VH: side story (TeoxAkane III)

My mother worried that I will go outside while I was naked. Even if I was a fox right now, but as the princess of this kingdom, I still have a good image to maintain. That’s why my mother rushed her servants to bring tailors for me. They told us that the dresses will be finished tomorrow morning, so it’s likely that I will stay here in my room all day.

…with a certain pervert wolf.



“Akane, come here, I won’t do anything to you anymore.”


After the tailors had finished taking my measurement, there’s no one inside this room other than the two of us. I tightly gripped the blanket on my bed for fear that Teo will easily pull it away from me. I won’t let him do that!! He even dared acting like that in front of my mother and her servants!! How will I face them in the future!! Even if I was a fox right now, but I still was a princess inside!!

Teo still tried to pull the blanket away from me, but I won’t lose to him even if his strength was far greater than me. A moment later, he stopped pulling and I can hear a sound of footsteps getting farther away from me. Did he go out of this room?


However, when I had loosened my grip on my blanket, it suddenly got pulling away from me!!

“You still think you will get away from me when you are this small?” He threw the blanket away. A victory smirk pasted on his face. He lifted me up into the air as though I was only a little puppy.

“Let me down!!”

“Calm down, I won’t do anything to you when you are in this state.”

You had already done that!!

I tried to ferociously use my front paws to hit him and hoped that my front paws should be a little longer than this. Because no matter how much effort I use to push his face away, I can’t reach him! Teo turned to look at my bathroom when I was still puzzled at his action.

“Let’s take a bath, Akane.”


No way!!! Let me go!!!

Even if I screamed my lung off, he still brought me to the bathroom anyway. He tried to tell me that I can’t bath by myself…but It’s unnecessary for you to help me bathe!! Let me go!!!

I shouldn’t make that wish!!!

This painful day passed by leaving me with only bitter memories and shame much more than I had ever face before. Good news and bad news arrived at the same time this morning. The bad news is the priest that was supposed to come today got sick, however, the good news was Shiwa was going to visit me!!

“Hello Akane, I heard that you aren’t feeling good so I come by today. Hmm~ Looking at you, I think it’s not that serious.”

Shiwa came with her fiance, Luler. Both were my friend from the academy. Usually, we wrote to each other, but that couldn’t be better than meeting each other in person, right? Shiwa looked a little different to other people around here with her long blue dress. The people in my kingdom normally wore a bright kimono.

Because I can’t welcome her in this body, she had to come to my room.

“Shiwa!! I miss you so much!!”

I had already worn clothes from the tailors so I didn’t have to worry about my image. When Shiwa saw me in this body, she only gave me a slight smile. What’s about Teo? I didn’t even want to talk about the time when he stayed in her room all night!! Anyway, I will escape to Shiwa’s room and sleep with her tonight!!

“How are you, Luler? Been a long time ain’t it.” Teo turned to greet Luler.

“Nothing wrong…” Luler answered with a dead-pan face.

“Don’t answer like that.”


Luler was the prince from Vampire kingdom. He always wore a poker face like this since forever. My parents thought that today was a good day as we had to welcome special guests from another kingdom, so they decided to hold a small banquet inside the palace. My mother prepared a matched kimono for both Shiwa and Luler. Ara~ It was cute. I also had to go the banquet in this state as I was a host here so it couldn’t be helped.

There’re only my cousins coming today, so they had already heard about what’s happened to me. However, Shiwa stayed with me and kept those who wanted to pester me away.

“Shiwa, thank you for coming today.” I said while we were still in the banquet.

“Don’t be like that. I think it is good for me to come here too. Well, it is a chance to visit another kingdom after all. Umm…What’s happened to you anyway?” Shiwa sipped her sake and asked me.


I told her what happened from the start. She listened and nodded while staring at Luler who was joyfully drinking sake with Teo. Although Her face wasn’t looking good at all. She told me that she can’t help me but she will stay with me until I turned back into a human again.

I wasn’t feeling good at all. Looked like this form enhanced my sense of hearing. That’s why I have Shiwa brought me out of the banquet using an excuse that I wasn’t alright. If the princess was to come out of the banquet alone, it wouldn’t be good for my reputation. That’s why I have Shiwa come with me.
Shiwa brought me to her bedroom and told me it would be good if I went back to my room. But I wanted to stay with you, I didn’t want to stay with Teo again!!

“Can’t I stay in this room, Shiwa?”

“What? We can’t do that. You are a princess. You can’t sleep in other people room. If others see us…”

“Please, Shiwa!! I don’t want to go back to my room!”

“No, did you forget that this room is for both me and Luler. Moreover, tonight, he’s also…”


The door suddenly opened. I was so panic that I quickly ducked under the bed. Who was it!? my mother’s servant!? Had they heard my conversation!?


Shiwa called the person who just came in out of the blue. Well, I got panic for nothing. I thought to come out of my hiding, however,…

Tap tap tap…

The sound of his footsteps was heavy and fast. He swiftly reduced the gap between him and Shiwa before I heard the sound ‘Thump!’. I felt the bed collapsed from the weight a little too.

“What are you doing, Luler!?” Shiwa shouted.

“Shiwa, I heard that kimono is a garment for men to easily take it off.”

“What!!? Where have you heard that!!? Wait! What are you doing!!? You are too drunk, Luler!!!”

I don’t know what’s happened on the bed but the only thing that I saw was Shiwa’s kimono that fall down to the ground in front of me…!!

I didn’t know when had I fallen unconscious but I knew no more after that.

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