VH: Side story (RenxShelyn)

I once dreamt of the day when my family was killed.

Dreaming of the time when they were screaming…

It was like this every night…

I didn’t know when had I stopped dreaming, but I felt very happy right now.
To the point where I scared how long it was going to last…

At the end of the week, our friends were coming to stay at my brother’s mansion. Because I had never had a friend over before, I felt excited and I didn’t know how to welcome them. But we had been friends for a long time, we were happy enough just by spending time together.

When we all gathered together, we decided to play in the sea. Because I was too giddy, I almost swam off the shore many times. It’s a good thing my brother always brought me back. If that wasn’t the case then I would have swum too far into the ocean.

Later in the night, Shiwa gathered us to sleep together in one room and she also told us we would have something fun to do. We had never slept together before so we really wanted to know what’s Shiwa planning to do.

“We will play pillow game.” Shiwa said while she was holding a pillow up.

“What?” Akane crossed her arms while sitting at the end of the bed.

I didn’t understand it too. How should we play this thing?

“I mean throwing a pillow. Is it that hard to understand?” Shiwa repeated her word again.

“How is that fun…Oop!”


Shiwa suddenly threw her pillow into Akane. It completely hit the mark as that pillow hit Akane right in the face. After that, Akane, who looking completely annoyed by this, picked up the pillow.

“What are you doing!!?” Then she threw the pillow back to Shiwa who easily evade it. That’s why Bella was hit by the pillow instead.



“B-bella! I’m sorry! I didn’t intend to do that!” Akane began to apologize to Bella, but she smiled brightly at her instead.

“I understand! Throwing a pillow, right!!? Hiya!!” Bella picked up another pillow and then threw it into my direction.


Oh…I see. A pillow couldn’t feel pain so it couldn’t die no matter how hard we hit it. I understood it now!!

“I won’t lose to all of you!!” I grabbed a pillow then threw it to Shiwa. Ah…she could dodge it again, but Akane was the one who hit by the pillow.

In the end, everyone tried to throw it to Shiwa, but she could dodge all of it. It’s liked we were hitting each other instead of hitting her. It was so tiring, but that was so much fun!!


Shiwa became silent all of a sudden and looked out of the window.

“My turn!!” Akane jumped into Shiwa and used the pillow to hit Shiwa’s head! But Shiwa was still standing there not moving at all.

“What? You can’t sulk, you know.” Akane grabbed the pillow back and turned to look at what Shiwa staring.

“That…Why does Teo go outside at a time like this?”

“It is really Teo. What is he doing there?”

“He looks worried today. Why don’t you go see him?” When Shiwa smiled like this, it looked as if she had something planned all this time. The feeling was like it went just as planned…

“Umm…I will try to go see him.”

“Good luck.”

Akane threw the pillow down on the bed and went out of this room. I heard they had a quarrel so this’s why Shiwa found them a chance to make up. Shiwa was really clever!

The three of us were left to do something else, but Akane still hadn’t come back yet. I volunteered to go find her as this area was really dangerous at night. I went to find Akane at the beach, instead of seeing her, I met my brother.


“Shelyn? It’s dangerous to come here alone at this time.”

When I met him, he came to hug me and looked left and right.

“I only come to find Akane. It has been a long time since she went out.”

“I also came to find Teo too, but we shouldn’t disturb them right now.”

“Why is it?”

“Because things are going smoothly for them. Well, at the time like this, why don’t we take a stroll at the beach there? Just us two…”

He whispered the word ‘us two’ into my ear so how could I deny your request? When I nodded in agreement, my brother carried me to another rock as we didn’t want Akane and Teo to see us.

At this beach, The moonlight would shine down to the ground at the nighttime. It would be glowing just like a star in the sky. When I was young, I liked to take a stroll here and collected a shell. Thinking of something in the past was a little funny.


“Why are you laughing?” My brother carried me in a bridal carry and walked along the beach.

“It’s nothing. I just thought of something when I was young.”

“Ah…You really liked to take a stroll here. You always made a sad face when the shells you collected from here weren’t sparkling in the morning.”

“Ah!! Stop talking about that! It’s embarrassing.”

“Hahaha, you’re very cute at that time.”

“Am I not cute anymore?”

“You get cuter every day even I…”


My brother went silent before whispered something into my ear…

“I want to do many things with you every day.”


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