Villain heal chapter 33

“You want me to choose it…Anything will do for me.” His cheeks are slowly burning up. Hmm…? What is he thinking? I didn’t think to use this to punish him. “I bought a training stick and a whip for you as a present. Don’t all boys have to learn horse riding? I don’t know which […]

Villain heal chapter 32

“A spy?” “That’s right, we have to go right now.” “Wait for a minute, don’t you have to eat with prince Luler?” As if hearing someone calls his name, Luler and Teo appear. They are really close to each other lately but I don’t want anyone else to know the problem about Bella. “Luler, Akane […]

Villain heal chapter 31

I bring this little angel to the cafeteria. I don’t know if she’s vegetarian or not but her eyes get sparkling every time when she’s looking at meat dishes so I think It’s okay. “You can come here anytime and order anything that you like.” “I can come here anytime?” “That’s right. Because you are […]

Villain heal chapter 30

At 05.45 PM ‘tap tap tap’ Umm… ‘tap tap tap’ Ummmmm… “Shiwa, why are you pacing around the room like that?” Luler came into my workshop without me knowing. His voice jolts me out of my thought. I jump backward two steps due to my shock then composed myself again before turning to face him. […]

Villain heal chapter 29

Tomorrow is the start of the term for middle school students. I have to rearrange things in my room to make more space for my alchemy stuffs. I can’t request one more room so this will do for now. Umm…My room will have a smell from my ingredients lingering around. How can I deal with […]

Villain heal chapter 28

You can say that I’m facing a very big problem right now. It comes from this small black rose on my neck. I can’t wash it off! At least it’s been fading away as time pass. I don’t think I have another choice other than waiting for this thing to go away. It’s reminded me […]

Villain heal chapter 27

After I gave Luler a light punishment, I came back to my house right away. Ah? You want to see a punishment scene. I don’t think you want to see it so often, right? I only sat on his back. It would be utterly disgraceful to do anything more than that and I was only […]

Villain heal chapter 26

I give him a blood pill, but he’s still looking pale. Is he hungry for blood? If he was hungry, he would tell me that he wants my blood and bite me instantly. That’s not the problem right now. I wish a doctor would hurry up and come here already. I don’t have any equipment […]

Villain heal chapter 25

A life of ten years old isn’t really that interesting. I already finished an alchemy course earlier. It caused a shock to many professors because I finished it before a lot of adults there. It isn’t that different from science so I have a good head-start. Luler told me that he also wants to study […]

Villain heal chapter 24

Teo’s story “Teo, she is the princess of the fox kingdom. Her name is Akane.” My parents bring a girl and introduce her to me today. She has a vibrant red hair, golden eyes but what catching my eyes the most is her fluffy ears and tail. How can she live with this massive ears […]