book again.

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拯救男 — This is an internet slang. The meaning of this is a guy who grew up in the countryside and gained a foothold in the city through hard work.

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