Villain Heal: chapter 80

It was dark. Why was it so dark like this? It was just like there’s nothing at all. Everything in my head was blank, and my earliest memory was about when I was stabbed. How dare you!?… To think that you would do such a thing like this to me, Filne!!? Even if I had […]

Villain heal chapter 79 Hades’s past III

He knew what he did was wrong. Stealing a soul, which hadn’t reached its time yet to Netherworld, was a fatal mistake nobody should ever do. It was a mistake to resist fate. Even gods couldn’t go against this law. Nobody could go against it… Soi woke up in this world without her memories of […]

Villain heal chapter 78: Hades’s past II

Hades, who had turned to Har now, was temporarily labeled as a mysterious boy who was found inside the forest. He claimed that he couldn’t remember anything even if he was being questioned by other villagers. He acted as if he had amnesia and everyone agreed he may be a slave in that barbarian army […]

Villain Heal chapter 77 Hades’s past I

Time was a very valuable thing for humans, but it was nothing for me. Hades was an immortal identity. He wouldn’t disappear no matter how much time had passed. His identity will continue to exist. I hated my life. Even if he said something like that, he was the warden of the Netherworld. Boring…this was […]

Villain heal chapter 75

Time passed by as Soi came back to live in the netherworld as though there’s nothing happened. It’s in the evening when she and Methyst were sitting in a pavilion. They were drinking tea and eating a homemade snack that her son proudly presented to her. “Mother, do you like this?” Methyst used a fork […]

Villain heal chapter 72 Luler story III

Since I was coming to this dreaming world. I had turned into a boy called Will. He was thirteen years old. He was a mixed race person who had light brown hair and somewhat good-looking features. He’s just in a car crash incident and that’s why he had to treat himself at a hospital. His […]

Villain heal chapter 71 Luler story II

“Prince Luler, your health isn’t looking good right now. I fear that you will have to take a break from your study for a week to rest.” The palace doctor told me about my condition. To tell the truth, I didn’t feel anything at all even a sadness, despair or a fear… There’s nothing… I […]