QT: RSTC chapter 18

Phoenix Men’s Big Battle XVIII


Wen Rushi was dreaming.

In her dream, She was only a little girl who didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth. (TL: an exaggerated opinion of one’s own abilities) As soon as she stepped into the company, she was burned with ambition to have a hand in the dazzling crown of laurels. (TL: a crown of laurel/ laurel wreath is used by Roman as wreaths and crowns of honor.)

Currently, Wen Rushi was floating inside her dream. She was like an outsider silently watching the young soul. Watching how she began to approach the target, how they slowly got to know each other, and how she touched his heart.

Watching them get well acquainted with each other and fall in love. Watching them go hand in hand for a very long time together…

Looking at her past self who wept her heart out on her lover’s body. Wen Rushi felt chilled to the bone from her past self’s crying sound.

Wen Rushi was somewhat sad.

She could recall the man’s face, everything that had happened between them, even their conversations, but there was no such pain that had carved in bones and engraved in the heart at that time. (TL: etched in one’s memory/unforgettable)

She saw herself returning to reality after she had finished her first task screaming and collapsing at the empty room.

At last, she finally got what she wanted.

Wen Rushi woke up from her long sleep. The first person she saw when she opens her eyes was Shen Wenhan, who was sleeping soundly at her hand.

The sunshine on the beach in the afternoon was burning hot that he sat so close to her chair on this beach. His suit was carelessly thrown aside.

His hair was long and messy. One wouldn’t know the last time when he had taken good care of it.

Wen Rushi raised her hand gently and carefully touched his black stubble.

A moment later, Shen Wenhan woke up.

He merely looked at her in a daze.

Wen Rushi smiled. Her cool palm pressed against his face and said softly, “You’re here.”

You are here. It’s not a question, but it’s a fact.

When I missed you, you were here beside me. You didn’t leave nor did you give up. This kind of thing was really good.

Shen Wenhan’s throat choked and his voice was hoarse. “If you don’t like me to touch Wen’s, I’ll transfer my shares to you tomorrow.”

He wouldn’t argue. There’s nothing to argue about. If all this was all it took to exchange Wen Rushi, then he would rather let it all go.

If that’s what she wanted.

“Don’t run away all of a sudden…” He tightened his lips and stared at Wen Ruzhi with bloodshot in his eyes.

If she brushed aside this compromise, Shen Wenhan swore that he would retaliate against her and everyone!

Wen Rushi suddenly disappeared without any track. Just when he thought he was holding it in his hand, she let it all go without any reluctance.

The feeling of being too painful that it was almost hard to breathe, Shen Wenhan didn’t want to feel it again.

If fate had chosen him to be the one in pain then he would surely drag everyone into the water, so that they would also experience the things he had suffered.

There were so many things, but he didn’t know where to start. He could only put on a false bravado to entreat her. Even he was aware that this kind of gesture was too sad.

“I’m glad that you can enter the board of directors with your own strength. You deserve it.” Wen Rushi caressed his haggard cheek and smiled.

She paused then changed the topic, and winked at him charmingly, “But I don’t regret running away this time at all. Look, if I don’t run away, how can you forget your fighting spirit and come to me after a long time?”

Shen Wenhan choked up and glared at her hatefully. He gritted his teeth, “…Is that the reason why you’re doing this?”

The hand on her side began to tremble, and Shen Wenhan only felt dizzy. He never imagined that Wen Rushi would carry her ‘self-willed’ virtue to such an extent.

He thought that this woman had taken a fancy to Song Sijie. He thought that she hated him for oppressing the Song family. He even thought that he would receive a divorce lawsuit if he couldn’t apologize to her soon.

What a ridiculous misunderstanding.

Shen Wenhan really didn’t know whether he should breathe a sigh of relief or get angry first.

“Ah.” Wen Rushi laughed while stretching her hand to play with his hair. It was even messier than before. “You should go and get a haircut. Now, you don’t look so handsome anymore.

Shen Wenhan turned his head and slapped her hand away. He said with a sneer, “I didn’t use my pretty face to have a meal. If that what you want, you can go find someone else who’s more handsome than me.”

Wen Rushi smiled and got up. She put her arms around his neck, and kissed him on the corner of his lips, “But you are the only one in my heart, and other men can’t see it. What can I do?”

His fist gradually loosened and paused in the air for a long time. He finally slowly put it on her back and then muttered something under his breath, “Then stay with me all the time. Don’t go anywhere.”

Don’t pay attention to Song Sijie, don’t smile at other men, don’t leave again.

He didn’t want to quarrel or continue the cold war. If he could stay with her forever, he would give up.

“Well,” Wen Rushi tightened her arms and rested her chin on his strong shoulders. She gazed off at the distant waves. Her mouth curved into a bittersweet smile, “I will stay by your side and accompany you… I’m not going anywhere.

Under the blue sea and sky, they embraced each other in silence. This image was as beautiful as a painting.

After a long time, Wen Rushi said slowly, “I think we should go back.”

Shen Wenhan let go of her and was about to stand up. Suddenly, his ears turned red and then he sat back down for a while. Putting on a straight face, he said, “My legs are numb.”

Wen Rushi was so amused that she squatted down from her seat and kneaded his thighs. “Now, is it better?”

She totally concentrated her attention on this task. Her hair swayed gently as she moved. Shen Wenhan’s heart was warm by this side of her. The corner of his lips quirked up then he quickly wiped the grin off his face, “Not so much.”

Wen Rusi glanced at him and laughed as she continued to knead his thighs.

Sitting on the beach, his expansive trousers were covered in sand, but Shen Wenhan only looked at the woman in front of him. His grudges had changed into a tenderness feeling.

That’s enough. Shen Wenhan raised his hand to gently tuck her hair behind her ear.

Wen Rushi leaned her head into his palm and rubbed it. She smiled shallowly and said, “I’ll cook for you when I get back.”

Shen Wenhan’s smile froze. He was about to speak, but say nothing after he saw her smiling face.

The atmosphere was too good so much that he could hardly bear to refuse it, but the meal two years ago tasted so heavy that it was almost unforgettable.

Wen Rushi’s cooking skill was as good as an illusion.

Wen Rushi secretly laughed in her heart. She knew what’s in his mind even without looking at him. She didn’t say anything, but get up and take his hand so that he could stand up on his own.

If he hadn’t been so difficult in those days, she wouldn’t have to add all the seasoning three times of what they should be.

Since then, Shen Wenhan had never forced her to cook.

But now, Wen Rushi just wanted to accompany him, spoil him and indulge all his bad temper. Let Shen Wenhan understand that no matter how much life she had left, his wife loved him so much and he was the only one for her.

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