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Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XII

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Half a year was neither short nor long time.

When Shen Wenhan stepped on the train, there were only a few clothes and twenty-six letters in his backpack.

Every Monday, he received packages and letters from Wen Rushi.

Sometimes it’s food, sometimes it’s daily necessities.

Even Li Ma’s Lu Zhu Ti (TL: a Chinese dish, Spiced pig’s hooves.), If she was in a mood, she would send some of it to him regardless of whether they would be edible long after they were unpacked.

Normally these things weren’t really handed over directly to him. Not everything could be brought into the army at will. Even letters need to be thoroughly checked.

Nevertheless, some soldiers in the logistics department seemed to sympathize with him after opening the package for Shen Wenhan to look. In the end, the soldiers had to dispose of it.

For some time, Shen Wenhan almost became a laughingstock of the whole army’s camp. Everyone knew he had an unreliable and silly wife.

It wasn’t until Wen Rushi kept sending things like this to him for months. Those foolish soldiers who mocked him eventually showed a hint of envy in their eyes.

There’s actually this kind of woman who could carry out her action consistently until the end for him. It was also a skill to have a woman like this.

Feeling a headache right from the start, he helplessly let nature take its course. Until he couldn’t help but to willingly take the initiative to move to the direction of the communications office at the end of every Monday.

It was like a reminder to him that something was slowly growing in his heart.

A habit was really a fearful thing.

The scenery outside the window was moving rapidly backward. Shen Wenhan recalled what Wen Rushi had said to him before he left.

Take a sum of money and start your own business.

Shen Wenhan looked at the front of him and smiled softly.

Why did she give him a sum of money for him to build a company? She clearly wanted to start her own business. But it’s because of his feeling that she was reluctant to tell him.

Whether it was a test or a trap, he could not refuse the temptation. It had always been his aspiration to build a career that truly belongs to him.

She was really a very smart woman. She knows how to use the time to slowly let her presence occupied some part of his heart. She also knew how to use power to avoid possible dangers.

Was it his luck or misfortune to have such a wonderful wife? Shen Wenhan wasn’t sure.

He could see her again soon, and he didn’t know if she had changed or not.

Her domineering and arrogant side, Her gentle and affectionate side or her adorable and cute side…How could one woman have so many faces?

He looked down and rubbed his thumb on the edge of the letter paper. Although he hadn’t seen her for a long time, a short letter from his parents every Monday made him feel closer to her.

If he had a mirror in front of him now, Shen Wenhan might know how his eyes turned soft when he looked at those letters.

It was getting dark. When Shen Wenhan finally arrived at the terminal, it had been drizzling for some time.

He didn’t see the familiar figure on the crowded platform.

Shen Wenhan was somewhat disappointed.

Whoever was coaxed by a woman for half a year would feel frustrated that this woman was unable to come to see him.

The arriving passengers had gradually dispersed. At last, he was the only one left on the empty platform except for janitors.

“Didn’t you say that you will come…” He threw his bag over his shoulder. Shen Wenhan gritted his teeth and walked out of the platform. The reality was too bad.

The drizzling rain, which was blew by the wind, was more like a layer of fog that shrouded the whole city.

Shen Wenhan’s black hair got wet by the rain before he stepped out of the street.

The taxi parked by the roadside had long been occupied by the people who had left the station before him, but it didn’t matter to him anyway. He walked forward with his head held high.

This little rain was nothing at all. Training in the army was much harder than this. It was common to be soaked by rain from head to foot.

After walking for a few minutes, a ‘honk’ sound suddenly came from behind him.

Shen Wenhan stopped to turn around and only to be surprised when he saw Wen Rushi leisurely stop her car beside him.

She looked out and laughed openly as ever: “I’m sorry for being late. There’s a delay in the company. Why don’t you wait a little longer?”

The corners of his mouth turned up by her words. Shen Wenhan sat down in the passenger seat, took off his coat, and wiped his hair. He threw his bag to the back seat, buckled his seat belt, and looked straight in front of him. “Start driving.”

