Chapter 3 A Question

“If you substitute x into this number, you will get the exact number from it.” A middle-aged teacher’s monotone voice could be heard throughout a classroom. ็He arrived at the school for a while just barely in time for the class. He felt his knees ached a little from riding a bicycle for fifteen kilometers. […]

Chapter 2 Soy Milk

“Kornshai! When will you wake up to help me!?” A voice came from a distance away. A boy named Kornshai jolted up from his bed. His eyes frantically looked around after finished shaking away his dizziness. He muttered to himself. “Weren’t I got shocked by that thing and died?” He looked at himself. “What is […]

Chapter 1 Suriya

“Suriya, Do you know what have you done wrong?” ํShut it, how could I know it when you asked me like this? Stupid pig, you only wanted to pick a fight with me.’ “What have I done wrong, Boss Jang?” He slammed his fist down onto his desk. “Don’t you dare acting nonchalantly! You neglected […]