“Are you angry?” Wen Ruru smiled and looked at him. She suddenly pulled up the handbrake, leaned over to hug him firmly, and used her hand to gently rub around his neck. “You see, I came here without changing my clothes. With this late hug, you can forgive me.”

Shen Wenhan raised his hand wanting to push her away. But when he saw her business attire, he was touched in his heart. He allowed her to press him into her embrace.

Wen Rushi tightened her arms quite satisfactorily. Great leaders once said that both hands should be grasped and both hands should be hard. (TL: I’m not sure about the meaning of this. But when I Google it, this’s what I found: It’s the policy at the beginning of the reform and opening up. Both hands must grasp the two aspects of the unity and work hard together and promote each other.)

Even when she was teaching Shen Wenhan, she could not forget to seize every opportunity to show her feelings at any time and anywhere.

“I miss you very much,” she murmured softly, clinging to his chest. “What about you? Do you often think of me?” She felt his muscle stiff. Her mouth curved into a smile and didn’t say anything. He was thinking about it.

She went silent while holding him tightly. Right now, there’s only them inside this car. Their world was completely cut off from the cloudy and drizzly weather outside.

Through his clothes, it seemed that he could feel two soft bun against his chest. Shen Wenhan sighed. He seemed to find it difficult to resist the warmth she brought.

After a while, she still lay on him and remained motionless.

He could smell a sweet fragrance at the tip of his nose. He couldn’t help shifting his body and spoke to her. His voice was hoarse, “That’s enough.”

Wen Rushi shook her head lazily, “No, I’m very tired.”

Shen Wenhan choked. He was the man who had been traveling for several days. She dared to say she was tired. He gritted his teeth. “You will regret it if you don’t get up.”

“Oh.” Wen Rushi responded indifferently. Regret? She really didn’t know what she could regret.

She knew what he meant later.

To her surprised, he grabbed her hand and pressed it directly between his legs!

She could felt something hard in her palm. Wen Rushi was dumbstruck. Nevertheless, she still raised her head to stare at him. Was this the same awkward man who would blush and lose his temper if she teased him?

Did he really take his own initiative!?

Her gift bombing was rewarded with gratifying results. Before she could comtemplate further. Her slightly opened red lips were blocked by Shen Wenhan’s mouth.

Seeing the woman in his arms stunned then slowly closed her eyes and began to respond to his kiss. Shen Wenhan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

If this lovely and hateful woman suddenly said some poisonous words that hurt people’s hearts as before, He might be so angry so much that he wanted to strangle her in his arms immediately. His breathing became more and more urgent. It’s incredibly feeling to have your tongue caressing each other. His big palm began to stroked through her formal suit.

It wasn’t until she turned scarlet that Shen Wenhan’s lips parted her.

This was his wife. A woman who would spend her life with him. He carefully wrapped around her waist and gently stroked her smooth skin using his callous fingers.

When Wen Rushi looked up, she could see his well-defined jaw, “Which room are you going to stay tonight?” She just wanted to know what steps Shen Wenhan could take for her now.

Do you resign yourself to your fate or do you refute to accept it?

This was a diffecult question to him. For a long time, Shen Wenhan whispered, “Sorry, give me a little more time.”

He did want to share a room with her, but their pace was too fast. He fear that he would run out of control.

“That’s all right,” Wen Rushi pushed him aside, straightened up and sat back in her seat. One could hear a hint of sadness in her voice. “I have been waiting so long anyway, so it doesn’t matter how many years it will take.”

She was clearly sad, but also pretending to start the car as if nothing had happened. Shen Wenhan had a mixed feeling in his heart. Was it really necessary to prove that you care?

He just hoped that one day. Wen Rushi would be proud of him, instead of treating him as an indispensable accessory. He just wanted people who used to look down on him and think they could play with his fate to admit that they were blind at first.

If he could step back and never move Wen household, would she be willing to wait a little while longer?

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